Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LTDA Refuse Help With Crowdfunding Project And LCDC Want To Join With Campaigning Uber Drivers.

I've been told that the Action For Cabbies group, asked the LTDA to post an article in the new edition of Taxi paper. 

Allegedly, their request was rejected. The editor of Taxi paper obviously feels the story of a Taxi drivers acquitted of involvement in the Hatton Garden Heist would be of more interest to its readers, than the struggle of the wives, family and friends of Taxi drivers crowdfunding appeal to take TfL to court.

They then asked if the LTDA would kindly email their members informing them of the Action for Cabbies crowdfunding page. This too we are told, has been rejected.

Today, we find that the group representing private hire drivers, have been advertising the  Action for Cabbies campaign on social media and we believe they will now be encouraging all their members to pledge funding.

Even stranger however, after the LCDC's outright refusal to support the UCG's Whitehall demonstration, Grant Davis is now trying to gather support from all trade orgs and unions, to join up with the United Private Hire Drivers Group (this is the group which represents Uber drivers) with a demo in Whitehall.

In a leaked email (sent yesterday) to trade orgs, Grant said George Galloway would attend. Galloway recently address the UPHD meeting-also attended by the secretary of the LCDC-saying he would do everything in his power to support Private Hire drivers.

Grant said he hopes the UCG will cancel their demo and join with other trade orgs to support the Uber drivers who are on £4 an hour and have to claim benefit to make a living. 

So there you have it ...All this talk about unity and we have our largest association, offering no help to the Action for Cabbies group....And the LCDC who refused to support past and future demonstration by the UCG wanting to throw their lot in with Uber drivers.

Whether or not the other orgs and unions support this call, looks like the LCDC have already agreed to join with the Uber drivers in their struggle to get a bigger share from the work they are stealing from us.

Wonder how their membership feel about this! 
Did they even bother to ask their members?


Anonymous said...

At this point I would like to point you in the direction of a comment I posted earlier on the Trevor Merrell responds to Grant Davis on London Taxi Radio...

Davis has made a calamity of errors since he has been in the chair at the LCDC. His long involvement and friendship with John Mason lost the club many hundreds of members; this latest outrage will probabably cost him him many hundreds more.

Trevor Merrell spoke honestly and frankly about doing what's right for the trade and leaving the ego at home.

A lot of talk, backslapping, and buzz words like passion have blown Davis's ego out of the box and its off, on an off the wall rampage. He may well have suddenly found the passion to fight the raging inferno he has been pouring petrol on for years; but this is one fire he will never put out. If there was ever a time he should go, it's now. The members should force an EGM and hold him accountable. Or better still, leave and join an organisation that has a leader who leads from the front.
Sheer treachery!

Anonymous said...

Extract from Macnamara e mail to members

Crowd Funding

Last September I was invited to a meeting hosted by a City Law Firm along with many other representatives from the trade. The lawyers suggested to the meeting that they may be able to mount a Judicial Review (JR) against TfL's decision to licence Uber if the trade was able to raise the necessary funds, they quoted a figure of £600,000 for the initial preparatory work with the total cost, were it to get into court, of around 2 million pounds, and no guarantee of any success. I heard no more after the meeting, but am now aware that there is a crowd funding initiative being promoted to the trade to raise £600,000 for the preparatory work to be carried out. The proposed JR is almost identical to the one we are currently involved in, and the LTDA will be continuing our own case in the short term. However, depending on the progress of our case, and the level of support for the crowd funding initiative we will, of course, keep our position under review.

Anonymous said...

This is why I have decided to renew my badge but seek other employment. Until all orgs recognise that we are unique and have no interest in improving the situation of private hire drivers, whether they work for Uber or not, I will not put my health in danger.

I am a London Taxi Driver. A very proud one. I will support any action related to that and that alone.

The word unique is critical here. Lose that and everything else means nothing. Literally nothing.

K Buck said...

When I read about the LCDC I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

So LCDC would rather meet with a PH org and not even the main GMB one to support the cause which is simply to increase the hourly rate of Uber drivers not get this E hailing menace off the street, no doubt when surge gouging is in operation they won't be worrying about us Grant will they?

We have not 'common cause' with them.

The LCDC would rather meet them than talk meaningfully with other cab driver organisations or unions,.

The LCDC chair made a good PR speech on LTR, was it to sugar this bitter pill?

Will we have a photo in the BADGE with arms around George Galloway just like with Boris?

Maybe both at once of a real thrill, say CHEESE!

Anonymous said...

There you have it why pay these idiots money every month george Galloway knows 100.000 votes are better than 26.000 will grant and Steve start representativeing PH drivers now will we see PH drivers driving around London with the LTDA diarys in the front of there cars GAME OVER

Anonymous said...

LTDA 10k taxi driver members v potentially 100k NEW members at 17 pound a pop do the maths !!!!

LCDC the first Org to make a sweetheart move towards PHV Members ..... You decide for yourself

Anonymous said...

It's a great shame Grant Davis didn't make his intentions clear in Paris earlier this week - that on his return to the UK he intended to fight from the Uber drivers corner.

It's not just Uber drivers that drive up one way streets the wrong way. I think the Artful Joker has finally mastered the three card trick 🎭

Anonymous said...

UCG have been invited to bring their crayon set to the buscuit factory. Grant needs the UCG to draw him a picture, so he understands what he needs to do.

Anonymous said...

will LCDC now be changing its name to: LPHC - London Private Hire Club?

Peters said...

Found the email. It was posted on the forum by TootlestheTaxi aka Mark White.
Apparently, he was copied into it.

Dear All,
As we all witnessed last week, the PH Consultation were completely ambushed by number 10 and 11 downing Street.
We have been thrown crumbs, and whilst I agree that there are a "few" small positives, albeit small, we all know we hoped and needed more.
I am in no doubt that our fight is with the Govt now, and as we have seen in the press this week, the stories of tax avoidance really catches the imagination and support from the public.
This is the battle ground we should now be going for. I have spoken to Lewis at the RMT regarding John McDonnell MP shadow Chancellor who can damn well make a great case for us against Uber`s support by this Govt and I am hoping that Unite will also be able to gather likeminded MP`s.
whilst I was in Paris yesterday, Darryl attended the George Galloway event with PH drivers who work for Uber, they openly admitted that they can only work for Uber whilst supported by tax credits.
Along with the tax avoidance we can show the public and media just how toxic this company really is.
Imagine a static demo opposite number 10 with not only the taxi trade in attendance but also uber drivers ( not a lot ) who will also inform the press exactly their plight, £4 a hour, living on tax credits,
George Galloway will also attend.
I know the UCG have announced a Demo on the 3rd Feb, I have stated why I do not agree with this and I would like the UCG to reconsider their actions?
In saying that, I would like them to consider joining together and help create a demo with full Org support, #save taxi, kol students all attending.
Like all of you, I am angry and frustrated by last week, and therefore urge us all to agree to this ONE Demo, with everyone on-board.

We have a chance here to get this Demo spot on with the messaging, support and media, please consider this proposal as I firmly believe this will be a great start to 2016.


Anonymous said...

It's true then
Grant Davis would rather stand with aubergine drivers, than UCG taxi drivers.
As long as it's his demo, and his photo opportunity, that is.

Since this email hit the net, he's now changed his mind, given the UCG support and donated to the SaveTaxi appeal.
Probably because he don't think they will be able to raise the money and he won't have to cough up.
I do hope that get to their target just to see Grants face when he realises the money's gone from the club's accounts.