Monday, January 18, 2016

The Time Has Come For Every Taxi Driver To Step Forward And Show Support For Your Trades Future.


As you may have heard "Action For Cabbies" has been set up by #SaveTaxi to raise awareness and funds for the campaign to seek a Judicial Review against TFL to have Ubers operating licence in London revoked. 

You have been given the voice to be heard and now we need each and every one of you to support this campaign and contribute financially to make this work. 

The time for talk is over - the time for action is NOW. 

Yes times are hard for us all, but this may be our only chance to properly fight this, so grab it with both hands, it's now or never!! 
Here is the link to make your donation 


It's your future, and it's now in your hands




Jeremy said...

Will be interesting to see if the trade puts their money where their mouth is, guess if they don't they're not overly concerned about the current situation! I reckon £30 from each cabbie raises the £600k so that's what I've pledged. So come on cabbies lets get behind this, if not stop your moaning!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to make the same comment myself, for the donation of approximately 2 fares per cabby or working an extra hour or so as a one off, we can assist the great lengths that the 'save our taxis' campaign is doing for the trade. £600,000 divided by the amount of drivers is no more than £30 each. If you dont fight then dont complain.

Stephen Matthes said...

I've been a cabby for 4 years. I want to carry on being one for the next 24 years. I think donating a days taking is the least I can do.

Anonymous said...

If these young ladies can go to the trouble of doing all this to save the black cab , the least I can do is to donate a few£

Anonymous said...

I have made my pledge but the apathy in our trade is frightening .The demos we have show you that the majority have their heads in the sand or are to thick to see what is happening around them.Hopefully the LTDA will loosen the purse strings as no job equals no subs equals no LTDA.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the LTDA's £1 million fighting fund ?

Why did the LCDC really drop their campaign to take TFL to court ?Davis met with Johnson and walked away with an agreement that ALL Taxis should compulsory accept credit cards, and now the trade has Credit Card Frankensteins monster to deal with !

UNITE and the RMT are IMPOSTERS within Cab Trade issues.

Cab Trade representation is corrupted and redundant.

I don't have NO truck with gambling...

I'm going to put asside £1 a day for the next month and take a punt.


Because it's a small prise to pay to expose the shysters that have papers, take money from Cab Drivers each month, purport to represent Cab Drivers, yet hold down the lid to the coffin while TFL screw it down.

Anonymous said...

It seems this lady has more backbone than l t d a,while they waste time and money taking tfl to court over the cycle lanes,the cycle lanes will be there long after we have gone.t f l do not want litigation,when the company who convert cabs to gas invested a lot of money,tfl said they would not accept gas cabs this company sent them a writ,tfl caved in straight away.£30 is cheap to save our jobs.perhaps Ltd will put some of their £1000,000 fighting fund into this and do something positive.