Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Passenger In Danger As Uber Driver Watches Video During Ten Minute Journey.

A YouTube minor celebrity has told how he was left in fear for his safety as his Uber driver watched videos during a journey through west London.

Raphael Gomes, 23, snapped the driver watching his phone as he took a minicab home after having a haircut on Friday evening.

The Portuguese-English author - whose videos have attracted many views on YouTube - claimed the driver was watching footage from a YouTube video on his phone for the whole of the 10 minute journey.

Revealing details of the alleged ordeal on Twitter, he wrote: "My uber driver is literally watching youtube videos as he takes me home #pray for me".

Mr Gomes, who has his own YouTube channel and is a published author, told how he noticed the driver's screen as soon as he got into the car and could see it was not showing the Uber app or mapping technology.

He said: “I was definitely surprised and a little scared at first. It made me nervous and I know how dangerous this was, so I took the pictures.

my uber driver is literally watching youtube videos as he takes me home pray for me @UberUKpic.twitter.com/5p61XPdgQX

— Raphael Gomes (@raphablueberry)

“I think it was a web series on YouTube in a different language. It was definitely action-themed but I'm not sure what programme it was exactly.

“He could have injured me as a passenger or other people on the road.”

Editorial Comment :

After Mr Gome started tweeting about fears for his safety, it didn't take long for the Uber PR clean up team to take action. 

Mr Gome is now saying that he "isn't" going to make an official complaint as nothing happened (this time) and he is safe. He says he can see the humour in the situation. 

Perhaps Mr Gomes experience wouldn't have seemed so hilarious, had the driver knocked down and killed or seriously injured, a pedestrian or cyclist. 

Or perhaps Mr Gome would not have seen the funny side being cut out of a tangled mess and being rushed to hospital.

Let's hope others take heed of these wise words:


colin said...

I bet he's been given some free rides,It's what the public want & Uber buy off the bad press??

Anonymous said...

Colin, there are lots of things that the public want, such as the abolition of the TV License - you won't be seeing a consultation on that one any time soon.

Stinking Tory SCUMBAGS!

@tx1fan said...

He won't complain officially, he was probably offered a £10 ride voucher... not going to risk a £10 ride voucher !

Anonymous said...

What we have to realise is a lot of the public want cheap.They have not got the brains to work out that if they get surged or lost the price is more than a licensed taxi.Safety is bottom of their list and they are brain washed ( By Social media ) into believing they are not trendy by not using Uberfool or Uberlost .The TFL consultation results have probably been shown to Ubend already so that they can get ready for what ever happens, Mini cabs will disappear first then it will be us and them,I feel confident for the future but I only have 5 years to go, If I was just starting out I would probably be looking to train up in another industry to cover myself .I love this blog as it gives great info even though it can put you on a downer with more bad news than good but it is time to make some hard decisions for the future rather than sticking your head in the sand and hope everything will be ok as it could be the death by a thousand cuts! Happy Xmas to you all.

Anonymous said...

Why does everybody who uses Uber keep complaining about them ?!!
Leave Uber alone ! They are only doing what an unprofessional,unregulated mini cab firm do best !
Its not Uber's fault ! I assume our complainant Mr Gomes is over 18 years old ?
If he is, then he is perfectly within his rights to have open choice as to how he travels around !
All I ask is, and that goes for all the other tens of thousands of you other whining cheapskates...........when it all goes wrong, just belt up and take it on the chin will you ?
I bought 20 AA batteries in the pound shop for a pound a few weeks ago. They were'nt worth a rub !
Did I blame the pound shop ? Course I bloody didnt ! I blamed myself for being so naive and greedy ! I know next time though ! There are Duracell in my torch now !
Uber are an unregulated, unsafe mini cab firm who are surviving by back door dodgy licensing.
Get in their cars by all means, but if you want to take the gamble of being raped, bashed up, shafted, robbed or killed...........please just keep it to yourself ! It aint Uber's fault ! Its yours.......cheap skates!
You pays your money and you takes your choice.
Uber must have seen you lot coming ! Good luck to them !

Anonymous said...

It's what the public want you fools free water you tube videos total luxury plus the smell of foul body Oder lovely