Friday, December 11, 2015

London Suburban Taxi-drivers’ Coalition's Letter To TfL's OnRoute Team.

You may remember recently that we wrote to transport for London regarding the new OnRoute Taxi and Private Hire magazine. Below are our original letter and their reply-


Dear David,


I'm writing to you on behalf of the London Suburban Taxi-drivers Coalition and on behalf of the many taxi drivers we have spoken to in recent times….


Our members have voiced strong opinion on two issues.


Firstly is that we prefer a separate Taxi magazine away from Private Hire. We do not see ourselves as associated with them. Our members can appreciate the Private Hire are there to fulfil a role in London but with the constantly overwhelmingly open and illegal activity it is not something we feel we wish to share a platform with. In addition whilst our standards are very high their standards generally are very low. Again we do not wish to be associated with them.


Our members also voiced strong opinion that we do not wish to see Uber the non-British taxpaying minicab app that flouts laws and regulations and is partially responsible for the gridlock that occurs in London every day appearing in the online magazine as if they are "Part of the trade and our friends that we all work together with.”


They are not. Uber are our sworn enemies and we will never ever accept them. They will always be that.


Uber has been banned in over six countries.


Whether or not they have found loopholes in which to work is irrelevant. They are an unethical company. Many of their drivers claim in work benefits and use British taxpayers to subsidise their drivers.


Recently one of the drivers was convicted of rape.


Most of the private hire industry dislikes them intensely.


They charge using a digital” meter" which means if the satellite navigation system cannot find the shortest route (Which it can't) And the driver doesn't know where he or she is going (Which they don’t) then the customer is overcharged.


Whether it's legal or not is irrelevant. It’s a rip off and we all know that………….


If someone insists that Uber must feature in your online magazine please let us know who they are so we can make our objections known directly to them.


Thank you for your attention


Nick Gilbert/Alan Miller London Suburban Taxi-drivers’ Coalition



Dear Nick,

Thank you so much for your email, we welcome all feedback here at OnRoute.


To address your specific points:


TfL licenses the drivers and owners of taxis and private hire vehicles (minicabs) who operate in London and so must address both areas of the trade within OnRoute.


In the two issues of OnRoute that have been published so far, Uber has only ever been mentioned in one story – the High Court ruling on taximeters. As TfL, along with Uber, the licensed Taxi Driver Association, and the Licensed Private Hire Car Association, asked for this legal ruling we were obliged to publicise the result in the magazine.


We hope this answers your concerns. If you do any any ideas for aspects of the trade you wish us to cover in future issues, please do let us know.


Our next issue is out in February and the major areas we will be covering are compliance activity at Heathrow Airport and the suburban taxi driver roadshows.




The OnRoute team. 

See latest issue >Click Here<




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Suburban taxi road show's, what a load of bollocks that was, Hellen Chapman and her side kick's have been mugging us yb's off for years with there poxy meetings and consultation after consultation whilst were all starving.

colin said...

I cancelled my which magazine Subscription today as they are on Ubers side,so my jobs on its way out so there jobs can go as well----anyone else that subscibes should also cancel.

Anonymous said...

It is criminal what has happened to our yellow badge colleagues on those Suburban Ranks. Once again though, the same MO, the same ruse, the same battle plan from TFL and the City Hall stooges !

Meetings, Consultations, Consultation on a Meeting, More Meetings, More and More Codswallop !

But they ain't silly up there ! All the time these meetings, consultations and blah blah blah blah are taking place, it is giving these people a more valuable gift and crucial operation winner......................TIME !

The aim of course is simple. It is immaterial what verdict is decided at the conclusion of these meetings and consultations, as the final decision has already been decided ! For a Suburban Colleagues of course, it is all too late !
And that is why trying to gain a foothold in the decent, democratic and polite procedures, is not only foolhardy....but totally pointless !

Transport for London are not in the slightest interested in what a meeting or consultation will achieve. Its the TIME they need. Time is the game winner. And we are and have been letting them have as much as it as they need. We would have just as well been giving them the bullets to kill us with !
The Consultation ruse is used as a beekeeper would use the smoker. It keeps us calm and docile for a while. Our stings are supressed and the fight goes out of us. By the time the effects of the smoke wears off........its too late !

No more Consultations ! No more meetings ! No more Blah, blah blah !

If we want to save it, we will go ahead and take it back ! No polite asking, no can we meet, no consultations, no experts advice........We have worked hard for it ! You lot have nicked it and we are taking it back ! Next week ! If you want a fight, lets have one ! Game on ! We have nothing to lose now !

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick.........


Anonymous said...

You think that is bad 2018 will see the trial of a computised Knolwedge system this is only trials tho but as we all know TFL will implement it by 2019 GAME OVER don't believe me wait and see

Anonymous said...

The bbc mug calling for end of KOL has obviously been bribed ( lobbied ) by UBEND with free trips ( normal practice for them ).The people that use Bloke With A Satnav will soon realise that it is third rate but cheap,traditional minicabs will disappear and it will us v them.Every fare you see in the back of a Prius has their head stuck in their phone,social media tells them how great Ubend are and the sheep believe it.Most of these mugs do not use Taxis anyway and its minicabs that are taking a shafting.If you think we are going to disappear don't hang on ,get training for something else or get your head down and get on with it.Keep positive or turn it in.Two choices take your pick.

Super Bob said...

It's sad really. The London Taxi is one of unique things that makes our city so great and such a desirable place to live. It gives the message to the rest of the world, that Londoners expect only the best.
Sadly, while our MP's scream and lure in the crowds to come and see this city of wonders, they are also stealthily killing off one of the main attractions when they do come here. Without this uniqueness...without this message of expecting only the best.....London becomes just another hum drum place......

I'm game for another Demo...or four!!! Just say when :)