Thursday, January 14, 2016

Letter From LTDA Member : Re Camden's Tottenham Court Road Taxi Exclusion

A document from Camden's Lawyers' to the LTDA re: Tottenham Court Road taxi exclusion, made grave reading. 

Camden did consider the inclusion of taxis in their redevelopment scheme, but research data showed taxis as the main cause of serious accidents in the area. When the findings were challenged, Camden produced evidence that they had exhausted all avenues and could not locate data that identified taxis from PH. 

So, as of now, we are considered the most dangerous vehicle on the road- because of THEM! 
Whether Camden wanted us or not isn't relevant, at least let us know the real reason

I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Years of TFL blurring the boundaries between taxis and PH; actively recruiting staff to big up so called similarities (as opposed to highlighting differences) has left the trade wide open to assault. 

We remain the only legitimate alternative to the minicab swamp that swills around us, and the public NEED to know that there is an option. 

First and foremost, we should to be recognised by officialdom for what we are, and that is;

Editorial Comment :
So, for all the councillors, planners and consultants involved with and on behalf of Camden Borough Council.

This is a highly regulated, extremely safe, fully wheelchair accessible Licensed London Taxi....

                              And these are not.....


Anonymous said...

seems to me that everyone is against us
what is everyone's problem From the top P.M. MAYOR Public Councils Police UBER even rickshaw operators
what's there problem they wouldn't like if there jobs were over run by private operators doing there jobs without qualifications or regulations so why do they think we are going to rollover lay down & die we've been around longer than most of these profession
so let's make us in 2016 the standout taxi service we are & disrupt London even more than it is with all the councils doing roadworks all at the same time
you couldn't make it up if you tried
Bring London to a standstill should be easy to do without much trouble bridges first 1 hr every day for a week then if that doesn't work 2 hrs everyday the next & so on till someone comes up with a concrete solution to regulating PH numbers

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above and thing 1000's of black cabs do,bring it on

Anonymous said...

We need to block the roads with out letting people know what we are doing drive slowly. And let grid lock happen putting the blame on uber , Demo What Demo , Just trying to find work GUV !

Anonymous said...

maybe LTDA should be going to court with this before its implemented rather than getting a judicial review on a bike lane which already has

Anonymous said...

as I wrote, when this topic was first raised on TAXILEAKS on Friday Jan 1st.:

is this the reason why, Insurance Companies are penalizing us

ie UNLIKE practically any other driver on the road, as a Licenced London Taxi Driver, my private car insurance, doesn't cover me (on a 3rd. Party basis), to drive a vehicle that I don't own?

Alan Wicker