Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Splyt Rideshare, convicted for operating without a private hire licence

Transport for London (TfL) has taken enforcement activity against an app-based minicab company that was operating illegally without a private hire licence.

Last week TfL successfully prosecuted Splyt Technologies Ltd for breaching the requirement for a London private hire operator's licence.

Splyt, which offered private hire journeys through an app, launched their service in April this year without an operator's licence. TfL believed this to be in breach of legislation and Splyt ceased their operation following correspondence. Earlier this week, Splyt pleaded guilty to the charge.

Splyt were fined £1,750 at Westminster Magistrates' Court, as well as being ordered to pay TfL's claimed costs in full, a further £5,217.50.

The District Judge remarked that it had been a complex case, and that there had been extensive correspondence between TfL and Splyt to try to resolve the matter.

The number of private hire drivers in the Capital has risen rapidly in recent years - there are now 92,049 licenced private hire drivers, up from 76,249 in March 2015. 

This rapid growth has given rise to a number of wider issues, including rising traffic congestion, illegal parking and impacts on air quality. This is why the Mayor is calling for the Government to bring forward primary legislation to give TfL the power to cap minicab numbers.

Editorial Comment:
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Anonymous said...

Typical TFL ,bully the small boys but bottle it when it comes to their mates at Ubend.If or when we get a terrorist attack in London how are the emergency services and the special armed units going to get to the destination when London is not far off grid lock?"EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS" MY ARSE.