Friday, January 15, 2016

ITS NOT JUST AT HEATHROW : Uber drivers upsetting villagers near Stansted Airport.

Lack of parking restrictions in a village just one mile from Stansted airport where residential streets are being used as waiting areas for minicabs is causing anger and frustration for those who live there.

Residents in Takeley are finding their streets lined with minicabs, lately many of them the new Uber cars, waiting for callouts to the airport.

And with no residential parking restrictions in place save for one hour between 10am and 11am each day, they feel they have “no leg to stand on”.

Paige-Elizabeth Reed, whose mother lives in the village, said: “The parking is getting so bad, with Uber drivers sitting outside the residents’ houses for hours.”

But North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP), which has responsibility for parking in the Uttlesford District, says it is aware of the problem and is doing what it can to “enforce the area”.

A spokesperson said: “The problem extends to the clearway on Parsonage Road and Stansted Courtyard. Restrictions limiting parking to a specific one hour period are usually put in place to prevent commuters from all-day parking.

“Residents concerned about these licensed minicabs parking in the area should report their concerns to their Local Authority, in this case Uttlesford District Council which is the licensing authority.”

When asked about the licensing in the area, UDC replied: “UDC: “We do license taxis in the district, BUT, THESE UBER CARS ARE OFTEN PHVs LICENSED BY TfL IN LONDON, and they wait around near the airport for jobs to come in via the app.

“Obviously if there are no restrictions, they do have the right to park, even if it is inconsiderate of resident’s needs.”

NEPP says it considers the potential benefits and impacts of many parking or waiting restriction requests from across north Essex, and would gladly do so in this instance.

However, it does stipulate that applications for parking or waiting restrictions must be able to demonstrate clear support, including from the local ward councillor.

“Each request is reviewed and scored, looking at key factors including the level of local support, potential benefits and impacts,” said the spokesperson.

“Schemes are then referred to the Partnership’s Committee to prioritise and agree which will be progressed.”

Ms Reed says that restrictions must be looked at more closely and as a matter of priority, as currently residents feel powerless to take action.

“We have no leg to stand on. This needs to be sorted because it’s getting beyond a joke,” she said.

“1 mile from the airport and there’s people sat for hours just waiting and waiting. It has to and needs to stop. Make it permits only so residents can park easily with no hassle.”

Parish clerk Jane Heskey said the problem had arisen in the past few weeks.

She went on to say: “There is an average of 40 to 50 minicab cars waiting around the village. 

There is a real problem with litter and there are no toilet facilities in their cars so there is also the obvious issue with bottles of urine and plastic bags full of human feces being discarded.” 

She urged residents to record registration plates and take pictures of the cars so they could be checked out.


Anonymous said...

Phv driver.... I've been doing a school run , this kid is 14 so does not need an escort, he lives in a foster home and goes to a special needs school, he's a nice kid. If he was driven by one of these new phv drivers who don't have a crb check, because the driver has only been in the country 2 weeks, how wrong is that ! TFL do you give a toss

I'm Spartacus said...

Let's be clear even if (and that's unlikely) TfL wanted to do anything about this by enforcing the licensing conditions and viewing this behaviour as showing the drivers and the operator as unfit they won't.

Why because from the Prime Minister (Wisteria Dave) downwards the word is soft pedal on this issue, we are 'SWEATSHOP BRITAIN' and this is the test bed.

it's NOT about TECHNOLOGY It's about EXPLOITATION, there no 'living wage' to be enforced for the self employed or even the bogus self employed is there?

Meanwhile the LTDA's legal eagles are flushing members money down the karzi on a pointless high court case that won't change a thing and likely to give our detractors ammo.

You couldn't make it up as the man said.

Steve said...

Tesco car park at Gatwick is the same, going to the toilet in the bushes and praying.
Customers complaining.

Winston Kodogo said...

Police once told me you have no right to park on the road at all, it's all obstructing the highway but it's ignored as society deems it so.

What we need is the Birmingham Taxi Police to run a training course for Daniels, Emmerson and Chapman along with Crimebuster Range Rover Hogan Howe.

Still let's hope the citizens of Uttleford DC make their MP aware of what happens when you don't challenge the free for all.

Anonymous said...

TFL do not give a toss about anyone,they fear nobody as they make it up as they go along to suit themselves and the people that bung (lobby ) them .GLA and TOM WATSON have been very quite ? I thought they were going to save the trade? Demo's are the only way forward.Simples.

Anonymous said...

Uber,Shi#### and Pis#### in a street near you.This could be there new advertisement along with UberLost,UberTax credit ,UberSlave and UberPay no tax.