Saturday, January 23, 2016

Assembly Member Valerie Shawcross Calls into Question, George Osborne Motives On Lobbying For Uber

Boris doesn't deny at MQT, when asked that he was directly and personally lobbied  by George Osborne  in support of Uber. 

How does that work ?  - what is a Chancellor of the UK Exchequer doing lobbying personally for a global company that isn't a corporate taxpayer in the UK?  

It's not sustainable for UK democracy and public services  for our  government  to favour companies  who don't make a contribution to the coffers over local small enterprizes that do!   

The  UK  is  a good place to do business because it is a well run  and regulated business environment.

 But antiregulatory right wing ideologists in Government will destroy the UK's economic success by undermining our public services and regulated environment  through their active support of tax avoidance!

Source : Facebook January 21st 3pm 


Anonymous said...

Unless there is a reporter with balls to run with this story it is dead in the water.The majority of newspapers are run by mates of Cameron and Osborn and will not cover it in their papers.Tom Watson where are you? I was at a meeting in June when he said he could sort the web of lies out and do a paper trail regarding key TFL managers and the like.We need you now Tom before it is over.

Blakey said...

We now live in a country where even Al Capone would raise an eyebrow!

Also reports coming in that bus operators are expressing concerns that drivers are doing 12 hour PH shifts before booking on to drive buses.

It's what the public (or is it pubic) wants?

I bet they don't .

Anonymous said...

We have the most corrupt government in living history. I can see one true parliamentarian and that's Labours Hillary Ben - as for the vast majority of rest of them, they are dross.

Some 200 years ago Marie Antoinette coined the trade "let them eat cake",
in 1905 the Russian workers had had it with the dictatorial rein of the Tzar and they sorted him.

Some 200 years later we have a government that is unjust, has no empathy with ordinary people, tax them unfairly to the point where desperate mothers commit suicide.

They shut down our industries, outsource national business to our European competitors, import cheap substandard steel for UK rail projects...

They allow non tax paying multi national companies to operate in the UK, yet rigorously enforce the bedroom tax on UK citizens.

They control HMRC and make sure the rich are allowed to avoid paying tax and target the lower hanging fruit and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

They beieve in greed and grand opulence for themseves, much in the same way Marie Antoinette and the Russian Tzars did. The Tory's have no empathy and no moral compass to guide them - they simply don't care about ordinary people and see it as their god given rite to control, exploit, and patronise in order to keep people trapped poverty.

Big business, money, control and greed is their brand of politics.
The politics of the dictatorial parasite within !


spencer kurash said...

Most of the decisions the government make regarding the media and the way it works will usually favour the Murdoch preya and especially Sky TV over the BBC. It's the way they work

Anonymous said...

Lets see, Uber,Google = Murdock. No bad news for them then. Sky news, Fox news,= Murdock. Keep as quiet as you can about them as I have vested interests in them. I wonder what interestshe has in Visa card companies.