Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TPH Notice 02/16 - Lumiere London 2016.

                    Lumiere London 2016

The Lumiere London light festival will be taking place between Thursday 14 and Sunday 17 January 2016 this year. The event, which is expected to attract large crowds, will take place around the West End and King’s Cross which will mean some temporary road closures and temporary changes to access taxi ranks.

Road closures

To safely facilitate the event, a number of road closures will be in place to allow set-up and for the duration of the event as follows:

The following roads will be affected between Wednesday 6 January and Wednesday 20 January 2016: 

From Thursday 14 January until Sunday 17 January 2016, the following roads will be closed between 16:30 – 23:30:

Further road closures during the event may be required and will be kept under review.

During the event access for buses and taxis will be permitted:

• Along Oxford Street from Orchard Street

• Past the southbound closure of Regent Street, at the junction with

• Mortimer Street – after this buses will need to make a right turn into Margaret Street towards Cavendish Square

However, this will be monitored throughout the event and changes maybe made to this access if any issues occur.

Taxi ranks
The following taxi ranks will be available during the event:

Access to the above taxi ranks will be monitored throughout the event and changes maybe made if issues occur. 

Further Information

Further information about the event is available on TfL's website and on the event organiser’s website.

Helen Chapman 
General Manager


T.Beaven said...

To Chapman

will you be badge and billing drivers on point of these ranks and then sending passengers to the 2nd cab thus taking money from the point cab?
You and your minions have done this to me on more than one occasion.
When will you be paying the money you owe to the cab that took you to Clapham?


Anonymous said...

To Chapman can you stop wasting all our time by calling on these pointless meetings with suburban drivers. Just stop issuing licences, simples. Hard to keep these msgs clean when talking to Chapman and the rest of em