Friday, January 29, 2016

Immediate Private Hire....Or Plying For Hire...Scripted Or Improvised BS?

TfL have also invented a completely new term "immediate Private Hire". Does this refer to a pre booked minicab that's available for immediate hire....isn't that plying for hire. 

What is the definition of pre booking?

If you flag down or approach a parked private hire that pre booking by asking the driver are you for hire?

Ever though that the TfL Twitter account @TfLTPH is no more than scripted smoke and mirrors, designed solely to protect the corrupted interpitation of the private hire act 1998 by TfL senior management?

            And then....there was silence!


blackrat said...

Tfl are just laughing at us all the time, we are left with only one option that's to take demo's and our voice to another level which i'm not sure the trade will do. The saying it's better to be feared than loved comes to mind. It will get messy and the public might seem it as extreme and out of order but to be quite honest the a majority of the public have no empathy for us anyway. It's up to us we have to show how corrupt the government are and I wouldn't speak to the media not unless it was going live as they will edit it, they do us no favours like calling PHV taxis they know it pisses us off. Big business and the government have found a way to earn money from our trade and it won't stop. The consultation was a big up yours to our trade. When they licensed PH MP's said we will license them as long as it does not encroach on the Taxi trade, how the tables have turned.

When the poor take money from the rich they call it theft though when the rich take money from the poor it's called a free market.

Anonymous said...

Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 s2.

Requirement for London operator’s licence.

(1)No person shall in London make provision for the invitation or acceptance of, or accept, private hire bookings unless he is the holder of a private hire vehicle operator’s licence for London (in this Act referred to as a “London PHV operator’s licence”).

(2)A person who makes provision for the invitation or acceptance of private hire bookings, or who accepts such a booking, in contravention of this section is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.

Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 s4.

Obligations of London operators.

(1)The holder of a London PHV operator’s licence (in this Act referred to as a “London PHV operator”) shall not in London accept a private hire booking other than at an operating centre specified in his licence.

(2)A London PHV operator shall secure that any vehicle which is provided by him for carrying out a private hire booking accepted by him in London is—

(a)a vehicle for which a London PHV licence is in force driven by a person holding a London PHV driver’s licence; or

(b)a London cab driven by a person holding a London cab driver’s licence.

Anonymous said...

The only way of resolving this is by taking TfL to court on this issue, but TfL knows that you and you’re trade organisations don’t have the bottle to do that.

Anonymous said...

This goes to prove the Law Commission was breifed and quite possibly involved in colluding with TFL. One of their recommendations was to replace the definitive term "plying for hire" with "here and now". The agenda might be a long drawn out one; the end product is to enable immediate hire apps to gain a foothold and steal our livelyhoods by stealth.
Cameron and his cronies have their grubby paw prints all over Google: Personal friends, Tory policy advisors are either directly or indirectly linked to Google and Uber. The whole thing drinks of inpropriety.

Anonymous said...

So uber is so busy won't wound happen if we matched ubers prices would we be making more money we would gain the public sprit by getting them to sign up to our app same price do we really need a meter .? Get in fixed price less driving around we could knock out 4/5 jobs £7 jobs out in an hour can't beat them join them in fixed price

AndyCabb said...

Anon 8.31 that's what you call a race to the bottom. That's if you really are a London Taxi Driver which I doubt.

colin said...

Andycabb,would we then claim work tax credits??

Super Bob said...

Anything that comes out of TFL with regards to our trade will have a negative impact on us.
I regard it as all BS, and will ignore any future consultations etc

Anonymous said...

Uber are misleading the public

Anonymous said...

PHV are misleading the public into thinking that the London knowledge obtained by London cabbies has become unnecessary due to sat-nav. for this statment to be correct then the technology used ie sat-nav must show that progress has been made where by sat-nav technology has freed up space for the PHV driver to think beyond what sat-nav had re-place, ie the knowledge.This is the law of automaton. I have not observed any evidence that would suggest PHV drivers have progress the Taxi industry by using technology. I would stress that my observation have seen a reverse in progress with the use of technology by PHV drivers, insteed of freeing up space for the mind, the sat-nav has taken space from the mind. For this reason i submit the following.The law of automation has already been achieved once a London taxi driver has finished the knowledge, progress has been made, allowing him or her that free space in mind. The Taxi industry in London and all other cities around the would are quite unique in that technology progress and law of automation have no relevance. reasons being PHV driver using sat-nav would take 15-20 years before any progess had been made, the knowledge takes 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.37
I'd like to say I have an opinion, but I haven't the slightest what your on about?

Anonymous said...

I will clarify; When a technology or machine is stated that it can replace a humans job, the techology in question will need to meet certain conditions, this is a principle of automation. A good exlample of automation is ( The hackney horse and carriage become a motor carriage ) progressed had been made, the london cabmans job was made easier, plus quicker time jouney etc.. with this in mind, the principle of automation when applied to the London taxi knowledge vs PHV driver using sat-nav technology argument, the results are actually a violation of the principle of automation. If slightly off topic, the argument next will be uber vs London taxi and automation, that answer to that will be given by a moden day Plato, Plato was not impressed with illulsons and would never compromise the values, identy, of his beloved republic. Ph.D doctor of philosophy,

Jojo said...

Tfl still taking knowledge boys & girls money while killing the trade,supporting uber & crappy sat navs , double standards all round😠

Anonymous said...

Yes Jo Jo, your concerns are valid, I am a man of philosophy, a man of reason, and after days of intense thought, i cannot find a worthy justification for uber's relevance. Uber is awere of this also, this would explain the shock and owe tactic it is using, Uber has to push quickly into the taxi market, the Uber app and cheap rides which are mostly unncessary rides give the illulson Uber are relevent. Uber is a opportunist that uses the internet as a tool to by past civic laws and PCO regulation which protect it's citizens. The free market argument which is spinning around at the moment only adds to my concerns. Uber must surely know the reasons why London taxi are with held from joining the free market. regulation has been in place for 300 years to protect the public. If Uber do not understand this, they are not only cheap but reckless opportunist that are willing to put our family live on the free market. It keeps getting worse, i hope i was of some help.