Saturday, February 14, 2015

Arrow Cars (Leeds) Take Over Bristol Airport.

Jobs boost for Leeds’ Arrow Cars with 5 year Bristol Airport contract

Arrow Cars has been awarded 5 year with Bristol Airport Private Hire contract. Arrow Cars is now the UK’s largest airport private hire company. The new deal will make Arrow the official taxi company at Leeds Bradford, Manchester and East Midlands Airport.

Bristol Airport is the UK’s 9th busiest Airport, and the contract now gives the growing firm a presence in the south of the country.

This move is part of an expansion plan which will boost Arrow’s staff numbers from 60 to 85 ahead of the 1 April Bristol start date. Driver numbers will also be boosted taking the companies driver number to over 700.

Arrow Cars chairman David Richmond said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to operate the Private Hire concession at Bristol Airport. It now gives us a national presence to complement our existing operations at Leeds Bradford, Manchester and East Midlands Airport. 

"Our existing operations have gone from strength to strength with sustained growth.  Our focus is always on our customers. Giving them a high quality customer experience from the initial booking process through to the journey itself is paramount.

"Booking on line, by our pre-paid app, at one of our airport desks or by phone, we give our customers a seamless experience. We are looking forward to offering our Bristol customers the same high quality Arrow service."

    Source : Bristol Daily

Mick Bailey Interview : SuperCabby Podcast Part 1


Podcast: Play in new window | Download

   Mick Bailey, Chairman, RMT London Taxi Branch.

Mick took over the position from the departing Chairman John Kennedy when he decided to stand down from the RMT.

The RMT or Rail Maritime & Transport Union is well known due to its former general Secretary Bob Crow, who sadly passed away last year.

The RMT London Taxi Branch are one of the only driver organisations that hold regular monthly meetings where you as a driver can go along and have your say and input into the way in which the branch is run and on what issues the RMT London Taxi branch tackle.

The RMT now hold their monthly meetings at the Oak Taxi Cafe in North Wharf Road, Paddington and as Mick says in the interview, if you are interested you are welcome to pop in and ask any question.

This is the first part of two episodes as Mick had so much to say and was really interesting to speak to, that Jamie didn’t really want to cut anything out.

So watch out for the second part of the interview which will be published next week.

If you want to hear Jamie's other great interviews, click link below to his website.


   Source: with thanks to SuperCabby, Jamie Owens.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Threatening sign hung near home of Italian Uber boss

A threatening sign has been hung near the home of Uber’s top executive in Italy, who is already under some police protection, amid speculation that the government is seeking to relax competition laws for taxis.

Benedetta Arese Lucini, who has served as general manager for Uber Italy for two years, said the sign was evidence of a cultural bias against female entrepreneurs in Italy.

The sign, which was hung on an electrical line, revealed the executive’s home address and insinuated that she was a prostitute who gave her services for free to Milan’s top transportation official.

“This is a hard thing to say, to be honest,” Arese Lucini said. “It’s the tip of the iceberg really of the harsh behaviour [I’ve witnessed] and this is not really about Uber, but how a woman’s image gets degraded because she is trying to bring about change.”

Uber operates in five Italian cities – Milan, Turin, Padua, Genoa and Rome – and has faced particularly fierce resistance in Milan, where the firm said its drivers have had threatening encounters and their vehicles damaged. The powerful taxi unions are vehemently opposed to the group. In protests last year, posters were plastered on taxi stands in Milan with photographs of Arese Lucini’s face and the words “I love to steal”. She also had eggs thrown at her during a conference.

“Let’s say that I have tried my best to live my life as normally as possible. I don’t appreciate that my home address was exposed. This was the time I felt the most unsafe,” she said.

The sign was hung following a media report that suggested government ministers would move ahead on a proposal to liberalise the taxi market. The legislation would then have to be passed by parliament.

The incident caught the attention of Beppe Severgnini, a columnist for the Corriere della Sera newspaper, who said the attack against the Uber executive was a emblematic of a problem in Italy against women. “If Benedetta had been an American manager, a Ben or a Stan with a hipster moustache, the tone would have been different,” he wrote. “It’s up to [the taxi drivers in Milan] to stop this.”

The Milan incident occurred weeks after Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, said European expansion was one of the company’s top priorities this year. Uber has successfully lobbied for legislative and regulatory changes in jurisdictions in the US and elsewhere and has promised to mimic those efforts in European cities. The company is facing legal challenges in Germany, Spain and France.


"Boris's Broke Brass Bonking Bus Boss" attends men only event.

Sir Peter, pictured here with Mayor Boris Johnson, has been criticised for attending the men-only events.
The head of London’s transport agency has been criticised for attending a men-only Christmas dinner organised by a transport industry society. 

Sir Peter Hendy, the £330,000pa head of Transport for London, has admitted to attending the Transport Golfing Society annual dinner in December as a guest of bus maker Alexander Dennis.

The society’s website described the event as including “a glamorous string quartet playing exciting music in even more exciting tight dresses” and “a troupe of Can Can dancers”.

It also confirms membership is only open “to gentlemen associated with the transport industry” and that the annual December gathering is “for gentlemen only.”

Such male-only membership rules are increasingly seen as inappropriate and societies and clubs around the country are under mounting pressure to admit woman and increase their diversity.

Ask to comment on the commissioner’s presence, TfL issued the following brief statement: “Sir Peter Hendy attended the event as a guest of the bus company, Alexander Dennis. This was publicly declared in accordance with TfL policy.”

Although the statement failed to confirm whether he attended in previous years, TfL’s website shows Sir Peter >listed receiving hospitality< from Alexander Dennis on 13th December 2012 and 12th December 2013 – the same dates as the golf society’s dinners. 

In addition to his generous salary Sir Peter enjoys regular tax-payer funded meals at some of London’s top members-only clubs and restaurants and regularly clocks up thousands of pounds of taxi, minicab trips and mobile phone bills.

His presence at the TGS dinner has been criticised by Baroness Jenny Jones, a Green party member of the London Assembly, who said: “I’m shocked twice over. First, that our Transport Commissioner would attend something that has such sleazy sexist overtones. Secondly, does he really think that only men are worth listening to on Transport issues? Peter, please never go again.”

Earlier this month three directors from Lothian Buses, which is owned by Edinburgh City Council, >were banned from attending< the dinner after bosses ruled it was “inappropriate”.

Baroness Jones says Mayor Boris Johnson, who is also the chair of TfL, “should copy Edinburgh and make it a clear policy across the GLA family that employees shouldn’t attend these.”

Labour’s Assembly transport spokesperson, Val Shawcross AM, described the dinners as “revolting sexism in a backwards looking industry”.

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, said: “In many respects the transport world, certainly at a senior level, is far too male dominated. This kind of event really confirms that.

“I hope TfL follow the lead of Edinburgh council and decide to stop participating in a society that excludes 51% of the population.

“At the same time TfL must improve their transparency record over the declaration of gifts and hospitality given to senior staff. The full details of this event should have been in the public domain.”

Update: A TfL spokesperson has confirmed that Sir Peter also attended the golf society’s annual meal in December 2012 and 2013 “as the guest of Alexander Dennis

    Source: MayorWatch

New Taxi App Launched In Dublin

Ireland's first home-grown taxi app, Lynk, has launched in Dublin.

Developed by Global Taxi's tech team, Lynk employs over 170 people in Ireland through its 24-hour customer service team and administration.

Lynk kicks off with 2,500 drivers on the fleet, making it the largest taxi firm in the country. 

Further features of the app include the facility to make bookings in advance of any required journey, while customers can also make multiple bookings at the same time.

Lynk will also automatically search for another driver in the event that the original driver has to cancel.

The firm has a service team that can take queries 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The Lynk app, which is available on the App Store and Play store, comes with €25 credit pre-loaded into every new account, providing €5 off the first five taxi rides.

Noel Ebbs, the founder and MD of Lynk, said that the service will be run by Irish people for communities and businesses in Dublin.

He added: “Lynk aims to operate in the top end of the taxi market, all the while supporting Irish jobs and feeding back into the Irish economy. We believe that a taxi service is a community service, a local service.

“Our space in the market is very clear. It's the domain of the legal, Garda-vetted, professional driver that we all know and trust, providing a service to the people of Dublin with drivers they know they can rely on.”

Lynk will be distributing €500,000 worth of credit vouchers and Lynk-themed treats throughout the week across a number of locations, including Grand Canal Dock, Clontarf, Heuston, Connolly and Pearse Street DART stations.

They will also be at IFSC, The Red Cow, Dundrum, Stephens Green, Tallaght and St James' LUAS stops. (February 2015)

     Source : Bizplus

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taxi Leaks, Undercover UberDriver : Uber, Sweating Over Meter Issue

It seems that Uber are starting to sweat over the meter issue. First they tried buying back the modified iPhone 4 in a bid to shift responsibility of having a Taxi meter from the company to the driver. 

But it seems they still think they could be libel, as the metered fare is calculated in exactly the same way as a licensed Taxi meter works. Everybody know's "ITS A METER", but unfortunately, the desk bound ex bus drivers at TfL do not have the backbone to do the right thing. Their inaction has devastated both the Licence Taxi and Private hire trades in the capital.

Uber have announced to their drivers today that from February 23rd, they will be using a new formula to calculate the price paid by all passengers. It seems they are desperate to disguise the fact that they use a meter to calculate journey costs. 

Have no doubt about it, Uber are on the back foot over this issue. 

Below is an email they received today.

Editorial Comment:
If the High Court rules that it is (as everyone already knows) a Meter, then we in the Taxi and Private Hire trade will be expecting Sir Peter Hendy, Leon Daniels and Garret Emmeron to resign. 

                      HEADS ON THE BLOCK.
These three men:
Did nothing over the M4 bus lane scandle
Did nothing to Griffin who was inciting drivers to break the law
Cut enforcement to the bone
Scrapped Taxi rank spaces wholesale 
Allowed PH companies to circumnavigate TfL licensing policy.

Peter Hendy recently stated in an interview in the evening standard:
"I’ve yet to meet a black-cab driver who’s able to say to me Uber has damaged their business"

         Peter Hendy, you need to get out more!!!

TfL Woefully Inefficient, Taxi Driver Harassment And A System Not Fit For Jim Thomas

I recently had a tea break with a driver who told me a very worrying story. His cab had been broken into after thieves had smashed the side window and stole a few bits and pieces from the front compartment. Unfortunately, amongst their haul, they took his green badge.

He immediately reported the theft to his local police station, then contacted TfL, who sent him a cover note in the post. To his surprise, he was told not only to send back his two paper licenses, but also to return both identifiers before new ones could be dispatched. 

Having seen some harrowing tweets on Twitter, my friend was extremely worried about the abuse he would get from other drivers if he works without ID's 

He asked if he could hold on to the identifiers until the new ones arrived, but he recieved a definite no.

Again this is double standards from TfL who seem to be in a situation where one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. 

Just a short time ago, we were all sent new IDs through the post and asked to dispose of the old ones ourselves. What's changed in the short time since then?

Do TfL really not trust this driver to destroy the old ID's once in receipt of new items?

Surely, a dishonest driver would have claimed the ID badges stolen at the same time as his green badge and later, sold them on with no fear of a comeback.

The driver concerned is now breaking the law, having photocopied his IDs which he intends to display till he receives new ones.

TfL, A System Not Fit For Purpose: 

Drivers should be able to attend Palestra and issued with new documents, over the counter. Badges/Bills should never be sent through the post. 
In June 2014, we were promised a new building with counter services in Faith Lawson house, Dacre street, just behind New Scotland Yard (albeit that there was no casual parking facilities in the area). 

But by October, news emerged that TfL were going to sell off the building instead.

In a recent radio interview, ex Director of LTPH John Mason stated that TfL had disposed of counter services, as the staff at Palestra, couldn't be trusted to handle cash. In fact one employee was convicted for pocketing licence fees paid over the counter.

Other I ncidents that over the years, have never been fully explained.

Taxi crash at Victoria:
Driver ran off, elderly American passengers had to be cut from the wreck and taken to hospital. Later transpired his bill was a fake.

Missing bills:
Over 200 blank Taxi driver licenses went missing in the move from Penton Street to Palestra. Reports that Bills were being sold in an East End Taxi garage, was never investigated or explained. Total silence from TfL.

Private Hire Roundels sold for cash:
Batches of new PH vehicle licenses from SGS were found in an envelope at a West London minicab office. No one was charged, no investigation and again, total silence from TfL.

Counterfeit operation:
Reports of an operation, set up in the basement of a pub in SW London, where metal badges, driver Bills and IDs were being produced. Nothing came of this report. Again, silence from TfL.

Woefully inadequate or utterly corrupt ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Driverless Cars To Operate In Greenwich From Today.

A project to test driverless vehicles is being launched today in the hope the UK will become a leading global supplier.
A shuttle is being tried out in the London borough of Greenwich and an electric pod will be used on closed roads and pedestrian areas in Milton Keynes and Coventry.

Vehicles trialled in Bristol will also help gauge public reaction to the cars and assess legal and insurance issues.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "The UK is at the cutting edge of automotive technology - from the all-electric cars built in Sunderland to the Formula One expertise in the Midlands.
"It's important for jobs, growth and society that we keep at the forefront of innovation, that's why I launched a competition to research and develop driverless cars.
"The projects we are now funding will help to ensure we are world leaders in this field and able to benefit from what is expected to be a £900bn industry by 2025."
The Government says there are no legal barriers to the testing of automated vehicles on public roads.
Dr Nick Reed from the Transport Research Lab, which is running the Greenwich trials, said the shuttles use sensors to avoid hazards.
"Safety is paramount in our research and the vehicle is detecting moving objects around it, and if pedestrians are moving into its path it will slow down, and if they continue into its path it will come to a safe stop ahead of the pedestrian," he said.
It is hoped £19m of Government funding will help British designers get ahead of competitors.
In the US, Google has been testing its version for several years and car companies have been showing off their designs.
For the UK trials, a qualified driver will be ready to take control if necessary.
David Williams, head of underwriting at insurance firm Axa, said: "Currently whoever is driving the car, or cars, are responsible for the accident, but going forward what's it going to be?
"Is it going to be the manufacturer of the vehicle? The person who programmed the software? And it gets even more complicated - most of these vehicles, they're not driverless all the time, they have the ability for people to interact and take over."
It is thought that driverless cars could eventually save motorists six working weeks a year in driving time, improve safety, reduce congestion and cut emissions.
But there are years of rigorous testing ahead before they become an everyday reality.

    Source: sky news

Tax Haven To Tax Taxis : Airport Permit To Cost Drivers £1,000 A Year.

  This is a tax on Taxi

That’s the view of the chairman of the Manx Taxi Federation after ply for hire cabbies learned that they will charged £1,000 for a permit to pick up passengers from the airport.

A letter was sent out on February 4 from director of ports Ann Reynolds to all tax and private hire drivers and operators outlining the proposed changes – and giving them until February 13 to submit comments or suggest alternative proposals.

She pointed out that the airport has had to make significant savings of some £750,000 last year and with the same amount of cuts in the current financial year. The airport was unusual in receiving no income presently from the taxi sector, she wrote.

Ray Teare recommended the 45 or so Malew plate drivers who are licensed to pick up at the airport should refuse to pay the proposed £1,000 upfront fee – and suggested the charge may not even by lawful.

He said: ‘I can’t see some operators paying that, not £1,000. It’s ridiculous. It’s going to hit them hard. The whole taxi trade is very bad for everybody at the moment, not just at the airport, with the way the economy is and the way people’s finances are.

‘We are upset the letter has gone out without any consultation. At the end of the day, the travelling public will have to pay. How else are they going to recover that money? It’s a tax on taxis.’

Mr Teare, who has requested a meeting with Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK, said that Malew plate cabbies already pay £83 to the Road Traffic Licensing Committee for a licence to ply for hire at the airport.

He said: ‘At the end of the day this is a conflict of law. We will have to get legal advice on this. We are recommending the drivers don’t pay until we’ve sorted out the legal situation is and there’s been proper consultation. One set of regulations is trying to overrule another.’

Changes are also planned for pre-booked private hire taxis which will be required to use a ‘taxi park’ in the short-stay car park while waiting to collect passengers and will pay the £1 charge for the first hour.

Mr Gawne said: ‘The department has made extensive efforts to reduce operating costs at the airport before introducing any new charges. We are mindful of the potential impact on taxi operators, but believe that the revised arrangements are reasonable.’

He added: ‘The department currently receives no income from taxis operating from the airport, although passengers are charged an extra £1 for every ply-for-hire journey. We believe our proposals are fair and will not result in a diminished service for passengers.’

    Source : IOM Today

Another Day, Another Ûber Story

Uber stands by drivers as Montreal seizes Uber cars

As part of a crackdown on Uber, the Montreal police have seized at least two UberX cars and imposed fines on their drivers, according to a new report.

La Presse reported that the seizures occurred in the last few days. Uber has vowed to stand by the affected drivers. 

"We believe that a collaborative process to truly understand the nature and benefits of ridesharing would better serve the interests of Montrealers," the company told Mashablein a statement. "Costly enforcement operations only hurt the consumers that have been asking for expanded transportation choices." 

An Uber spokesperson said the company plans to financially support the drivers.

The Montreal police, the city's mayoral office and its taxi office could not immediately be reached for comment.

Uber launched in Montreal last year. The Quebec government and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre charge that the service is illegal, and have threatened to shut it down. Uber has attempted to appease the Quebec Transport Ministry by reportedly proposing that the city regulate Uber, and legally recognize it.

Uber's UberX service allows drivers who are not licensed as cab drivers to pick up and drop off passengers for a fee. 

Montreal isn't the only city to fight Uber. Portland, Oregon, sued Uber in December, three days after the company launched a service in that city. Meanwhile, Uber was forced to suspend operations in Nevada, and New Delhi banned the service in December after a driver was accused of raping a passenger.

In Canada, Uber is working with Toronto Mayor John Tory to find a way to offer the service in that city, a spokesperson said. However, Coderre has reportedly rebuffed Uber's requests for a meeting, the spokesperson added. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TfL's Friendly Uber Driver, Abandons Passenger In London : Uber Driver Sexual Assaults Passenger In Boston

Uber London Limited.

An Uber driver allegedly left a young woman by the side of a motorway in east London following a dispute over the journey.

The 20-year-old woman told Vice UK she was forced to call for assistance from the Met after being left stranded on the A12 close to Leyton in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The woman, whose name was given only as Caitlin, said she was on the way to watch her brother perform a DJ set but once she was in the cab she was told to not bother coming as it was too late.

She asked the cab driver to take her back home or to the next exit so she could catch a bus home, but the driver instead asked her to cancel the trip on the app and input a new destination.

Caitlin told Vice: “He raised his voice, turned back towards me and waved his finger around, telling me that I'd 'closed his line' and he wasn't going to get paid for this.”

The driver then allegedly dropped her off by an SOS phone under a bridge on the A12 close to Stratford and told her to call for help from there.

She said after calling the SOS phone two police drivers came to rescue her and drove her to a minicab office in Leyton.

A spokesman for the Met said: “Police were called at 3.22am to Leyton. Officers located the subject and assisted in the journey home.”

An Uber spokesman told Vice: "The safety of our customers is Uber's top priority. We are always sorry to hear of any customer's bad experience and we reached out promptly to deal with this complaint.”

Meanwhile in Boston: Uber driver charged with assault

An Uber driver was charged with indecent assault and battery against a passenger on Sunday morning, police said, an incident that comes amid an intensifying debate over how to regulate the popular ridehailing service and after several similar assault allegations.

According to an Uber spokeswoman, the driver recently passed a background check and the company is cooperating with the investigation being conducted by the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit.

“The driver in question has been removed from the platform pending the ongoing investigation,” said Kaitlin Durkosh, an Uber spokeswoman.

A 30-year-old Boston woman told police that she and three friends had summoned an Uber ride. After her friends were dropped off, the woman remained in the car to go to a separate location and during that time, the driver touched her indecently several times, according to police.

The woman left the car and was helped by another person, who called police.

The driver, Abderrahim Dakiri, 36, of Boston was arrested at about 3:25 a.m. Sunday in the North End and charged in the assault, Boston police said in a statement. Dakiri remains in police custody, according to the department.

The arrest follows a string of attacks late last year on women who had hailed rides using ride-hailing services.

In December, Alejandro Done, 46, of Boston, who worked as an Uber driver, was charged with raping and kidnapping a woman, though it is unclear whether he was working as an Uber driver at the time. His case is pending.

In three earlier indecent assaults on Dec. 14 in Boston, it was not known whether the assailants were Uber drivers, though the victims said they had hailed a ride via the Uber smartphone app.

Durkosh said Dakiri drove as part of the UberX service, a lower-cost option in which drivers use their own vehicles. He had previously been affiliated with UberBLACK, a higher-end service. Durkosh said Dakiri passed a background screening as recently as Jan. 13.

The arrest comes as local governments and the administration of Governor Charlie Baker consider how to regulate ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Baker has said the companies can continue their current practices until lawmakers agree on how to regulate them.

“As announced last week, the administration has begun the process of gathering input from municipalities to draft statewide regulations to enhance the safety of both riders and drivers, including mandatory background checks,” Elizabeth Guyton, the governor’s press secretary, said in a statement Monday

Taxi owners, who must buy medallions that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, have sued the City of Boston for allowing the services to operate without the same regulation that they face. Cab companies have cited the recent assault allegations against Uber drivers in their arguments for more regulation of the ride-hailing companies.

Britni de la Cretaz, a member of Safe Hub Collective, a group whose goal is to make public spaces safer, said the collective reached out to Uber Boston representatives more than a year ago to discuss developing a rider-safety training session for their drivers, but a partnership was never formed.

“The onus needs to be on Uber to ensure as safe an experience as possible for their passengers,” said de la Cretaz.

   Source: Evening Standard... Boston Globe.




              First fleet of new Metrocabs takes to the streets of London

• Transport for London has licensed the new Metrocab to carry fare-paying passengers in London 
• Metrocab is the first range extended electric powered taxi to be licensed in any metropolitan area in the world
• First fleet of pilot Metrocabs now being trialled in London 
• Metrocab short-listed for prestigious 2015 London Transport Awards 


Mytchett, Surrey, 10 February 2015 – Frazer-Nash Research and Ecotive, the makers of the all-new Metrocab, are proud to confirm that the Metrocab has become the first zero-emission-capable taxi tobe licensed by Transport for London to operate on a trial basis as a London Hackney Carriage


The first few Metrocabs are already on the streets of London transporting fare-paying customers around the capital for the first time. 


Metrocab chairman, Sir Charles Masefield, said: “The Metrocab has received numerous accolades and plaudits across the board in recent months, but now it is official – it is the first licensed range extended electric cab for London, and indeed the first in the world.  We’re very proud, and delighted with the Metrocabs’ performance, economy and range at the hands of the first few London cabbies to be operating our range extended electric taxis.”


The first London taxi driver to operate the Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab, Preston Morris, said: “It is great news for me, and for cabbies across London that the Metrocab is now licensed towork in the capital.  The cash savings on fuel are significant, the ride and comfort outstanding, and my first customers are thrilled with the new cab.  With its air suspension providing unrivalled comfort, panoramic glass roof for views of the city and silent powertrain, what’s not to like?”


The Metrocab has also been shortlisted for the London Transport Awards 2015, in the Taxi & Private Hire Innovator of the Year category.  Key note speaker at the awards presentation, to be held in London in March, Sir Peter Hendy CBE, said: “I am delighted, as always, to support these awards, which recognise all that our industry does every day to deliver transport innovation and progress for London and the UK, and congratulate those organisations and individuals nominated for their achievements over the last year.”


British designed, engineered and built to help London meet its air quality targets, the Metrocab is a new generation zero-emissions capable range extended electric-powered taxi, and represents the cutting edge of green transport technology with styling both evolutionary and sympathetic to the iconic black cab.  The Metrocab’s Range-Extended-Electric (REE) technology delivers a range of 560km, typically saving a London taxi driver £20-£40 per day based on the average cab duty cycle in the capital.  


London Mayor Boris Johnson has described the Metrocab as “superb and absolutely beautiful. A masterpiece of British engineering.  The Rolls-Royce of taxis that can do 100mpg.”

Editorial Comment:

There is still no confirmed launch date or in fact no news on the cost. It's all very well producing a vehicle to meet stricter conditions of fitness, but if drivers can't afford it, then it's all been a complete waste of time and money. 

Having said that, of course we all want cleaner vehicles, cleaner air and we at Taxi Leaks would love to see this pan out as an overwhelming success story. Range Extended Electric Vehicles does seem to be the most sensible direction to offer London better air quality. But not at any price?

We must not let ourselves fall into the trap of being the Mayors personal Guinea Pigs. Why haven't range extended electric vehicles been trialled with London's most polluting vehicles, such as the buses. There short routs between garages and bus stations make them the perfect place to start. As we saw in the recent 24hr strike, with under two thirds removed from the road, Central London's pollution levels dropped by over 50%.

As Taxi drivers we are at the forefront as a group who have to endure poor air quality affecting our health. So cleaner vehicles such as REEVs should promote better health amongst road users and pedestrians alike.

But what are the real benitifs in comparison with the likes of Mecede's and BMW's cleaner euro 6 standard, Diesel engines?

    Source: MetroCab Press Release.  Posted by Chris the Cabby