Thursday, January 21, 2016

Letters To Editor : Regarding TfL's PH Regulation Press Announcement.

Hi James I have a few questions I would like to express as a letter to the editor of Taxi leaks.

Tfl Questions:

In your press statement yesterday, you state 
TfL proposes to take forward 13 of the proposals as set out in the public consultation and a further five amended proposals. Three proposals will be investigated further before decisions are taken. 

The following ideas will not be taken forward:

Operators having to provide booking confirmation details to passengers at least five minutes prior to the journey commencing.
Operators having to offer the ability to pre-book up to seven days in advance.
Operators being prohibited from showing vehicles as available for immediate hire, either visibly, for example by signage on the street, or virtually, for example via an app.
Private hire drivers only being able to be registered to a single operator at any time.

Why are these proposals not being taken forward?
These tenants are the difference between Taxis and Private hire the main crux of PHV and Taxi companies principle concerns. 
Please explain your reasoning line by line.

Question of Uber's petition:
can you confirm that the data was examined and adjudicated by an independent body like MORI for example because I have information to suggest that some parties have included Disney characters and world leaders not to mention many of disgruntled Ubers dissatisfied customers who have publicly denounced and refuted that they have contributed to this petition, if true, will Tfl should strike out all of Uber's data from the petition? 

          See this article : >Click Here <

Impact Assessment:
TfL will now undertake a further four-week regulatory impact assessment consultation on proposed changes to private hire regulations. The results will be put to the TfL Board with final decisions being taken at the Board's meeting on 17 March.

During this cooling off period we the London Taxi trade insist that you take our comments and observations above into consideration.

Just to be clear the London Taxi trade will fight your biased decisions contained through this press release and report to the highest courts in the land.

Tom Scullion.

         TfL...A Private a Limited Company:
       Transport Trading Ltd.  >Click Here<

I would like to know why a Limited Company i.e. Transport for London is able to decide what happens with all transport in London. 

I, and I assume most people, thought that Transport for London was a civil service department not a Limited Company with shareholders. 

Surely it is illegal for a Limited Company to decide what happens in our Capital City regarding any type of transport especially licencing private hire vehicles in the hundreds every week.

But then of course shareholders expect dividends. 

I think that having a private Limited Company running all transport in London is a conflict of interest as far as we the people are concerned.

Audrey Bullen

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