Wednesday, January 27, 2016

TREVOR MERRELLS Campaign Manager of the UCG Reply to LCDC's Chairman, Grant Davis.

               Trevor Merrells LTR Interview E40

Carpe Diem : In the Wake Of The EU Taxi Alliance Demo, Next Wednesday... It's Our Turn





              REMEMBER YOUR FIVE A DAY :
Not not a lecture about healthy eating though I am sure we can all do better.

No just five key points to remember for when customer, the press or anyone else asks what the issues are concerning our trade.

1. Inadequate enforcement of the law by TfL.

2. Foreign multi nationals undermining local businesses with predatory pricing.

3. What seems to be an optional 3% tax rate for those above.

4. Unsustainable licensing of PH vehicles leading to pollution and congestion.

5. Clear political interference in licensing and regulation matters.

So there we are folks, no mention of the U word and very good to see trade orgs coming together, indeed as overheard in the shelter 'something must be up, people are attending LTDA meetings', let's all get active.

Remember your five a day and let's get the trade back to full health.

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

Interesting interview, and an insight into the cogs of activism. I have no doubt Trevor Merrells is up for it, as are the UCG committee and members. Trevor hit on some interesting points as did Jamie Owens.
Ok, this blog post is about the UCG replying to comments made by Grant Davis in an earlier interview...

Firstly, I can't fathom what Grant Davis is so sore about - he's had choices in the past - but overwhelmingly he and his committee made bad decisions that were detrimental to the trade. The email Trevor received from the LCDC is a prime example !

Here are a few concepts Grant Davis doesn't understand:

If you are pro active the membership will grow.

If you surround yourself with friends and yes men; you become a club within a club.

If you make bad decisions you only have yourself to blame!

Moving on.

Communicating with your membership and the trade at large is vital. If you haven't got a publication or a decent website - you are expending a lot of effort to deliver a message that gets lost.
Refrain from putting silly caricatures of Tv programs on your front page. This is where your headline should go. There are other media outlets where comic strip parodies of "On The Busses" would be better placed. Act like a clown, and that's how people will see you.

I'm sorry Trevor, but saying you do not understand the ULEZ issue and failing to see the impact this flawed strategy will have on the trade doesn't cut the mustard.

Several years ago the trade had in its hands one of the most eminent authorities on emissions this country has -
He's also a very talented strategist.
His many articles have been published on Taxi Leaks explaining emissions in laymans terms. Unfortunately, many couldn't be bothered to read them. And further to this, the little egos from the trade orgs chose to ignore him and his advice at great cost to the trade!

Credit Card Machines:
Let's not forget what org called for credit card machines to be made mandatory, rushed in without dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's and without consulting their membership, or other trade orgs before doing so!

Anonymous said...

All we need is 1 yes. Just 1 union that represents us but as we know with the trade orgs there just there for them selfs even with bob on the board we have gained nothing so why should the hard working cab driver hand over there money every month the so called LTDA only have around 3000 members the club 1.500 members the reason there is a low membership is they do F all for us if the LTDA had taken TFL to court over ply for hire they would of won but they chose the meter option and did they ballot the members NO so can I ask you he unions the when TFL start testing PH on a mini Knolwedge will people start using them more and more. The answer yes Out trade should stick together but we don't

Wellingblueboy said...

I was using Ulez as an example saying that the trade should send its best people forward to these meetings irrespective of which org they are from