Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Two Females, Thrown Out Of Uber Car In London- For Kissing

A London Uber driver has been suspended after allegedly throwing a lesbian couple out of his car for kissing.

The minicab firm confirmed it had contacted the woman after she posted on social media and banned the driver from taking jobs while it looked into the allegations.

On Monday night the woman, who asked not to be named, tweeted: “Disgusting aggressive driver said he ‘did not allow’ my girlfriend and I to kiss in the back of his car and then proceeded to pull his car over and ask us to get out when we refused to comply.

“When told we would report him, he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered so please do advise how you would deal with this,” she asked Uber’s support team.

In a statement, Uber insisted-even though it has a reputation for this type of behaviour-“ we celebrate diversity and do not tolerate any form of discrimination whatsoever”.

A spokesman said: “We have been in contact with this rider to offer our full support and find out exactly what happened.”

Last year two gay couples made a complaint after being kicked out of their Uber car onto the capital’s streets for public displays of affection.

In January Corey Watts and Jordan Sloat said they were asked to leave an Uber car near Covent Garden after “kissing”.

Later in the year, Sam Simons, 36, claimed he and friend Santiago Figeuroa were booted out of a car after sharing a “peck on the lips”.

Uber pledged to investigate both these incidents and said it had suspended the drivers in each case, but was not immediately able to confirm the long-term outcome of either investigation when asked on earlier today.

   UBER: into the future with new technology?

              Or, regressing to a bygone age!


colin said...

Driver suspended from uber,to be seen working the streets with fog lights on & nodding to people holding a smart phone also stopping short of bus stops waiting to approach or be approached.

Anonymous said...

What a mug to lesbians getting it on in the back ! A dream come true .....

Anonymous said...

One word cheap