Saturday, April 11, 2015

Boris Johnson does not meet the requirements for honesty to qualify to become an MP... By Dave Davis

Boris Johnson has breached the requirements for honesty to become an Member of Parlaiment. 

He was sacked by the Times for lying and was sacked as a Cabinet member by the Tory leader for lying.


A recent Channel 4 News investigation revealed that he has not acted properly in relation to the Royal Albert Docks £1 billion development tender process, which also breaches the requirements set out below. The former Chair for Standards in Public Life described his conduct as ‘semi-corrupt’. There has been absolutely no independent investigation or scrutiny of the actions of Boris Johnson and there has been no accountability for this improper tender process.


He has made many false and dishonest statements during his tenure as Mayor, including submitting a report based on computer modelled predicted air quality reports to the Environmental Audit Committee, trying to pass them off as actual reports of actual air quality measurements and falsely claiming that the reports showed significant reductions in air pollution.


He implemented the London Taxi Age Limit falsely claiming that it would reduce pollution and despite the fact that he had submitted written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee stating that ‘a new Euro 5 vehicle will create 5 times as much NO2 as a 15 year old vehicle’ which was based on scientific evidence from the Environmental Research Group at Kings College.

The Taxi Age limit contradicted the Mayors own written evidence and was allegedly, purely for the purpose of financial gain for his Tory buddy MP Tim Yeo, who has now been deselected by his local constituency because of his improper conduct. Yeo Chaired the Inquiry into Air Pollution which led to the implementation of the Taxi Age Limit but was also Chair of the company selling the new taxis that drivers were forced to buy at a cost of £40k . It was a clear breach of the Parliamentary Code yet the Standards Commissioner dismissed complaints despite concrete evidence of a breach of the Parliamentary Rules.

The Rules state:

3         "when a member of a Committee, particularly the Chairman, has a financial interest which is directly affected by a particular inquiry or when he or she considers that a personal interest may reflect upon the work of the Committee or its subsequent Report, the Member should stand aside from the Committee proceedings relating to it." [Paragraph 24]



It is also another breach of the requirements to be an MP by Boris Johnson, that he implemented the Taxi Age Limit purely for financial gain for his Tory Buddy.

Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.


There should be a full urgent Independent investigation of Boris Johnsons actions BEFORE he is elected as a Member of Parliament.

If it is proven that he has acted improperly as Mayor he should be barred from becoming a Member of Parliament.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Newly launched PH ride-share company SPLYT to use a meter

   99p off your next ride. Not quite the same financial backing as Über!

Ride share app SPLYT is launching today, 
We have had it confirmed through their driver recruitment line, they will be using a meter. Fare will be calculated and charged on time and distance travelled.

Although supposedly illegal, TfL again appeared to have done nothing to stop PH Ride-Sharing platform and the use of a Taximeter by a PH company.

We knew this would be coming after TfL's attitude towards the eHailing platform of Über, but amazingly, not one word from any of our so called trade representation.

The best cliche heard so far:
"We're working our socks off in the background!"

And "wait till the Arabs start coming back over, thing will improve".

Wait till the Arabs start using Über, now with over 12-15,000 mobile units, waiting times are down to the minimum. Über's goal is to have 42,000 units by March 2016.

Westminster council will soon be able to turn off the street lighting in Edgware and Brompton Roads, as they all stand on the kerb with their little faces illuminated like beacons from the screens on their smart phones.

Don't forget, Über were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Coming soon!
The biggest ride share companies in the USA, SideCar, Lyft, Zimride and Flywheel will be looking towards London very shortly. 

London has the biggest Taxi market in the world, therefore is the number one target for these massively financially backed private transportation companies.

But hey, let's not upset the public by demonstrating.
The advice from most of our wonderful representative orgs with their finger on the pulse is "Let's just wait and see" 

Only one org is promoting direct action and that is the reformed UCG. They will shortly be holding a protest to highlight TfL's woefully poor and inadequate performance as licensing authority. 

TfL's terrible enforcement record speaks for itself and is second to none throughout the UK, plus the Met police are a laughing stock up and down the country, when it comes to Taxi and Private hire enforcement.

Will you join the protest?

Will you take direct action?

Or will you just sit back and watch 350 years of a licensed Taxi trade die on the street.


North Uxbridge Residents Association have organised a hustings event for the Uxbridge & South Ruislip Constituency on Friday 10th April 2015

The meeting will be chaired by NURA Chairman, Paul Johnson. Residents wishing to ask questions must table them in advance, either by email on; or on paper using a delivery box located in Uxbridge Central Library. No anonymous questions will be accepted and only those submitted in advance will be tabled.



MAP - >Click Here For Map<


This is the only event Boris Johnson will be attending in Uxbridge.

The Dark Web Guide to Using Stolen Uber Accounts

It's been over a week since Motherboard revealed that active Uber accounts are for sale on the dark web. Since then, a wave of customers have complained of fraudulent trips being charged to their credit cards, even as recently as today.

In an attempt to discover the root of the problem, Motherboard has received a guide on how to use these accounts.

The step by step tutorial is sold by Courvoisier, one of the vendors who originally advertised the hacked Uber accounts.

        DarkWeb screen shot

“The target audience for this guide is those who are inexperienced with how to use the Uber accounts which are provided in our store,” the guide begins. “Follow these simple steps and you'll be travelling in no time :).”

He or she instructs users to log into their purchased account through their mobile phone’s browser, rather than the app. Courvoisier also suggests that you memorise the name of the owner of the hacked account, in case the Uber driver asks for it.

Courvoisier points out it is possible to order a cab even when the location services function of your phone is switched off. "If your location services are NOT enabled, then you should enter your pickup location (postal / zip code or address) and then proceed to book your car,” Courvoisier writes.

But in sum, it really is as simple as logging in and booking the cab. "Once your Uber is booked, simply wait for the car to arrive and enjoy your pennyless journey :).”

When Motherboardfirst reported on the hacked accounts, two vendors were selling them: Courvoisier and ThinkingForward. Courvoisier is now charging $1.85, while ThinkingFoward has introduced a “buy 1 get 1 free” scheme on his $5 accounts. A third vendor, “stackcash,” is now also selling accounts for $2 each.

But it appears that even more people are selling them, with some doing so in bulk. One seller has even advertised a pack of 10,000. 

“Manzer” is selling hacked Uber accounts in quantities of 20 for $16.50, 50 for $32, or 100 for $54.

“nucleoide,” meanwhile, has created a custom listing for “10,000 Uber Users email” to be sold at once. A custom listing is made specifically for a particular user’s order. Presumably the user it is addressed to, in this case someone who calls himself "Jhodes", asked for a pack of accounts this size.

As pointed out previously by "Just Aguy", a user of the Uberpeople forum, the only twitter complaints seem to be from London account holders.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, when Motherboard last reported on the accounts, a spokesperson said that "We investigated this report and found no evidence of a breach on Uber systems. We’ve turned this over to the authorities and we will work with them as needed."

At the moment, Uber has not made any sort of official announcement about the hacked accounts. If it was to do so and advise its customers to change the passwords on their accounts, the fraudulent activity would likely decrease.

Update: Uber sent a statement. "We have no further details at this point—this is now in the hands of the authorities. I want to stress—we conducted a thorough investigation of this report and found no evidence of a breach on Uber systems. If customers experience charges on their account, they should contact customer support as soon as possible at: Also, as a reminder—this is a good opportunity to remind people to use strong and unique usernames and passwords and to avoid reusing the same credentials across multiple sites and services."

Editorial Comment:

Apparently TfL said they had no knowledge of any Uber fraud, probably because they do not handle any private hire complaints. All PH complaints are sent to the operator to deal with. As Uber proffess they are not a private hire operator but a technology company, it would be very interesting to know where Uber complaint are sent on to and also why TfL decided to grant an operators licence to a company that specifically states it is not a PH operator...the plot thickens.

It's not all bad news:

Good news is that a mass of evidence relating to Uber fraud has now been supplied to TfL by the United Cabbies Group. 

Other news today, the LTDA has been successful in getting Uber's air freshener banned as unauthorised advertising. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Maaxi To Go Live: This is the future and it's here now.

Could This Be Just What The Trade Needs?

Maaxi Goes Live, Wednesday 15 April 2015 

We have had to overcome many obstacles over the last 6 months, but now we are ready to GO LIVE. 

The stumbling blocks have in part been related to doing trials with the App and adapting it to the current competitive conditions in the Taxi Trade which as you all know concern us much, and also related to TfL challenging the Maaxi model. 

Maaxi has provided satisfactory responses to TfL’s questions and it does not expect any further questioning. 

How successful we are going to be is down to us the drivers. We get from Maaxi technology that is years ahead of what Private Hire have. Maaxi is not late, it is 3 years ahead of its time. Us taxi drivers need to give the service and reliability the Taxi Trade has built its reputation on by accepting as many job offers from the Maaxi Driver App as you possibly can and not allowing other modes of transport take work that is rightfully ours. What others did by offering cheap prices and then surging, we can do legally by selling seats in shared black cabs, becoming close in price to public transport when there is low demand and make up to twice the meter for shared taxi rides at times of high demand. 

Where will we be going Live? 

Maaxi will electronically track areas and times of high demand, where public transport or private hire fail to provide either reliable or cost effective services and Maaxi will market in real time to customers in those areas. Maaxi will let us know where the demand is via the Maaxi Driver App and Twitter. 

What sort of work will Maaxi offer? 

MAAXI is 100% FREE to use. 

It will offer EXCLUSIVE RIDES in which we the drivers will receive 100% of the meter reading. For example, if you take an exclusive ride and it goes £10 on the meter you will receive the full £10. 

In addition Maaxi will offer you SHARED RIDES in which you the driver will receive a shared ride job offer with the approximate final destination and you will receive anywhere between a minimum of the full meter fare and twice the meter fare, depending on the number of people sharing and the meter readings you report. For example, a £30 fare could get you anywhere between £30 and £60. 

We have started conversations with MAJOR ACCOUNTS across London to finally bring work back to the trade that we thought we had lost forever. Maaxi’s ability to group passengers going in the same direction dynamically and on-demand is very compelling and will allow large multimillion pound accounts to save large amounts which makes a bid by the London Taxi Trade via Maaxi more attractive than what private hire providers can offer. These accounts, once on the Maaxi platform, will be serviced exclusively by the London Taxi Trade by using shared or exclusive rides by way of Maaxi for senior executives. 


Thank you for your patience 

Danny, Jason, Jeff, Martin and Smiler (Green Badge Drivers, Maaxi Driver Operations)

Use this link to download the app and sign up

One rule for the workers, and a different one for the bosses.

TfL says alcohol will “adversely affect” staff performance, conduct and efficiency, but have they told Sir Peter?

The MayorWatch blog has again bought to our attention the likes of Transport for London boss Sir Peter Hendy to treat his well-paid colleagues, suppliers and even the odd politician to a decent meal complete with a bottle or two of wine

TfL defends Sir Peter’s expenses by stressing that he only claims them in the course of his official work:

“Sir Peter Hendy is overseeing the delivery of a ten-year multi-billion pound budget to manage transport in London, and also deliver Crossrail and the upgrade of the Tube.

“He travels to and from work by public transport and uses public transport when travelling in the Capital on business.

“There are occasions when his full schedule necessitates the use of taxis, working late into the evening and sometimes hosting dinners with stakeholders. 

“Some, but not all, of the expenses incurred are claimed.” 

Fair enough you may think, but we would hope Sir Peter reads his own organisation's notes on the affect of Alcohol at Work. TfL's Policy includes the following warnings:

“the consumption of alcohol even in small quantities will adversely affect safety, performance, conduct or efficiency” 

“it is an employees responsibility not to come to work if they are under the influence of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol prior to commencing work, whilst at work or during meal/rest breaks in the working day, including meal/rest breaks spent outside TfL/operational premises or when on call, is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.” 

“it is recognised that employees may be required to attend functions on behalf of TfL where alcohol is being served. At such functions employees are permitted to consume a reasonable amount of alcohol. Employees should be mindful of their level of alcohol consumption and are reminded that when representing TfL a high level of conduct and professionalism is expected and that all employment policies and procedures apply.” 

 Martin Hoscik says on his blog 

"You don’t have to be much of a puritan to think that a couple of bottles of wine at a meal in which only two people are present is more than a “small” quantity and may even slip beyond the definition of a “reasonable amount”.

We would also point to the case of Bob Kiley, bought over from the States to run London Underground.

After admitting he was an alcoholic, he made the statement that he couldn't understand why he was being paid so much money as he was drunk most of the day.

It's not known if TfL's policy applies to Sir Peter and other top officers, or even those with responsibility for the network’s continued operation during a security or safety incident who are deemed to be “on call”.

Martin went on to say:

"Even if TfL’s boss class operates under a different set of rules, are they somehow less susceptible to the effects of alcohol? 

Do they possess some special quality that means the consumption of generous amounts of booze during a meeting will not “adversely affect” their “performance, conduct or efficiency”?

And if so, is this the result of their inherent natural superiority over we mere mortals, possibly justifying their huge salaries and bonuses, or simply the culmination of years of practice around (sometimes women free) dinner tables?

Certainly questions we would all like answers to.

Boris, Disrespectful To Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon

t the last Mayors Question Time City Hall, Caroline Pidgeon asked Boris this question.

"Mr Mayor, their is a desperate need for a simple strategy with a vision to sort TfL out, as there are huge problems there.

"So in the spirit of transparency, will you now agree to opening up your cabbies cabinet, so assembly members can attend and observe, and will you publish minutes online so the whole industry can see what's being discussed and have an input." 

Boris then answered that he has no intention of opening up these secretive meetings. His answer to Assembly Member Caroline was insulting and disrespectful and shows exactly what we are dealing with. 

As these meeting have never yielded any benefits for the trade, the hand picked few that are seen by Boris as collaborators and easy pickings, should really contemplate a trade wide boycott in the name of trade unity    

                               With thanks to Steve Brown 

80 New Enforcement Officers : But don't celebrate till you read the post.

Just when you thought it couldn't be any crazier, just when you thought things might take a turn for the better...TfL show their true colours.

In response to the GLA report, which found TfL/TPH woefully inadequate and almost unfit for purpose, top bods on the 14 floor at Windsor house have decided they need 80 more enforcement officers

Before you all start jumping up and down shouting "it was worth the waiting and hanging about", it's not cab enforcement officers. It's not even compliance officers.

TfL are advertising for an army of new TfL parking enforcement officers. 

It's been alleged that Sir Peter Hendy was not happy being hauled before the GLA and put on the spot. Now it appears TfL want Taxis ticketed wholesale for over ranking or even just stopping on red routs. In partnership with the police, they have victimised Taxis waiting to join the rank at Paddington, while turning a blind eye to touts illegally plying for hire all over the Westend and City.

Compliance teams have been reporting Taxis outside Heron Tower, while ignoring private hire vehicles.

Former Mayor Ken Livingston's previous relaxed attitude to Taxis waiting at ATMs on red routs, could even go out the window. 

Obviously this won't affect RD2's operation that was set up on a nod and a wink at Old Billingsgate, lower Thames Street, where they are allowed by TfL to illegally rank up and ply for hire on double red lines, blocking the cycle lane.

Here are excepts taken from an advert run by TfL on their careers section recently:

Roads & Transport Enforcement Officers 014522

Organisation-Enforcement and On Street Ops

Job: Frontline Operational Service

Position Type - Full Time
Roads & Transport Enforcement Officers

80 Full Time Opportunities

Salary £30k 

No two days will be the same, no two hours will be the same. You’ll be part of an operational team responsible for enforcement and compliance activity on London’s major roads as well as dealing with live incidents at high priority locations on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), the red routes.

As a Roads & Transport Enforcement Officer you will play a pivotal role in achieving the TfL’s objectives with a particular focus on road safety and reliability. You’ll be deployed to key locations on the road network, working a variety of shifts covering day-time, evening and weekend working and will use relevant enforcement powers, your highly developed problem solving skills and stakeholder liaison to assist in the delivery of a safe, secure and reliable transport network.

As a Roads & Transport Enforcement Officer you will need to:
  • Build and maintain excellent working relationships with the following – 
  • All Surface Transport operational staff
  • Policing partners including the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police
  • Control room staff within the Surface Transport and Traffic Operations Centre. 
  • Customers including road users
  • Key stakeholders including road works contractor
Key Accountabilities
  • To enforce contraventions on the TLRN and wider transport network through use of relevant designated powers applicable to the role
  • To support any other reasonable ad-hoc duties as requested by line manager
What you’ll need:

We need assertive, resilient and proactive individuals with excellent organisational skills with a natural ability to prioritise and problem solve. We’re looking for confident people who can take in information quickly, become experts on their local areas and promote a positive image at all times. You should also be prepared to work a shift pattern which could involve late nights and early mornings and being deployed to locations across Greater London.

The personal digital assistant (PDA) is used as a reporting and recording tool by staff. Using a small stylus or pen, staff are required to accurately input detailed information (words and numbers) onto the screen of a PDA. Additionally, they will, using the stylus be required to select options as shown on the screen of the PDA.

Excellent benefits include:

· 30 days holiday plus public and bank holidays
· Final salary pension scheme
· Free Tube travel and travel concessions including discounted Eurostar travel.

Editorial Comment 
More fun and games to come soon as IBM give up the contract to run Congestion Charging. 
Tin hats will probably be the order of the day when Capita (colloquially known around TfL as Crapita) take back over.

         Source: TfL Website, Image From MayorWatch

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

SACK BORIS : A Sack Boris campaign is being launched.

The Mayor of London is Chair of Transport for London.

All of the improper decisions and strategies in relation to the London Taxi trade are ultimately made by Boris Johnson.

He has implemented an improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit.

The Mayor of London submitted a written report to the Environmental Audit Committee Air Quality Inquiry in 2011 confirming that a new Euro 5 vehicle would create 5 times as much NO2 as a 15 year old vehicle. 

He then implemented the London taxi age limit scrapping the less polluting 15 year old taxis falsely claiming it would reduce pollution. 

His Tory buddy Tim Yeo had to resign after a messy conflict of interest scandal.

This whole issue has been at great cost to thousands of Taxi Drivers and it looks certain that a new 10year age limit could be imposed to boost sales of unaffordable range extended electric vehicles from Boris's Chinese mates.


During his 7 year tenure as Mayor he has allowed the issuance of tens of thousands of Private Hire Licenses, (some estimates say there are now 100,000 Private Hire vehicles in London).

At the same time he has failed to enforce Private Hire regulations meaning that many vehicles are operating like a Taxi, but without any regulation and without the same overheads that taxi drivers are forced to pay ie artificially inflated vehicle costs etc.

The Mayor has also said he believes that the Uber payment method constitutes a meter, which therefore means that he accepts it is not legal yet he has taken absolutely no action against it.


The ONLY way that there will be any change if there is a Mayor in place who will take proper action.

The ONLY way this will happen is if the taxi trade takes immediate direct action with a clear objective; Sack Boris.


The GLA have no statuturoy power over the Mayor or TFL, and neither do the Government.

The current GLA Transport Committee report says all the right things but there is no method to force the Mayor or TFL to do anything.


One option of direct action will be flash demos on a daily basis simultaneously at multiple locations , ideally roundabouts.

A few taxis staying on a roundabout for 10 minutes will create significant attention across London which the media will report.

They will ask why Taxi Drivers are protesting and what it is about.

Boris Johnson will then face a tough choice; resign immediately or risk ongoing protests in the run up to the election which could mean that he loses in Uxbridge and does not become an MP.

We know that he no longer cares about being Mayor of London; he has spent most of his time recently campaigning for the election to be an MP with ambitions for higher office.


If the Mayor resigns or is sacked there will need to be an immediate Mayoral election.

The taxi trade will be able to vote for a Mayor who gives guaranteed commitments to make the changes required at TFL.

It is unlikely that a new Mayor could make the situation any worse than it already is but there is every chance that a new Mayor could make changes for the better.


Will Taxi Drivers support a Sack Boris Campaign?


It seems that there are many other groups who may support this campaign including a group of very active social housing protesters.


Cabbies Against Boris

Anthea Turner's Twitter Account Hacked:

Yesterday morning, Anthea Turner like many Uber London customers, woke up to find that her rider account had been accessed illegally, by a third party who had been using her account over the bank Holliday Weekend.

Anthea made the tweet at 10:53 yesterday morning after discovering the money had already been taken from her bank account.

Many people (who use the same password for multiple applications) have found their personal bank details and social media platforms have also been accessed.

So far, Anthea has been unable to any find help from Uber as their twitter helpline has been swamped with customer complaints.

In fact, Uber have now taken down their London user Twitter account and replaced it with a nation user account, hopping this would dilute the complaint statistics after the current security breach.

Uber have again denied their systems have been hacked. Nine months ago, Uber's system were breached with drivers details stolen including drivers names, addresses and credit card details. Amazingly, Uber said nothing about this for five months, according to the New York Times. 

Anthea's celebrity friend, hard man actor Tamer Hassan had this bit of advice:
Keep supporting our iconic London Blck Cab. Do not use Uber, they are robbing our country of its taxes. 

Also, incase you may have missed this: 
Recorded clip from the Cristo show on LBC, an Uber driver discusses how his system is set up to deceive and over charge the Uber customer.