Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Letter To The Editor : Legislation, legislation, legislation... By Lenny Etheridge

No one, not Uber or any PH company can compete with us.

Uber can only offer London wide coverage because there's a Prius parked up on every street waiting for crumbs.
Those crumbs would deplete significantly if Uber were made to toe the legislative line.

The lower end of the public market use Uber because of price. That price would have to become more realistic, to accommodate existing legislation, if it was enforced.
No one can give London coverage like a Taxi; which is looking for hailed rides as well as covering radio/app work.
Price would then become incidental.

Our 'act' is already together.
All we need is the authorities to administer the law.

The police and firemen are being shafted too. But their own hierarchy have been bought and paid for. The police in particular, take their orders from the top brass . The top brass are subservient to the politicians, who in turn are subservient to their 'owners' and benefactors.

The laws are already in place. 
We need existing laws to be enforced now.
TfL are corrupt - of that I have no doubt.

They are seeking to change legislation - this will not be in our favour. 

But in the meantime they are duty bound, along with the police, to uphold the existing laws. This is not the roaring twenties with Prohibition.

If and when we win this war against corruption and injustice, we should make sure those responsible for the corruption be punished, and those found incompetent be sacked.

There is no reason an enquiry should fail to find these glaringly obvious answers.

Over to you, Tom Watson.

L H Etheridge. 


Charlie Croker said...

You'll be making a grave error if you kill us off by not enforcing the law.


Gerry said...

It's no good begging them, we need to bring London to its knees
Give the city a heart attack
Block the bridges Tower to Wandsworth
Block the mainline stations
Block the airport

A different target every day
And multiple targets on Fridays

Anonymous said...

What about the collaborators ?
When will they be named and shamed?

We have the most corrupt government in living history running this country - legislation means nothing to them, money is their god. Peoples livelihoods, businesses and their wellbeing means nothing to this Tory scum. Cameron visited York the other day, refused to talk to flood victims, treat them like peasants, qouted statistics when he was heckeled - then fu*#ked off in his helicopter. Bastard!