Monday, December 07, 2015

Elephant And Castle : Total Gridlock On First Working Day

The first working day of Elephant & Castle's new layout is hardly what you could call a success. 

From yesterday, the busy junction switched from dual roundabouts - infamous for the number of collisions and traffic jams it caused - to a two-way road for the first time in 50 years. The plan is designed to make the busy hub safer for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, and break up the gridlock.

Commuters have complained of travelling just 200 metres in 20 minutes, while others have warned that both cyclists and pedestrians are less safe than ever. 

Congestion has got so bad that Transport for London is accepting bus tickets on the Tube in zones one and two "due to serious delays" in the area. It warned that traffic was delayed by 25-30 minutes because of "ongoing roadworks". 

London Underground are accepting bus tickets around zone 1 & 2 due to serious delays around Lewisham, Elepant & Castle, Aldgate

What they said on Twitter today :

— TfL Bus Alerts (@TfLBusAlerts) December 7, 2015
Passengers caught in the chaos have warned others to "avoid Elephant and Castle at all costs". 

The following message received to avoid #ElephantandCastle at all cost due to #Traffic I would say avoid it at all time. Always traffic.

— SSam (@TW1T4R) December 7, 2015
Lol #ElephantandCastle that looks safe for cyclists now. Haha

— TheDutyPaid (@TheDutyPaid) December 7, 2015
Is the traffic on #camberwell rd a result of #ElephantandCastle roundabout? 20 minutes to go 200 metres.

— Rachael Parkman (@RachaelParkman) December 7, 2015
With the way this bus driver drives there's no way #cyclists are safe even with the new two way system in #ElephantandCastle

— Ana Henneberke (@anahenneberke) December 7, 2015
#ElephantandCastle And what's worse is there's nowhere to cross! They took the underpaths out! As if crossing the busy road is safer!

— Louisa (@sozzlefruit) December 7, 2015
All those lovely murals buried forever under the #elephantandcastle #rip

— Louisa (@sozzlefruit) December 7, 2015
Elephant & Castle is part-way through a £25m upgrade, which will also include new pedestrian crossings and a dedicated cycle path - though these won't be introduced until next year. 

Last week the junction created a "human busipede",with major jams bringing traffic to a standstill even outside of rush hour. 

Don't Panic, Don't Panic...
TfL say they are now on the case. 
In their opinion, the traffic chaos across the capital, is not being caused by the road works or excess of empty buses, it's currently being caused by illegal road behaviour by motorists!!!

The 40 strong TfL team which will rise to 80 by next spring - will help deal with problems such as illegal stopping or unloading of deliveries which cause delays for drivers and bus passengers.

The unit will work closely with the TfL-funded Metropolitan Police Roads and Transport Policing Command. It is the first time that TfL's own officers will have the power to direct traffic around congestion on London's roads. They will help at breakdowns and collisions and will also send back on-the-street intelligence and data to the TfL control room.

TfL's Managing Director of Surface Transport, (I'll have to ask some one cleverer than me) Mr Leon Daniels, said: 
"This new team of officers is being deployed to actively solve the problems that cause delays for drivers and bus passengers. 

The unit will tackle this head on, adopting a zero tolerance approach to obstructions that cause congestion."


Anonymous said...

They done the same at Tottenham hale Tottenham high rd and broad lane.The traffic goes all the way back to brimsdown in the morning and to ikea most other times, all because of the new road layout.what a shambles

Anonymous said...

The road layout has changed outside sutton station and we have nightly gridlock. The planners are happy with gridlock, it's their version of 'traffic calming' - pushing bus stops out into the road instead of in lay-bys etc

Anonymous said...

There is one important issue that we are all overlooking, EVERY JOURNEY MATTER'S!

Anonymous said...

There's a game available on Google play called "Traffic Panic London". Johnson and his blunt tools have designed traffic systems on this game. The rules of the game are:

Control the traffic, or cause traffic chaos.

There's a short demo video of the game. Jim you've got to put the video up, it sums up exactly what TFL and Boris Johnson are turning this city into. It's hilarious 😂😂😂