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Met Police Cover Up Serial Killer's 18 Tube Murders

Commuters at Earls Court underground station, awaiting the arrival of a train.

An ex-detective has claimed that Scotland Yard covered up the murder of 18 people in the 1970s by a serial killer who pushed them onto London Underground tracks.

Former detective, Geoff Platt, said he first learned of these shocking alleged crimes while interviewing Kiernan Kelly who had just murdered his cellmate, William Boyd.

During this routine interrogation, Kelly apparently confessed to the string of murders which Platt alleges was ‘buried’ by police bosses to prevent widespread panic.

Mr Platt stated: ‘He was high – high on adrenaline, testosterone…aroused. You could see it in his eyes.

‘He was proud of that murder of his cellmate and when police went to speak to him he just confessed to killing 18 other people.’

According to Platt, Kelly’s confessions were found by police to correlate with a series of reported suicides on the Northern Line near his home in Clapham.

He added: ‘It was a coverup. Think about it, the police don’t want it getting out – there would be mass panic.

‘They didn’t want people knowing a serial killer got away with pushing innocent people on to the tracks – they’d be afraid it could happen again.

‘The public would stop using the Underground which would put more traffic on the roads. It would be chaos.’

Having written a book on the subject, the former police officer said the lack of CCTV and funding were contributing factors as to why the Metropolitan Police did not prosecute Kelly for the full extent of his crimes.

Kelly was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of William Boyd and a separate murder.

Scotland Yard has explained that the allegations were being dealt by British Transport Police who in turn made the following statement: 

"We are aware of the claims included in this book but given the passage of time since they are alleged to have been committed these would prove difficult to substantiate without further evidence. We would invite Mr Platt to submit any information he has on these matters to us."

Spanish cabbies call for anti-Uber alliance

The Spanish Federation of Taxi Drivers (Fedetaxi) is calling for a European alliance to fight against Uber while the ride-sharing company continues to face legal battles across the continent.

Fedetaxi said on Wednesday that it is working to create an alliance of European taxi drivers against ride-sharing company Uber to "broaden the basis of the taxi sector’s position".

"Illegal networks such as Uber cannot be regulated using the excuse that they are not a part of the transport sector, but rather exclusively part of the digital market," the driver association said in a statement. "This is not only false, but also could open the door to dismantling productive sectors such as the transport of passengers, while endangering the rights of European citizens through fiscal and social fraud."

Fedetaxi said it plans to meet with other European taxi groups in the coming months and formalize an alliance in Brussels. The group also wants to discuss plans for better EU-wide regulations of the taxi industry.

Uber, a San Francisco-based company, has faced challenges from taxi unions in Spain, as well as in countries like France, Belgium and Germany, where cab drivers say the service poses unfair competition and does not properly vet its drivers.

>Controversy arose in Sweden <recently when a journalist managed to get a position as an Uber driver without having undergone training.

In Spain,> Uber was banned in December 2014<, but tried to defy the ruling and continue to operate before telecommunications companies cut off service to the app.

French taxi drivers recently >staged violent protests< against the company and officials arrested two Uber company bosses before the transit service decided to suspend its app last week.

Germany >has banned the app twice< amid persistent challenges by taxi unions.

The company has >filed a complaint with the European Commission< over its restrictions in Spain, France and Germany.

The company has argued that it is not a taxi service and that it simply offers passengers a way to connect with people who want to share their cars. But critics point out that it is more like a cab service because users tell drivers where they want to go and pay a fixed tariff.

Uber has spread from San Francisco to 300 cities across 58 countries worldwide.

    Source : The Local ES.

The Simple Solution-IMMEDIATE DIRECT ACTION.... By Dave Davies.

I am going to keep this short and simple.

There has been some positive activity recently by taxi trade organisations, mainly as a direct response to challenge Uber.

However the problem is not Uber

The problem is clear and simple to anyone who takes the time to analyse the facts.


The problem is unarguable CORRUPTION.


Most people who are corrupt do not wear a sign around their neck saying ’ I’m corrupt’

When challenged they do not readily admit ‘I’m corrupt’.


The facts are clear with the Uber situation. Uber are backed by multi national multi billion dollar companies. They have power that most people are unaware of.


Cameron told Johnson not to challenge Uber; the connection was clear by the fact that CEO of Uber was godparent to Cameron’s child.

That is corruption.


There are laws already in place that Uber does not comply with and those laws have not been enforced.

The reason that they have not been enforced is because of corruption. It’s that simple.

Engaging in lengthy political process to clarify definition of the laws that already exist and are not enforced by a corrupt TFL  or to adapt those laws to stop improper activity by Uber is pointless.


Even if achieves its objectives this activity is futile. By the time it has done anything it will be too late.

Every week that goes by there are hundreds of new Uber drivers and hundreds of new Private Hire Licenses issued by TFL


This situation is not easily reversible; TFL are not going to suddenly revoke those tens of thousands of Private Hire licences and Uber are not going to suddenly sack their drivers.

Even if Uber is later shut down there will be another illegal app which the thousands of Uber drivers will switch to and then it will take months to shut that down

It is a one way process and every single day that passes the situation will become worse.          


Tom Watson himself said the Parliamentary process is very slow and they are now in recess for 2 months.
The GLA published the Woefully Inadequate report in November last year and nothing has happened because they have no power to take action.



ALL of the issues that affect London TAXI Drivers have been caused by corruption, whether it’s Uber , the Taxi Age Limit (unarguable documented evidence of corruption), the exclusive money making position of certain trade orgs who do nothing to represent their members or complete lack of enforcement of Private Hire regulation.

The corruption needs to be exposed and it needs to happen NOW.

The GLA and Parliamentary Committees will spend months deliberating and then have no mechanism for resolving the issues.






Friday, July 24, 2015

Third World London Streets A a Danger To Tourists : Rickshaws Discussed In The Lords.

For many years we've been calling for pedicabs to be banned. They are a complete danger to public safety and give London the look of a third world city.

They operate in the grey economy, charging extortionate fares. Often we hear of passengers being charged hundreds of pounds and below is just one shocking case of the many we hear about daily. To add insult to injury, the majority of them take plastic payments. 

One of the pledges Boris made in his campaign to become mayor was to deal with the rickshaw menace. So far, after 8 years as mayor, Boris has done diddly squat.

Often, London MPs spark up about the need to clean up our streets. Apart from the public safety aspect, (we are all aware of the danger posed by these vehicles) we also know about the extra congestion caused to other road users.

Finally, someone (Lord Storey-Lib) has bought this up in the house:

His Lordship has asked Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to bring forward regulations on the control of rickshaws in London, in particular regarding fares charged, roadworthiness of vehicles, and licensing requirements.

The answer he received gives insight into where we are going with the Law Commission report, many said it would never surface while in truth it seems to be mentioned daily in the HoC and the other place.

Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon answered for HMG:

The recent Law Commission review of taxi and private hire vehicle services recommended bringing all vehicles that transport passengers for hire and reward, which would include rickshaws, into the scope of licensing.

The Government is currently considering the Law Commission’s report and draft Bill in their entirety, and in line with the protocol that exists between Government and the Law Commission, will respond in due course.

Westminster council already have traffic management plans in place to give these deadly bikes ranks to ply for hire from. The council, never missing a trick to raise a bit of extra revenue, will be looking at introducing rank permits. 

Rickshaw Ripoff :

A rickshaw driver in central London was filmed charging two tourists £206 for a journey between Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. 

The tourists - a mother and her son who did not appear to speak much English - had already handed over £100 for the less-than-one-mile journey when the altercation was filmed. 

The son is heard saying the journey took only three minutes, whilst members of the public and two police officers got involved to try and reason with the driver, who remained defiant, insisting the family owed him the full £206 fare.


Westminster Council said they were shocked at the video, and with their eye ever on a new revenue source said it proved, again, the need for greater regulation of rickshaw operators. 

We are truly shocked at the audacity shown in this video. We have long argued for greater regulation and licensing on rickshaws, not only to avoid clear rip offs like this, but to reduce congestion and improve safety on our streets.

All too often we see rickshaws riding onto pavements through crowds of pedestrians or blocking off major roads like Regent Street. It has to stop and the Government has to act to give London more power to regulate this trade.


Don't regulate...Ban

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said he hoped the video would help his efforts to lobby for Transport for London to given powers to regulate Rickshaws. 

The Mayor has serious concerns about the pedicab trade and is lobbying the Government for new legislation that would give Transport for London powers to regulate them, powers they don't legally possess at the moment. This video only adds weight to his determination to make that happen. It is shocking and utterly disgraceful that pedicab drivers appear to be taking advantage of customers in this way.


It's nothing new Boris, it's been going on for many years and now, after your eight in power, you've done nothing about them except talk. Boris, as your own hero once said "War War not Jaw Jaw"

So TfL looking at licensing these death traps, if that happens, we can expect then to roll out the £3/500 licenses quicker than uber drivers.

Minicab Driver Dead After Heart Attack.

A minicab driver died in hospital after his heart stopped at the wheel and he crashed into a metal barrier outside King's Cross, it has emerged.

The man, believed to be in his 50s, died about an hour after the collision in Pancras Road on Saturday evening last week.

Police confirmed no other vehicles were involved in the crash, with witnesses speaking of the man appearing to swerve around a cyclist moments before colliding with the barrier.

Others said the man had had passengers, though police were unable to confirm this.

Plumber Oscar Buzzard drove past in the moments following the smash.

"There was a female cyclist sitting on the floor looking visibly shaken," he told the Standard. "Her bike was lying on the pavement about 20 feet from where she was sitting.

"The driver was motionless and very pale. The bonnet of the car was completely crumpled and there was smoke from it.

"There were passers-by already tending to both of them so I just carried on driving."

It is not known which firm the driver had worked for, although Uber said he had not been working for them.

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We were called at 6.09pm to reports of a road traffic collision at Pancras Road and Goods Way in NW1.

"We sent a single responder by car, an ambulance crew, a duty officer and a doctor to the scene.

"We treated a man reported to be in his 50s in cardiac arrest. He was taken as a priority to hospital."

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the man's next of kin had been informed.

   Source : Standard 

As I See Semtex.

 With the annual Summer kipper about to strike us, it is difficult to find optimism for our future. I always endeavour to be careful of becoming a "trade doom writer" like the one's I used to dread reading when I was doing the knowledge. After all, this game's "been finished" since I started it almost 30 years ago !

But it is also difficult to write a balanced and honest view, when there isn't much optimism to write about!

For the scribe who fears becoming cast as either a doom monger or an optimistic fool, it is far wiser just to write nothing, and await a more favourable climate. However, never one to duck criticism, I write genuinely as I see things, for better, or for worse. But one thing is certain......I ain't always right, and my opinion is merely that....just my personal opinion.

For those who have nightmares, live on their own or who prefer to live a rose coloured existence........look away now, and read my views no further !
As most of us have recently seen, Labour MP and West Bromwich Politician, Tom Watson has sprung from seemingly nowhere, to take on the task of assisting our trade, particularly with the Uber problem.

Looking at his CV, Tom certainly does appear to be a hard hitter, and has held some respectable senior positions in his parliamentary 14 years or so in this domain. 

Furthermore, he is no stranger to investigating high end corruption cases and issues, so with the dubious infrastructure of Uber to deal with, perhaps Tom is the man to put our combined weight behind.

But under the spotlight, can Tom Watson really be our saviour ?
Personally, I honestly don't think he can. And I will tell you why.
Anyone with a mediocre level of intelligence, can plainly see that something isn't right at City Hall. There are inconsistencies, high command failures and lack of mutual respect from top to bottom.

At the pinnacle of this mountain, sits the head honcho himself, London Mayor and MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip, Boris Johnson.
Now, love this man or hate him, his skills of manipulation, politics, academics, and guile are phenomenal.

What's more, his diary should anyone be lucky enough to ever see it, will probably contain contacts, and associates to make David Cameron's look like Billy No Mates.

Not only is Boris Johnson thoroughly capable of dealing with controversy, he is more than masterly at deflecting accusations of it, in flawless fortification too.

Apart from people who serve him, work under him or who are controlled by him, Boris Johnson is idolised across the country, nay the world.
My personal opinion, for what it's worth, is as genuine, experienced, and tenacious as Tom Watson is, if it came to Watson and Johnson locking horns, The London Mayor would tear Tom up for arse paper.

To prove corruption or illegal integrity with Boris Johnson, you would have to actually catch him bang to rights with his hand in the till. Allegations, slurs, accusations and demands would merely see Johnson swat them away like flies from a pot of jam.

We can sit and shout that Boris has to answers questions by law to the Assembly all you want, but again, allegations are just not good enough. To knock Johnson over, PROOF will be the only submittable requisite.
I have friends in the trade who are for attending City Hall  to show trade unity and support to the Greater London Authority Assembly. Apparently, by attending in our thousands and supporting the GLA, Johnson will "spill the beans" on Cameron and his other adversaries.

However, and again just my opinion, I would bet my mortgage on this never happening. If I honestly believed it, I would readily attend to show my confidence and support. That is not to say that I don't support my colleagues who do support the GLA attendance, I do of course. But in all honesty, think we are wasting precious time.
Any Court, Judiciary, Statutory Paper or Government Assembly have to trawl through democratic and drawn out legal processes and protocol.

Despite Tom Watson's intent to "forensically interrogate the regulators" we simply cannot afford our challenge to go along the legal and democratic policy a minute longer.
I personally know of three London Taxi Drivers who have had their houses repossessed in the last six months.

There are no doubt more. Not to mention falling behind with cab rental and purchase payments, marriage breakdowns and family devastation, totally due to the strain and stresses that driving a London Taxi demands.
I also think it's a mistake to gain too much comfort in the fact that Hendy and Allen are gone from TFL. Don't forget, I have been in Civil Service position myself. Granted, not as Senior as the two aforementioned, but high enough to see the mechanics of how the engine room works.

Reshuffles are a known and regular trick played by authorities such as TFL and others. Although they don't offer a hiding place for corruption, fraud or malpractice, they do give opportunity to wipe the slate clean, retrack some valuable time and start another spreadsheet.
When was the last time our trade had a pop at Addisson Lee ? I can't remember ! That's because Uber are here on the scene. I remember the pre-Uber days when all the firepower coming from us was against John Mason and Addisson Lee. A quick reshuffle, a few new players and then the landscape changes. That's just what is happening at City Hall and TFL. It is a deliberate and practised ploy too. Very soon, Johnson will be a ghost at City Hall and building his life long parliamentary dream and ambition. An ambition held since he announced his plans at the Bullingdon dinners, all those years ago..

Hendy gone, perhaps even Emmerson and Daniels too. But what will change? Nothing.....that's what ! Another City Hall spreadsheet is opened, new players emerge, new promises announced, and the TFL and City Hall new brushes sweep clean the murky dodgy corridors of deceit, and then..................... .................BACK TO SQUARE ONE !

 TFL, like any Civil Service department, is like a stew. If you don't stir it up from time to time, a scum appears at the top.
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans, John Lennon said. For us, Uber are becoming more and more stronger. More and more established, more and more of a London Institution, more and more recognisable by winning awards, more and more decent, and believe it or not, more and more trusted. 

And what are we doing ?
We are attending meetings to forensically challenge the regulator, writing to Chair's of Select Transport Committee's, scrutinising the Prime Minister's relationships and friends and accusing the London Mayor of corruption.

Tom Watson has promised to "have a look at" the procedures that Uber have got round to ply their trade. Val Shawcross promises to forensically interrogate the regulator.
Folks, I am a London Green Badge Taxi Driver. Ex Military and did a bit with both the Police and other Civil Service Positions. That's all. I'm just like my mate's and colleagues. I am not a clairvoyant, I am not a expert in politics and neither have I the ability to predict what will happen in the future.
So why is it just me, that thinks that "having a look at" "intending to forensically challenge" and " looking forward to get stuck in after the end of the Parliamentary Summer rising" .............all appear too effing late?!!!!

Anyone who has any faith or belief in these drawn out, long winded democratic judicial and assembly meetings, must have a nice bit of dough pugged up for a rainy day, that's all I can say !

How can the normal, run of the mill, working London Cabby with a mortgage, three kids, a wife and a cab to pay for.......wait for these lot to come back from the summer rising, before they "have a look at it"?

We are dead in the water for God sake ! We can't wait for this lot to start their brief from scratch again !
No doubt, colleagues will say to me, if I know all the answers, why don't I do something about it ? I don't profess to know all the answers of course, and it would be arrogant of me to think I did.

But what I do know is this.
We have seen these politicians, assembly leaders and others in the past. We are still on our arse, backed into a precarious corner and struggling for our lives.

Most of these "leaders" will be aware of the dodgy Tim Yeo dealings, aware of the dubious Uber acceptance, aware of the taxi scrappage scheme illegal scandal, aware of the behind the scenes deals with BMW at the Olympics, aware of the dirty tricks used against us time after time after time. 
And what do they do? .........Absoultely EFF ALL ! They are terrified to "spill the beans"! If they did, and Boris proved otherwise, their political career would be over.

And they do eff all, not because they aren't aware of it, not because they are unsure of it...........but simply because they CANNOT PROVE IT !

And for all these supporters of the Assembly meetings, Judicial dates, and Government forensic challenge, bear in mind the above. If we cant prove it, we don't win ! Like a nut and a bolt....nothing could be simpler! I know people inside TFL. I know senior people inside City Hall, NONE of them will give me the proof of corruption that we need ! 

Whether they have it and don't want to give it to me, or don't have it at all, I don't know. But without it, a planned attack from that angle is pointless.
And that is why folks, that I believe we have No Viable Alternative, other than to use our taxi cabs and unity, to prevent the corrupt, bent, decomposing authority system from moving about their business, anywhere in the City and West End for a given time of day each week, until our demands are not just answered, but met in full.
One of the greatest posts I have ever read in either Taxi Leaks, the Forum or other trade platforms, comes from a colleague of ours under the posting: "United Trade Meeting : Uber, The Worst Kind Of Predatory Capitalism...Tom Watson MP."
It is the first comment on the comments page. Read it. It is excellent and in my lowly opinion, so, so correct.
The way I see it is simple. We either take the war to these bent shysters ourselves.........or we lose.
Gaining Parliamentary support is all very well if we have time to spare, but we haven't. And as Henry Kissenger quite correctly said " Corrupt Politicians make the other ten percent look bad !"
He wasn't wrong..........was he ?
Be Lucky all.
8829 Semtex.


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Bad News As Uber Beats NYC Mayor With Celebrities Help

After being picture with a #SaveOurBlackCab sign ageing rock star Rod Steward, insulted the Taxi trade in a Video he appeared in with James Corden. After being dropped off Rod was told he would have to make his own way back and he said "It's OK, I'll get an Uber"

Long time Taxi driver fans including friends and family member of Taxi drivers have volwed never to buy another Rod album. One driver said I've just put all my Rod albums and CDs in the bin.

Now it appears Uber are rolling out a bevy of "B" list celebrities to back up their assault on Taxi and Private Hire industries around the world.

The instant hail minicab app has won its battle against the mayor of New York City thanks to the backing of stars including Kate Upton.

The city council had been on the verge of introducing a cap on the number of vehicles uber and other car services could have on the road.

But Uber hit back with a huge public protest that appears to have forced mayor Bill de Blasio to kick the issue into the long grass.

Uber enlisted the support of Kate Upton and Neil Patrick Harris - among others - who tweeted their support. (To be honest, I had to google both so called celebs) 

Neil Patrich Harris pictured here with his husband is blindly supporting a company that has openly discriminated against gays.

Upton wrote: "@BilldeBlasio Why do you want to return to days when only those in Midtown and Lower Manhattan could get a ride? #UberMovesNYC". Love to know the last time Kate Upton went for a drink in the Bronx!

And Harris said: "25,000 new residents use Uber in NYC each week. How is a fixed number of cars supposed to serve this demand for rides?" 

Even New York governor Andrew Cuomo weighed in with support, saying in a radio interview: "I don't think government should be in the business of trying to restrict job growth."

Uber says it is attracting 25,000 new customers each week and is having to hire hundreds of drivers just to keep up with demand.

To show the effect of a driver cap, it even added a "de Blasio" tab on its smartphone app to show customers how long their cab would take to arrive if the limit was imposed. 

Uber has been keen to emphasise that the original yellow taxi system, which the capping law would protect, is not beneficial to people living in New York's outer boroughs.

Two politicians from outer boroughs joined a pro-Uber rally to voice their support on Wednesday.

The city will now conduct a four-month study on the effect of Uber and other for-hire vehicle operators on the city's traffic and environment, and has ruled out a cap while this takes place.

Wonder if Uber will have a tab telling customers how much extra their fares will cost because of the gridlock caused by their expansion. 

Or a tab with a running total of unnecessary deaths caused by the extra gridlock pollution

#Ubered has made it into the Urban Dictionary.

Champion Sport Stars and Celebrities who you won't see using the London Uber App...Uber don't do disabled

    Part source : LBC

Taxi & Private Hire Roads And Travel Update

The Hammersmith Flyover (A4) will be closed as follows:
 Eastbound closure only - 22:30 Friday 24 July to 22:30 Saturday 25 July
 Full closure of the flyover - 22:30 Saturday 25 July to 05:00 Sunday 26 July
 Westbound closure only - 05:00 Sunday 26 July to 05:00 Monday 27 July
This is while we enter the final phase of work to strengthen the flyover, as part of the Road Modernisation Plan. Delays are expected on the A4 and drivers are advised to use the A40. For more information, please click here 

West Hampstead
From 08:00 on Saturday 25 July until 06:00 on Monday 27 July, lane restrictions will be in place southbound on A41 Finchley Road, between Ingham Road and Parsifal Road. This is due to work being carried out by Thames Water.  

Central London
From 08:00 until 18:00 on Saturday 25 July, Shaftesbury Avenue will be closed in both directions between Dean Street and Frith Street. This is due to a crane operation.  

City of London
From 08:00 until 18:00 on Saturday 25 July, Cannon Street will be closed in both directions between Laurence Pountney Lane and Bush Lane. This is due to a crane operation. There will be an additional closure between the same times on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August

Until early September, temporary traffic lights will be in place on A236 Mitcham Road at the junction of Sumner Road. This is due to junction improvement work.

London Bridge
On Sunday 26 July, from 08:00 until 14:00, London Bridge bus station will be closed. The taxi rank in the bus station will not be accessible but taxi drivers can use the ranks on Duke Street Hill and St. Thomas Street. 

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
From Friday 24 until Saturday 25 July, the taxi ranks outside Stratford Tube station and on Westfield Avenue will be closed while events take place on Montfichet Road. Montfichet Road may also be closed on Sunday 26 July; if it isn’t the taxi ranks will be open as normal.

A marshalled taxi rank will be on Warton Road/Montfichet Road and can be accessed via the High Street. Taxi drivers will be allowed to pass the road closure point.
The marshalled taxi rank is part of a trial but maybe used for the Rugby World Cup and possibly other events at the stadium. It will be available during the following day times:
Sunday 26th of July between 15:45 and 18:45 (if Montfichet Road is closed)