Sunday, December 20, 2015

An issue that affects cabbies...An Appeal For a Your Help.

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) is trying to impose a
blanket 20mph limit on all of its roads. 55% were opposed to the proposal in
a recent consultation - not least as the road safety case is hyped and
pathetically poor (see

I have been speaking to several drivers in LBHF (taxi- and mini-cab,
delivery firms etc). They are concerned that:
* They will be restricted to an unreasonably low speed, especially on main
* They stand to be fined or even banned for doing a reasonable speed
* Their vehicles might be damaged by speed bumps etc.

I am organising a campaign to make LBHF see sense. The council has been
known to back down after sustained complaints, but we need to act before 11

There is a facility to send an email message on well as a copy of the
attached leaflet (PDF attached).   

I (and many others) would be grateful, please, if your colleagues could: 
* Send an email message to LBHF and/or
* Pass on this link or attached file to their contacts.

Many thanks for your help,
Brian Mooney
Alliance of British Drivers (Hammersmith & Fulham rep) 
(also 07976 414913 for any urgent calls; please avoid 22, 26 Dec) 

More about the campaign on


Anonymous said...

Our colleagues can't even fill ina consultation to save there jobs let a loan one to a council for something else that's going to save their licence they don't care or seam to think it won't effect them but let's hope we all wake up very soon or will we be working just to pay for the cab be lucky

Anonymous said...

Very soon those idiots who have no idea what they are doing better reduce the speed limit to 10 miles an hour , with 200.000000000 mini cabs and bike lanes we lucky to get up to 21 miles an hour , will they be nicking cyclists going over 20 mph as well lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46 Are you assuming all cab drivers can't fill out the PH consultation ?

If we had a Mayor that was worth a toss, and a regulatory body that regulated, there would be no need for a public consultation. It's a scam; a scam to introduce new measures to help those who are in favour to Boris Johnson. The whole process reeks of duplicity. It's a bent rigged scam to introduce changes to PH regulations that the mayor already has the power to do!

Basically, the Mayor and the regulator TFL are allowing the public to take part in a vote to change or alter legislation that was introduced to protect the general public. Isn't this the job the Mayor and the regulator are employed to do ?

And if it's any consolation Anon 7:46, I have filled out this piece of crap consultation regardless.