Tuesday, December 15, 2015

While Taxi Drivers Were Held Back With Renewals, PH Driver Applications Have Been Fast Tracked

Before the Taxi trade takes to the streets, over how long the knowledge should take, surely we should be making sure these KoL students have a job to fit into, once they've earned their badges. 

Again an issue of seemingly great importance, has been thrown at us, in a hope to split and divide the trade. They have done this in the past with identifiers, over-ranking, the GLA report, Credit Card acceptance etc....to make us take our eye off the real problems facing our future.

A future that could soon disappear before the next generation of cabbies pass out. 

While Taxi drivers have been held up, falsely told they couldn't work, while waiting unacceptably long periods for licence renewals....PH applicants have been fast tracked...yes for an extra £277, applicants can be FAST TRACKED through the process. (According to London "pcolicence" The a Fast Track Solution)

  Who at TfL is responsible for allowing this?

In just 10 years, TfL have expanded the PH fleet by 74,000 extra licenses. Our licensing authority is currently issuing over 2200 new PH licenses a month to facilitate Uber's quest to swamp and crush the existing Taxi and Private Hire trades.

Uber, Allowed To Ply For Immediate Hire:
TfL are allegedly allowing Uber to ply for hire with their phone app and on their Twitter account, TfL have regularly lied to facilitate a cover up, over the pre-booking only regulation!

                  This is a lie..... 

Try and book an Uber ride to Heathrow 5 hours in advance.....you get a reply, sorry we don't do pre-bookings, please open the app when you want the car. We have asked Dan on the Twitter account to explain this and so far he has ignored the question time and time again.

Ranks And Road Space Dissapearing:
Rank spaces have been drastically cut back. Now Westminster and Islington councils are planning bus and cycle only areas such as, Tottenham Court Road, Baker Street, Fitzrovia, Oxford Street, Bank Junction...and there seems to be talk from certain circles about removing us from bus lanes altogether.   

Make no mistake, we are in trouble and we need to fight. But we have to concentrate on the real issue and not be distracted.

This last year saw more demonstrations from the trade than ever before. We even saw two successful demos from friends and family members of Taxi drivers. 

With very little support from the UTG orgs, and total silence from "our man" on the board of TfL, to their astonishment, TfL had to sit back and watche as the momentum of anger felt by rank and file drivers escalated and grew beyond all expectations.

Completely overwhelmed but the strength of support and number of protestors joining the actions, organised by the United Cabbies Group, TfL and the Met were at a loss what to do next!

They tried underhanded dispersant tactics, tried to kettle Cabs, provoked peaceful attendance of the Mayors Q&A, provided bus inspectors who took photos of drivers, plate and registration numbers, sent out warning letters over demo ephemera and finally threatened to arrest demo organisers.

In their inadequacy to police peaceful protest they finally introduce a sector 12 public order notice, which included a 30 minute time restriction, something the trade has never seen before, while rioters and illegal terrorist organisations marching on Whitehall were given Carte Blanche.

As threats hadn't worked, a meeting between the UCG organisers, the Met and TfL senior officers was arranged where certain promises of improved engagement, compliance and enforcement were made. In return they asked for a suspension of regular direct action. 

An agreement of action suspension was reached but the organisers from the UCG let it be known that if things didn't improve substantially, the trade would again be forced to take to the streets.

Unfortunately, TfL and The Met have failed to keep up their end of the bargain. All the talking, lobbying, negotiating, waiting has all achieve zero results.

There is to be a meeting in early January to discuss the reintroduction of direct action on a regular basis.
No more excuses, no more bullshit from TfL or the Met.
It will be a fight to the finish this time. 

Before we even think about saving the knowledge or who pays the CC surcharge, we have to save our trade from extinction. 



Anonymous said...

Excellent! Prioritise what needs to be achieved, plan and execute a plan to give the Conservative SCUM a headache.

A national day of action by cab drivers and PH operators Nationwide, the biggest drive in demo EVER in London. It's time for us to force this foreign non tax paying shyster outfit Uber out of the UK.

Pandering to Conservative MP's isn't going to achieve aadamn thing -
The GLA are only interested in their own political careers and can't be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Next demo taxis from all over come to london,lets block london for 24hrs,2016 the worst year ever??

Anonymous said...

It's time for not just us but legit private hire to hold an all dayer.
After legislation we all kept a semi harmony but now with this overseas monster eating away at everybody the time for action is NOW..

It's not just us but local run private hire offices and chauffeur companies of which many are going to the wall that are suffering.

50000 taxi and private hire vehicles in a one day protest would make the world sit up and notice.

It is time to forget the differencs for just one day......

Anonymous said...

Ramping it up with mass demos to coincide with the run up to mayoral hopefuls canvassing and elections would make the media have to take note

garydunne01 said...

Totally agree mass demos for a month til things are changed if not again for another month. This trade is riddled with infighting but it's time young and old stand together I r were doomed

Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me feel like an oxygen cylinder has been connected to me !
At Last !
If I have to say it again, I will top myself !
The system is bent ! The hierarchy are bent ! Democracy is futile !

The windows have to come out now ! Blah blah, chat chat softly softly has got us almost wiped out !


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock................

Lets take it back.......Our Way, not theirs !


Anonymous said...

The government are desperate to get Zac Goldsmelt elected as Mayor - All of this bollox about him being against a third runway at Heathrow is pure Tory deception to get their man elected. Goldsmelt couldn't give a toss. I say would should piss on his parade NOW with an anti Goldsmith campaign. The last thing London needs is Zac Goldsmiths hands on the ligature Johnson designed to strangle London with.

Tony Casey said...

TFL have imposed a 20 pence surcharge on the meter, which the evening standard will report as a pay rise for all those greedy cab drivers.We should refuse the RUBBISH
paysnub and mount a Taxi trade wide campaign on supersides and tip seats in all Taxis,LONDON'S TAXI FARES FROZEN for THE FOURTH YEAR.A picture of a London cab surrounded by snow and icicles.imagine the LTDA advan with that LOGO going around London.How many new fares could that generate.Every taxi receipt given out could say the same.By taking the 20pence it is feeding the minicab apps.

2 sector sid said...

This won't get published but here goes. As ever the talk here is of unity and taking the fight to uber, yet every day in my working life I see the complete opposite. Every day more and more green badges are sitting at city airport in the rush hours or they're on the 02 at the times when the west end theatres are kicking out. Every day drivers are either refusing or moaning about it to passengers wanting to go to the local hotels. Every day (if I'm lucky enough to get a ride into town), I get the dirty looks or cut up in the traffic and several times growled at and told to get down my own end by green badges.
I have to ask, Where is the unity in that behaviour? and why are the greens sitting in the suburbs with drivers they clearly dislike, when the battlefield in the fight against uber is in the west end ?
Do the green will no doubt be a response, the only problem with that is the people doing the testing are green badges who hate me before I've even sat down and are hell bent on making things difficult because they like most other greens, think that any yellow who's had their badge for more than four years must have been working in town.
Truth, reality and cab drivers, are rarely found in the same place.

Anonymous said...

Do the green is all they can say a bit like a scratch record. These drivers are so up there own arses that there to thick and greedy to see the bigger picture. The prestige of being a cab driver disappeared years ago. I've got news for you mate your not the bollocks no more. Get over it

Anonymous said...

Do the green is all they can say a bit like a scratch record. These drivers are so up there own arses that there to thick and greedy to see the bigger picture. The prestige of being a cab driver disappeared years ago. I've got news for you mate your not the bollocks no more. Get over it