Sunday, January 24, 2016

AGAIN....WE'VE ALL BEEN STITCHED UP : TfL's Card Payment Recommendations.

On Friday, representatives from the Licensed Taxi trade groups plus carefully selected trade Orgs (UTG) were invited to a meeting with TfL. At the meeting they were told how TfL intended to mandate "Card Payments In Taxis". 

Below are the recommendations.
TfL will implement after they have recieved the rubber stamp from the TfL board on "Demo Day", the 3rd of December.

Although the paper (released on the 21st) carries the headline "this paper will be considered in public", again this statement has been made under TfLs own warped sense of interpretation. The consultation is over, that it.

The LCDC have previously made a statement, via Twitter, that TfL do not negotiate. When these recommendations are approved by the board, and have no doubt they will be,  the system below WILL be implemented.

This paper will be considered in public 

1 Summary

  1. 1.1  The purpose of this paper is to update the Committee on mandating card payment acceptance in taxis.

  2. 1.2  This matter was discussed at Surface Transport Panel at its meeting on 22 October 2015.

2 Recommendation

2.1 The Committee is asked to note the paper and recommend that the Board agrees in respect of taxis:

(a) the following changes to come into effect on 2 April 2016:

(i) to remove the existing surcharge of up to 10 per cent of the fare payable or £1, whichever is greater, that passengers currently pay when paying by debit or credit card (a card);

(ii) mandate a maximum card payment transaction fee to drivers of 3 per cent of the total sum payable for TfL approved card payment devices. This will be included in the TfL guidelines for electronic payment devices; and

(iii)the minimum taxi fare (flagfall) to be increased by 20 pence from £2.40 to £2.60 per trip to compensate taxi drivers for costs associated with accepting card payments;

(b) the following changes to come into effect on 3 October 2016:

(i) to mandate card acceptance in all taxis and as, a minimum, devices should accept Chip and PIN, contactless and magnetic swipe payments;

(ii) to mandate acceptance of VISA and Mastercard payments as a minimum but drivers may also choose to accept other cards, such as American Express and Diners Club;

(iii)to mandate that card payment devices will be required to be fixed in the passenger compartment of the taxi so passengers stay in control of their card details at all times. [This could be fixed

 equipment or handheld devices affixed to a cradle, approved by TfL to ensure passenger safety. Web payment devices, such as Hailo’s new payment solution are also to be permitted to co-exist alongside fixed equipment so drivers can offer hirers choice of payment methods]; and

(iv)to approve clear signage, visible from outside the vehicle, to make clear that all taxis now accept card payments. [This will be linked with a marketing campaign by TfL to make clear all taxis accept card payments]; and

(c) to investigate the feasibility of the following change coming into effect from April 2018:

(i) to mandate that all card payment devices are linked to the taximeter, noting that the industry needs to work towards standard solutions that integrate card payment devices with the taximeter.

Below is a link to the whole release. 

Please read and take note that in a number of topics, TfL took more notice of "supposed potential Taxi users", than they did from actual users and licensed Taxi drivers.

It appears as with every TfL consultation we've been involved in, we've been stitched up AGAIN.

Again the second biggest trade org were excluded from the meeting.

Editorial Extra.
We've received information, TfL are going to force drivers to accept card payments by changing the cab order.

There are many legal eagles out there saying this can't be done, it's against the law to force small businesses to give credit. 
Well, we've been told that's exactly what TfL intend to do. 

Source :

We've also been informed through our FaceBook Group, that one of our members was at a meeting last week, were LTPH  General Manager Helen Chapman stated any equipment found with a sock or plastic bag over it will be given a stop note. She also said this would be a priority for enforcement.  


Anonymous said...

One would have thought that TfL would have learnt by their mistakes regarding the compulsory receipt machines.

Reminds me of the old saying"You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make it drink"

TfL Totally Failing London

Anonymous said...

Under the law of the land as a self employed business we DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT CC if Tfl wish to enforce this then they will have to make us employees this needs fighting TFL cannot change the law of the country and accepting this is disgraceful when TFL pay my wages cab bills then they can dictate to me how I accept my fare payment once again shafted to many too quick to roll over and have their belts rubbed by Tfl

Yank Banks...Foxyrot Oscar said...

Will we be able to refuse credit cards such as Visa, American Express, or credit cards who's business model is not European ?Surely there must be a European safegard to protect Eropean business interest. The USA are not part of Europe and should be back burnered so as European banks can prosper.

Anonymous said...

You are having a Demo on the 3rd of December!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's that for?

Editorial said...

Anon 5:32
Taxi leaks is not having a demo on Fed 3rd
We ar not a trade org
We are a Taxi trade news blog

I believe the UCG are holding a demo, but you will have to ask them.

Editorial said...

Anon 3:56.

Ok, just received new information that although I'm told by everyone they can't do it, it's against the law,
it appears TfL are going to force drivers to accept card payments by changing the cab order.

So there you are please don't shoot the messenger.

That's the trouble with these secret meetings, it takes time to squeeze the truth out

colin said...

So what happens when a card comes up declined,will Tfl reimburse us the payment,surly thay have a responsibility after all hotels can check your viable before you enter your room,if your no money in your account at the shop checkout you dont get the goods,on line you won't be able to buy,but in a London Taxi we will get you home to get shafted at journeys end......A bilkers charter.

Damian said...

It's not against the law at all. Nor is accepting CC 'giving the customer credit'. The CC is simply a payment device as far as the driver is concerned, the credit agreement is between the card issuer and the card holder.

Acnedriver. said...

"There are no powers to attach conditions to A Hackney driving License." Sir Edwin Jowett 2002.


Acnedriver Manchester.

Givati said...

To get this through, they need to change primary legislation in respect of credit law.
This is outside their remit

Anonymous said...

I have been black listed from credit agencies for fraud and therefore not allowed a credit card machine, the pco was notified of this before i started the knowledge. What will happen to me?

Anonymous said...

There is no law on the planet that says i need to open an account to accept cc payments. Has tfi become the fsi and do buses and minicabs accept cc as mandatory?

Anonymous said...

if they CANT do this or they CANT do that its about time that we told them to do one

I've had enough enough of them and want to make a stand of some sort, we need a victory
on something FFS

And before anyone comments i take cards in 3 different ways, its the attitude of the Regulator thats pissing me off to the extent of wanting out

Han said...

There's also nothing stopping your machine being faulty or getting repaired at the weekend.

The same way some tills in shops often don't accept card or CC only due to faults.

My paypal reader works fine and customers love it.

Anonymous said...

Davis got huggy with Johnson several months ago; now get permanently fixed American Greed units in the rear of EVERY London Taxi... Oddy ain't the only one killing the trade from within!

Anonymous said...

I've just signed a 3 year deal with verfone hand held with a £ 300 early get out clause , T FL , A fixed one in the Back may stop fraud good idea T F L , I mean there are so many dodgy ileagal aliens with no c r b checks who have just arrived in the uk driving black cabs , can't trust them one bit .. I had a fixed price job to Hemel Hempstead , fixed £100 I put card in 90 pound I was taking 10% hit , the card declined , I'm so glad this didn't happen at end of the journey ... WE DONT WANT ANY MORE MONEY ON THE FLG FALL , 90% of customers want to pay cash ....