Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Message To All Taxi Leaks Followers.

As we approach the most joyous and for many of us the most sacred day of the year, our thoughts naturally turn to our loved ones, our friends and our colleagues. 

Christmas is a time to share the goodness of our hearts with others, a time for expressing with words and gifts, what others mean to us. It's also a time for remembering those no longer here.

It's a chance to make someone's wishes come true and to truly give something from your heart. A chance to give a message that will express love and caring to the ones we care about the most. 

Taxi Leaks would like to wish all our followers a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday, according to your faith or your custom. 

             Peace on Earth and good will to all.


Sean Day said...

Thanks @Taxi_Leaks. for the time, effort, and commitment you show your readership. The trade would be an awful lot worse off without you around. Wishing you and your contributors, a well earned, wonderful Xmas

Sean ��

Brian said...

I don't believe in God or any other kind of faith based belief system.
I am unable to harbour good wishes to all the filthy vermin who would see us destitute on the street.
We are the best cab drivers that has ever been.
So Bojo, Daniels & Travis T Kalliwank, I hope you get everything you deserve in the new year.

AndyCabb said...

A Happy Christmas to all of London's finest our customers and supporters

Micky.B said...

Thanks Taxi Leaks for keeping us up to date with our trade, it's very appreciated. It's great to hear passionate views gives me hope and let's me know we as a trade will never give in. Merry Christmas to you all.

Barking Brian said...

wish you and your team a very merry christmas and the new year,though i`m retired now,the insight you show in your blog is second to none thanks

Gerald Coba said...

To the Taxi Leaks team, James, Semtex, Spartacus, Glen and Marc, thank you for all the effort you put in to Keeping us informed.
Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your efforts and I hope 2016 brings the TAXI TRADE the best that we are. God bless to all your families.never give in.

Anonymous said...

Christmas has gone so I'm a bit late to wish you all at Taxileaks a merry one:-). However, all the best for a happy and prosperous new year (although the prospective, prosperous part, has probably been cattled, by a combination of factors:-(). Although, we can only hope a bit of luck comes our way in the new year, as we're long overdue a bit. Still I've just read on twitte,r that apparently Kim Kardashian is thinking of doing the Knowledge - unless my eyes deceive me and I've supped too much alcohol the last few days (call over partners wishing to join her please form an orderly queue:-)!) I bet that'll give the "we're all at it (sorry I think it's meant to be in it) together" mob, food for thought - maybe she could oust Oddyjob off the GLA & be our voice for the media:-)!

Seriously, many thanks to all at Taxileaks for keeping us informed & up to date. If we all depended on the orgs and their papers for up to date info, we'd still be discussing the move from Penton Street! Keep going everyone, we all appreciate what you're doing and the hard work that goes into this site. And let's have this as our motto for 2016: 'nein liking impalus' (loosely translated 'they don't like it up em' with apologies to Coporal Jones:-).)