Sunday, January 24, 2016

Uber Scraps Flat Rate Fares To London Airports In Bid To Recruit More Drivers.

Minicab app Uber, has announced that it will stop offering flat rates to customers travelling to London airports.

Previously, they offered a series of low cost set fares for journeys to Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead.

Rates to Heathrow started as low as £30 for a journey from west London, while passengers could travel to Gatwick from south London for £50.

In an email to its customers, Uber said: "Flat rate fares between London airports and central London will no longer applly. Instead, fares will be calculated using Uber's time and distance rates meter on the drivers phone, just as they are for normal Uber trips.

"Whether you're heading off on a business trip or coming back from holiday, you can always get a fare estimate in–app to see how much your ride will cost."

In reality the final price charged bares little reality to the estimate as drivers go on a roundabout rout.

The email also warned that airport pick-ups will incur an additional surcharge to cover minimum parking costs.

Strange as TfL are set to scrap the pick up surcharge at Heathrow currently charged by Licensed Black Taxis.

It seems that TfL are OK with Uber charging their customers more than the metered fare, but intend to put a stop to black cabs recovering a portion of the charge they pay Heathrow to pick up fares.

Several customers have taken to social media to voice their strong disappointment at the news. It is hoped that more passengers will now return to the traditional black cabs how know we're they're going and provide better value for money.

Jon Tarsey tweeted: "Very disappointed that Uber are moving to calculated airport fares - the flat rates were one less thing to worry about when travelling." 


Anonymous said...

It will cost £200 with these pricks

Anonymous said...

"fares will be calculated using Uber's time and distance rates meter" but its not a meter according to a corrupt judge

Anonymous said...

You can put a pig in a suit but it will still grunt,Let's see how Ubend punters feel about their third rate service now that it's not so cheap.The majority will go back to using minicabs and Ubend will self implode.The reason that they can compete with Taxis in other country's is that they are not much different ie: crap service with drivers not having a clue where they are going but in London they are up against a Gold Standard service.The reason we are not busy is because with the building of the CSH punters have had enough of sitting in grid lock and are suffering the tube to save time,hopefully when it is finished a fair chunk of work will return.But if you really believe the games over train up for another trade or keep positive .Two choices,take your pick!