Saturday, December 05, 2015


UberPool launched this afternoon, but not to the perceived fanfare the management expected. 

It appears from the drivers forum, that Uber's drivers are in no way happy about the responsibility attached to the apps new service. It appears company are forcing its drivers under the terms and conditions of their contracts to service the new option. But, many drivers are forming small protest groups which if link together, could cause the new service huge problems. 

Uber are counting on the fact that most drivers are too scared to speak out for fear of being slung off the platform after signing a leasing agreement for their vehicle.

The American minicab company's drivers, have become a victim of the smartphone app's apparent success. As the app became more attractive, not just to new drivers but to existing minicab drivers, who left their operators in droves. They leased/rented the more economical Prius' by the thousands, leaving smaller minicab firms struggling for manpower. The shortage of labour meant that many local suburban circuits have now closed down. 


Uber London may find they are skating on thin ice, as in Paris, disgruntled Uber drivers have now successfully started their own app called VTC.
(VTC is a French acronym for private chauffeur services that are not affiliated with taxi companies)

The app's founder, Mohammed Radi, says the aim is to provide a way for Uber drivers to do business on their terms. "We want to re-establish and regain our rights over Uber".

Riding high on the new wave of patriotism currently sweeping the capital, the big selling point of the new app is "Made in France".
But then, they couldn't really expect loyalty from a bunch of mercenary Taxi industry rejects.

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