Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Letter to the Editor : Uber, A Social Engineering Exercise.

No matter what we do Uber are here to stay. 

Unless of course, they are banned. But l just don't see that happening any time soon.

I here people say we should lower fares to compete, but all Uber will do is undercut us and to be honest, we could never go as low as they can! 

Bringing in more regulation won't help either,  they will just carry on, simply because they know they can get away with it. They know who's on there side.

This is a massive social engineering exercise. 
Their drivers are mostly immigrants, that are happy to live on tax credits and housing benefits, all paid for by the likes of you and me.

They may not be earning a lot, but then, they don't have to!
They get a family car that during the day, is used by the family and by night, it's out in town earning money. Obviously they don't care how much they earn because after the car is paid for, it is all bunce. B
asically, they are living at our expense. 

That's why the Tories love them. They are classed as working and it looks good on the books. It is one of the most corrupt things ever to happen. 

I have a good friend who is a labour councillor, working on harrow council and every single application for tax credits and housing benefit puts on their application form they are a taxi driver...says it all. This is what we are really up against.

Richard Busby. 


The streets of London were once believed to be paved with gold, but now it seems they are covered with discarded plastic bottles full of urine and carrier bags full of faeces.

The problem is more acute with uber drivers because they have no operating centre or base.

 Apparently, the lack of public rest rooms in the capital is causing most Uber minicab drivers to “improvise” when answering the call of nature. The problem was highlighted on an Uber Forum (see below) in March of this year when drivers shared advice on “Toilet issues.” 


colin said...

Spot on,my aunt lives in Stanwell Moor they've got problems there with Uber/Phv drivers pissing & crapping in people's front gardens even parking in them.

Anonymous said...

A really nasty anti Zac Goldsmith campaign would hurt Cameron and Co right where it hurts. The Tories are desperate to get this toffee nose elected as Mayor. Trouble is the cab trade has no gumption.

Alan Gee said...

Happy New Year to one and all at Taxi Leaks towers.
Keep up the great work you do, getting the true picture out there.