Thursday, December 10, 2015

Exclusive Report : No one has been keeping a check on the extra emissions caused by the gridlock!.. by Jim Thomas

Yesterday afternoon, the TfL Twitter account @TfLTPH hosted a Tweet the Managers question and answer session with Nigel Hardy, billed as TfL's head of project sponsorship. 

We were told that Mr Hardy would be answering questions appertaining to the current upgrade of the capitals roads and Red Rout Network, including the Cycle Super Highway. 

It soon became apparent that Mr Hardy was not there to answer random queries and was actually hand picking questions that fitted with prepared statements completely avoiding controversy. 

Mr Hardy was bombarded with questions about the gridlock that has been forced on the East West routes along the embankment and the utter chaos surrounding the Elephant and Castle. He gave quite obvious answers saying it's all going to be great when completed. 

But he kept swerving the major question most drivers wanted an answer to. Why's in nothing being said about the extra pollution the empty buses stuck in the gridlock are producing.

Taxi Leaks side stepped Nigel Hardy (who never answered one of our many questions) and went straight to the experts. We asked @CleanAirLondon if there has been an increase in pollution since the start of these gridlock causing road works and we were flabbergasted by the reply. 

Apparently, no one is checking!
Now there's a surprise.

Air Pollution expert Prof Wilkinson yesterday told a Commons EFRA Committee, EU pollutant limits cannot be regarded as 'safe' levels. He went on to say that in the short term, using petrol or petrol hybrid cars will be significantly better than carrying on using diesel. 
Clean Air In London's Simon Birkett said:
Diesel power generation is lunacy. Defra is having no impact on other government departments. We dont need more research we need more action. #UKAirQuality

No one at TfL or the Mayors office has answered our questions:
Why are LTC still producing Taxis with diesel engines? 
Why are the Taxi trade not being offered petrol gas cabs?
Who is responsible for the decision to run London's buses purely on diesel, because the failing hybrid batteries were deemed too expensive to replace?
What is the environmental impact of expanding London's private hire fleet to 93,700, currently increasing by 600 every week?

                           The Strand 00:35am  tonight!

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Anonymous said...

This last week air pollution exceeded the index in London and was recorded at three times higher than it should be: Source, BBC news.

Clean Air London give out awards to various individuals and groups, but Simon Birkett has little to no understanding of the technical failures of emissions systems. Most people that use him as a technical advisor or reference are either ignorant themselves, or politically in support of the subversion in suppressing the true impact of air pollution in London.

There currently is recorded evidence of the detrimental effect of petrol emissions to date.

Why do you really think Clean Air London has nothing meaningful to to say ?