Monday, December 14, 2015

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent ... By I'm Spartacus

   "What! Not those Cabbies moaning again?"

Not this time readers, this week we had that famous high profile politician Mr Tracy, Conservative GLA member for we assume Tracy Island prattling on without any evidence or justification that the world renowned Knowledge of London needs dumbing down.

Why has he done this apart from his need to grab a headline? 

We can speculate if a well connected non tax paying company has used its offshore dollars to lobby on their behalf, if they have what does that indicate? well it's obvious if you think about it.

The sweatshop model they operate has now been seen through by their own drivers and the travelling public is becoming aware of the rip off surge pricing and the difficulty of getting any meaningful  customer service. Growth predictions are poor.

They are also under the pump from the regulator who has finally awoken to the gridlock and widespread touting etc. That is going to add cost.

The answers usually for any self respecting long term business is to invest in customer service and meet any reasonable regulation.

That's not their business model though is it?  

it's all about unrealistic low operating cost and growth and all and  any price and with no regard to either their workforce, environment  or client.

So now the gaff is blown, their response is to convince the citizens of London, the regulator and politicians that dumb and dumber is the way to go.

Well sorry to disappoint you all, we and our clients like London Taxis exactly as is, the envy of the world.

Your being dragged into courts all over the world over regulatory and employment issues, your backers are getting twitchy, your so called billion dollar market valuations don't appear accompanied by a stampede of buyers do they?

Happy New Year, the clocks ticking!

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

Hello Sparticus I get your drift.

What I don't get is why a conglomerate from the LCDC is meeting Sajid David. I do believe three members of the LCDC will be there:

The usual Tory arse licker for the photo opertunity, and two others to shine the boots of Sajid Dafid, the son of a bus driver.

LC.VICHY at it again !

Geoffw said...

If it's true that applicants to learn the knowledge are down 30% and in the advent of electric cabs I can see are numbers falling considerably. Also with an age profile mostly in the 50's they'll be a mass of cabbies retiring in the next 10-15yrs. The Knowledge does need revisiting but that said we still need the high standards we're known for and that means knowing central London like a rabbit Warren.And no I'm not a lover of the Conservatives far from it you only have to see my twitter feed.

Anonymous said...

Blinding post Sparty !

Be lucky mate, God bless and have a lovely Christmas in The Sparticus Household.

See you in the trenches !


Anonymous said...

This year knowledge applications are te same they were 15 years ago...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Chinese have asked CaMORON why they ain't selling many new cabs , and instead of telling them Doris has let any one with a car be hailed on the street, CaMORON is lying and saying the knowledge is to tough .

Anonymous said...

Every day I have seen an uber driver coming wrong way up one way street , last night one in chapel st Edgware rd and one in den man st ,, I have pulled over and let then past .... All TAXI DRIVERS FROM TODAY when uber car is coming up one way wrong way don't pull over meet them head on make them reverse and put your headlights on and blow your horn and film these dangerous idiots ,cause s road block but don't let them past , and if renting a cab give them a kiss with your bumper and get some wip lash compo , the law will be on your side ... And if you see a taxi doing this join in .

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, 7.30 pm, ITV.
Taxi wars, re uber. States British cabbies, fight for survival.

John Manston said...

Dick Tracey FAB Full of Absolute Boll£&?s
International Rescue could not save UBER from the tide when it turns,and all its high profile investors from falling returns.
Dick you are well named.
Now get your head out of the sand and do something useful for london,like retire.

Anonymous said...

You can always spot the free marketeers who haven't actually read Adam Smith's 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations' published 1776.

Smith criticised excessively long apprenticeships of 6 and 8 years that restricted access to incorporated trades in Britain and France, but also argued proper professional training was appropriate.

He also said businessmen should always act directly or indirectly in their own nation's interest

Wealth of nations extends to 5 volumes so that's why so few people actually get to the end.

He wrote it after 18th century financial crises like the South Sea Company's bubble bursting in 1720, with the chancellor of the exchequer imprisoned in the Tower of London. Banks' insolvency etc, sounds familiar.

I can just imagine what he would make of the IT bubbles we now have. History has a habit etc etc