Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Letter To Editor : Uber Drivers Defecating In Residential Streets Around Heathrow.

I'm from Stanwell and before I start I just want to make it clear,  I have no interest in any war between Taxis and Private Hire.

This is purely about the parking, toileting, littering, abusive and physical intimidation, and so much more that is presently going on in Stanwell.

We the residents know why uber park here we aren't stupid. We also know they have no toilets or any other place to eat and such and we understand they are trying to make a living. However that does not make what they are doing right.

This weekend three news agency's ran story's of uber drivers acts in Stanwell, and yet just this morning I find myself chasing an uber driver from my garden.
Does nobody understand that bad press is a cancer for a company and yet the cancer is being caused by their own drivers.

Record these acts we are told, and what happens, drivers slap the phone out of your hand.
Do you think calling the police helps, the drivers just speed off.

We the residents can't just sit back and allow this to happen to us, my wife and child have had to experience so much and my dog has eaten God knows what. When you have 40 or more uber drivers in one street what does logic tell you is going to happen? 
Not a normal person in the world would say any of the above is right....

Last week an uber guy was defficating in my bush and another driver was going crazy at him. On Friday, I threw a guy from my garden and suddenly I was surrounded by 8 drivers, fortunately for me two passing drivers came and stood up for me with two more residents of course 5 against 8 is not as good as odds as 8 against 1, so the Uber guys backed down and drove off.

These are just a few examples for you, but what will happen if this keeps up? TFL will have to act as a lot of these things are crimes, people will not use uber because of what they read on the Internet and they will wonder what kind of driver they will get, and drivers will be more stressed because of the constant war with residents.

People need to wise up, as to what's going on!
If you need the toilets go to Tesco its 24hours as are three petrol stations within 2 miles not to mention the Mc Donald's restaurant.

Uber have told us they will adjust their app map so no pings will work in Stanwell. God knows why the police and Uber's licensing authority (TfL) are allowing this God only knows.

I think the vast majority of uber drivers just don't care about anything but themselves. The only thing that brings a smile to my face is when I see somebody sat there for three hours before they get a job, I wonder to myself how much money can be made like that if any.....

I reckon my house has dropped 10 grand in price because it's currently being used as a toilet.

Anyway as always, I'll look foreword to another several battles when I get home tonight and my wife can look forward to picking up shit and washing the garden so our child and dog can play in it.

Stanwell resident. 

Editorial Comment:
It must be terrible to have to go through this every day and night. We know the police and TfL are turning a blind eye to what's happening with these parked up Uber cars around Heathrow. 

However, this whole situation is being staged to gain as much bad publicity as possible. As you say, this was all over the media at the weekend and surprisingly, carried by outlets who normally won't have a bad word said about Uber.

It's being stage managed in a bid to embarrass the airport authority to provide Uber with similar facilities to the Taxi trade...feeder park, canteen and toilet amenities.

Going on the way TfL and Surrey police have shown no desire to go up against this multi-billion dollar company in the past, they are gambling that they will get away with this, coming up against little or no resistance.

To be honest, I don't think you will have to put up with this much longer, as I have recently received an email from a very good source, informing me that Uber are meeting with the airport authority regarding a bookings desk to be set up in Terminal3, along the line of the ones we saw last year at music festivals. A feeder park and facilities will soon follow.


Anonymous said...

Call the Kray Twins, there more honest then TFL

Mark Berry said...

No surprises here. The grubbiest company in the world employing the grubbiest drivers in the world. No law goober won't break, no lie goober won't tell. Grubby, grubby goober.

Anonymous said...

I wondered where Semtex had disappeared to. This blog post epitomises how stupid you and the people behind your blog really are. A desperate piece of propaganda. Twat!

clyde ellis-hall said...

It's what London wants ,when the black cabs dead they will hike there prices and I'm afraid the London public are falling for it .
Get a grip London out these scumbags

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.10 if this blog is so stupid stop reading it now get back in you silly Toyota car and remember wash your hands

colin said...

The booking desk was told to my mother over 2 years ago by a friend of hers that worked the information desk T3,she was asked by her friend how would it affect me as infuture all taxi bookings would be made at a desk in the terminal,then passengers would walk out to the car with a booking slip,we've been played (thanks Oddy)this may well be the last year of the London Taxi.