Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mum warns young girls of dangers of mini cabs after daughter sexually assaulted on Saturday morning

A MUM has warned young girls of the dangers of getting into a mini cab on their own after her daughter was sexually assaulted on Saturday morning.

The anonymous post on social media pleads with other Mums to warn their daughters of the dangers of some mini cab drivers.

After leaving a bar in Wokingham on Saturday morning, her daughter had to fight her way out of the mini cab to escape.

She left the bar at around 2am and went to get a mini cab from Elms Road and inside the silver BMW were three Asian men.

The post read: "Scared, she said where she wanted to go and they proceeded to go in the wrong direction. She asked them to stop 5 times....They carried on driving. During this time the passenger in the back started touching my daughter and made sexual requests."

The driver of the mini cab stopped down Finch Road and the daughter punched the passenger and kicked her way out of the car before running to a nearby house for help.

The post read: "This is a serious crime and I would ask you to tell your young ladies to please be careful and vigilant when getting into a mini cab.

"Ask to see their badge and to call the fare into their base. Please do not let this happen again!"

James Williams, a spokesman for Thames Valley Police, said: "I can confirm the incident was reported to us.

"The allegation is that the victim was sexually assaulted over her clothing at about 2am on Saturday. The victim left the vehicle and sought help from a member of the public. The matter was then reported to Thames Valley Police.

"If anyone has any information please contact the Thames Valley Police Enquiry Centre on 101.

"If you don't want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court."

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Anonymous said...

How much longer are these cretins going to fail the travelling public & one case in point is the situation relating to satellite offices. The issuing of these licences to many establishments is a disgrace (admittedly, not all & I don't know if this is a satellite case as it's a bit in the sticks?). We have all seen these and many other so called licensed premises in buildings and locations where you wouldn't leave your dog! Basically, it is a licence to operate a licensed touting operation and a tremendous asset for those who wish to carry out nefarious acts under the cloak of perceived respectability. The authorities are failing everyone involved with public transportation particularly, regarding the public who quite rightly believe all modes of licensed transport are safe and fully regulated. I can only illustrate the public perception of the authorities thus: I was talking to a member of my family who has lived and worked in Central London all his life. We were looking at the news item relating to pedicabs and he was absolutely shocked when he realised these characters are unlicensed and ripping off all and sundry. He said he assumed they must be licensed as surely the authorities would clamp down on them otherwise. I then explained the whole sorry situation relating to this insidious mode of travel. His immediate comment relating to the authorities was W******! I could only concur and state that this is the same opinion shared by many.

What I am saying here is that is the perception of a born and raised, still living and working Londoner, who has family in the cab trade. Therefore, the general public must be ignorant of this and many other facts relating to london transport. I consider they would be mortified if the true facts were known and the authorities would also be in the same situation if the public were informed! Maybe, this is something we should look at i.e a public relations exercise - or then again maybe not as many of them are not bothered with our plight. Merry Christmas one and all.