Monday, January 25, 2016

NYC's Yellow Cab App, Great Way To Avoid Uber's Surge Pricing

Last weekend, I found myself in a familiar situationIt was after midnight, I was far from my apartment, and I wanted to go home and go to sleep.

I was in an area of Brooklyn where I couldn't just walk outside and hail a cab, so I opened Lyft to try to get a ride home. But demand for cars was off the charts, so "Primetime" pricing was in effect, meaning prices were exorbitantly high.

I opened Uber, and it was surging to nearly twice the normal rate.

I thought I'd have to suck it up and pay a ridiculous amount of money to get home. But a friend I was with suggested I try the app Way2Ride, which I'd never heard of until then.

So I downloaded it, signed up, and got home by paying a normal cab fair. No surge pricing.

And because of Way2Ride, I don't think I'll ever pay for surge pricing again.

After you download the app, you'll have to create an account and enter your payment information.

Way2Ride is basically the traditional taxi industry's answer to Uber and Lyft — it's a way to hail taxis and then pay for the ride through your smartphone. 

There's currently no fee for using the app, so you just pay the cab's metered fair.

For now, it's only available in New York, but the service is coming to major cities in the US early next year. There are 14,000 New York cabs that work with Way2Ride.

The app is made by Verifone, the company that makes the payment technology and video screens you see in many taxis.

The app uses your phone's GPS to find you, but you can also type in your address. There are 23 cabs around me!

Like other ride hailing apps, you can use the app to let the driver know if you forgot something in the car.

The Way2Ride app is by no means as well-designed as Uber or Lyft, and the service isn't as fancy, but it gets the job done!

And if you're looking for a ride home, that's all that's important.

You can download Way2Ride for iOS and Android.



Anonymous said...

Nice catchy name this could be the way to go for us

Geoffw said...

Same old story that not even half our trade are using apps + they moan about trade going down the pan.

Anonymous said...

Even if 25,000 cab drivers were signed up to an app do you really think it would turn things around.
Gett can't make money, neither can Hailo. Hailo was popular until Uber blew them off the map.

I had Gett on all of Saturday night, did one local credit card job; the rest of the night silence!

Surge pricing doesn't seem to bother people here in London. The mug punters are happy to pay. I'm guessing Uber give a calculated price at the time of ordering the car, then surg. They see the car on their smart phone, get an estimated fare and accept the ride...
"on demand", but as the law stands, instant hail, ply for hire.
New technology maybe, but the rest of the service is at best third world.

Gett need to get it together, as do Hailo, and start using technology to instanty estimate the fare at the time the customer hire via the app. Gett are more interested in getting Dick Turpin on the drivers, rather than use savvy marketing to boost their customer base.

Anonymous said...

oh i know the answer to are problems lets just all become ph drivers