Monday, January 04, 2016

Spartacus's New Year Resolutions

Dear Taxi Leaks readers, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. 

As we stand on the threshold of what could be our biggest battle for survive yet, these five resolutions must be at the top of everyone's list:

1. Trade orgs and unions to hold an immediate council of war. All orgs, no matter how small, must be invited.

2. Radio Circuits and Apps to consolidate to face the threat from ehailing illegality. We have the technology.

3. Every Taxi Driver to meet their M.P, Local Cllrs and GLA member to explain the issues.

4. We demand The Mayoral Candidates issue their cab trade manifestos

5. All drivers take cards, work ranks and act the part as the world's best Taxi service.

The time has come, the enemy is at the gate, divided we fall!

Editorial Extra:
Don't forget, if you are a member of the LTDA and want to know what the biggest trade org are doing to protect your living, pop along to Taxi House today at 5o/c to the branch meeting.


Super Bob said...

I don't know how it has been for everyone, but I have had a terrible 2015. Along with PHV being allowed to ply for hire, I noticed more hotels are using PHV cars. I can't think of the last time I was given a job by a hotel doorman for more than 2 miles..........
Lets face it, we are losing work, left right and centre.
If this continues, I'm ready to park my Cab in Parliament Square, throw away the keys and walk away..........lets just hope I get a chance to stand and fight for my job before that happens!

Is It In ? said...

The trade orgs have no backbone except for one. The rest spend their time dreaming up corny caricatures for the front pages of tomorrows chip wrappers.

One lot claim they have an open and shut case against TFL, but won't instruct lawyers because they don't have the money - yet they brag they have 2000 members. They're quite content to sit tight forever more while certain members of the GLA fanny to them, yet do and say nothing about the corruption within TFL.

Another lot brag they are making available a £1 million fighting fund to take on the interlopers.
Unfortunately, their Council of Management are so old and their memories are fading rapidly. Locating the funds are near impossible as they can't remember where they buried the money!

You see guy's and gals, it's not just TFL that are having cab drivers over. If you want change and action:


You'll be surprised how fast they will start pulling their fingers out when the sub's stop coming in!

All they are currently collectively doing is supplying you with an expensive hole for you to bury your head in.

Be lucky.

Anonymous said...

75 % of. Drivers only join the union for themselves so they can get legal advice , they don't join for the sake of the future of the trade , only when a driver gets a health or legal problem then they go running to join up , am I right or wrong ...

Anonymous said...

please, please, don't stop paying your subscriptions

you must carry on keeping the org leaders in the manner & style that they've been accustomed to

you MUST keep paying, to keep their gravy-train going

lee ward said...

This fight is not just in London, its happening all over, London gets the news because of how bent the TFL are.

The fight here is that Uber are bent, the deregulation act 2015 that allowed them to grow is bent, and the Tories who assisted in this Act are bent.

Work together with associations across the UK and make small voices be heard as one large voice.

Anonymous said...

I would like to agree with Lee Ward. The only problem is... The two trade orgs in London with publications are too busy stroking their own egos and are as mentally astute as Trigger from Only Fools and Horses. They get too much remuneration for achieving zilch - They like to keep things flat and manageable, their needs come first - They spend way too much time talking about court cases that will never happen - they are devoid of direction and have NO meaningful strategies.

The sooner they pick up the phone and start interacting with other trade bodies up and down the country, the better. They need to be working with organisations representing Licensed Taxi drivers and the PH industry. We need fresh blood, not stale biscuits and advice from old fogies that haven't driven a cab in 30 years or more.

Anonymous said...

It's a crying shame when cab drivers are willing to put their hands in their pockets month after month and get Little to nothing in return for their loyalty.

Anonymous said...

These bastards are selling cab drivers the sizzle in their publications and not the steak.
They know know their clientele and cater accordingly a menu for the mug punters.