Tuesday, December 29, 2015

TfL To Expand The Traffic Carnage With A £148 Million Pot Of Gold

A wholesale redesign of Bank junction and a fresh “mini-Holland” scheme in east London are among a string of projects unveiled today by TfL to improve the lot of cyclists and pedestrians in the capital.

While Local councils are desperate for funding of essential services like libraries, drop in centres, waste disposal and road sweeping, Transport bosses have pledged £148 million, to help London’s 33 local councils install more cycle lanes.

So, libraries and drop in centres close and rubbish piles up on the street because of lack of funding, Straford gets £5.5m for a mini-Holland project, which follows similar programmes in Walthamstow and Enfield that have seen roads closed and cycle provisions significantly increased.

Although Stratford failed to win any of the £10m up for grabs for “mini-Holland” programmes earlier this year, Newham Council has secured cash from a separate pot to go ahead with its plans to rip up the gyratory around Stratford station and “reshape” the town centre.

Don't worry about rats crawling round the bins.... at least the Bank junction will end up with nice wider footways, new cycle lane routes and improved public space to make the busy junction safer”-where have we heard that one before?

But don't expect to go through the bank junction in a Taxi, as they are about to be banned, in the new buses and cycles only scheme.

Other plans include new urgent work, to bring down Islington’s high number of road accidents. Despite the recent blanket 20mph speed limit, road accidents are still high.

Following on from the failure in Islington, Tower Hamlets, Hammersmith and Fulham and Wandsworth, are now to see blanket 20mph speed limits put in place, following consultations in 2015.

The total value of the grants is the same as it was last year, though the amounts given to each borough are different.

London’s transport commissioner Mike Brown vowed the cash would “help transform communities and boost the local economy”.

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