Monday, November 30, 2015

Your chance to voice your opinions about TfL's consultation on card payments.

TfL recently held a consultation about Credit Card payments in regards to the licensed Taxi trade. Many drivers felt the questions were loaded in favour of an agenda already decided by TfL and decided not to take part. Therefore, only 349 licensed Taxi drivers actually responded to the consultation. 

AskPOB have decided to redress this issue and are carrying out a survey, asking the questions that drivers feel should have been asked in TfL's consultation. 
Please give this survey your full support.

  Dear Driver
Here's your chance to voice your opinions about TfL's consultation on card payments which managed to get just 349 responses. So, please take part today to help create a true reflection of trade opinion.

AskPOB is currently conducting an independent survey to establish driver opinion on card payment solutions and possible changes to taxi tariffs. AskPOB is an impartial third party, working in collaboration with trade organisations and groups to reach as many drivers as possible, and to understand how drivers would like to best use card payment facilities and at what cost.

The last driver consultation conducted by AskPOB yielded over 1,400 responses and delivered a comprehensive voice from the London taxi trade on recent changes at Tavistock Place. 

By completing this survey, AskPOB will once again ensure that London taxi drivers are being heard. 

AskPOB is a free subscribed service giving all drivers a voice.

Please use this link for survey: >Click Here<

Many thanks and be lucky,

Perry Richardson


Anonymous said...

Look taking cc is good how many drivers have had to turn down a good job just because they don't take cc loads I was one I've been taking cad for the last 5 years and had some good jobs I've also had some crap ones Or do you want it to be like can't do that job it's a card and drive around for the next hour Taking a £6 cash job when u could of taken a card the only drivers that mone are the ones who don't like change and then we all mone about uber who are card only jobs let move forward just remember when we passed the knolwedge it did not say at the bottom of our bill every job will be £20 odd it and if only 350 so cabbies done the consultation just shows you that they are not fussed

Anonymous said...

You do the job you want to but don't tell me how I have to do mine. You don't have the right to tell me what to do.
We all know TfLs consultations are rigged and the TfL mangers are corrupt.
There are two driver surveys which say different
At present no one can force a sole trader to give credit.
But then it's not about that, it's about expanding the profits if third party suppliers and you just lap it up.

Do you really think this is the answer
This will out buns on cab seats
Your a fool !

Anonymous said...

As Sir Humphrey said in yes minister, you get the answer you want based on how you ask the question.

Damian said...

Taking CCs is not 'giving credit'. Credit is given by the CC company. Accepting a CC is accepting payment. I'm glad all cabs will have to accept CC payments soon. It's just a shame that we have to be forced and in so doing will be shafted, as usual, in the application of universal acceptance.

Anonymous said...

A lot of drivers are scared of credit cards or apps , if you can use an I phone you can use a credit card machine and join an app don't be scared ! It's because a few drivers are scared it might be to confusing for them that it's becoming mandatory . Be men not mice .

Anonymous said...

That's right, be men not mice, and never trade in your bulldog for a pussycat.

Anonymous said...

Credit card payments in cabs is a good thing and many cab drivers already have the facility to accept them. Tfl's interference on the matter of card payments is what causes the trade to have concerns. Izettle offer free card readers to drivers, cabapp offer an app that allows the driver to also take card payments, hailo pay is another.. contactless is also available via app or a small device can be used with a smartphone to assist the contactless payment. Payment can be made via customers phone via texting a phone number which turns their device into a payment system and receipts can be emailed reducing paper. I see veriphones breeze block sized device as a step backwards its obsolete technology, its expensive and charges at a 10% card ransome fee.

Tfl want to take further charge of the taxi industry while it lets certain phv offshore apps do as they want in terms of making the customer have a personal account with them that stories of hacking seem to arise from. Meanwhile tfl are happy to let certain phv app payments to run a mock, such as the uber account hacking and the exhorbitant fares that go into hundreds of pounds for a short journey after a payment glitch. I think verabonds breeze block would look good on the circus rickshaws that overcharge and are less of a concern already see a staggering 10% charge on these 1980 mobile phone style cardreaders that obscure driver passenger face to face communication as it hangs on its persplex backing. The dynamic taxi industry seem to be at the forefront of technology and all tfl want to do is just hinder us and businesses around the industry such as maaxi and now the taxi card payment industry. Meanwhile as tfl continue to fire missiles at the trade, they are happy to let certain phv app payments to run a mock, such as the uber account hacking and the exhorbitant fares that go into hundreds of pounds for a short journey after a payment glitch!