Friday, November 27, 2015

Westminster To Consider Borough Wide 20MPH Speed Limit

A  20mph speed limit could be introduced on almost all residential roads and high streets in London by the end of the decade, according to the mayor’s transport advisor.

Motorists could be restricted to that limit within the M25 on all but a major arteries into the capital, according to Isabel Dedring, deputy mayor for transport.

Westminster City Council is now to consult on whether to relax its policy towards 20mph speed limits. 

Most central London boroughs have already implemented 20mph limits across residential streets but up till now, Westminster has resisted the policy, incurring hash criticism from campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us. 

Westminster is now to seek views on 20mph zones and limits in a consultation on a draft walking strategy, expected to be published before the end of the year. 

spokesman for the AA said: “In principle we have nothing against 20mph zones although you have to remember when you are slowing traffic down you slow down the working life of the city.”


Just read on the forum, that a driver has been told by his passenger, they intend to close all gates into Regent Park outer circle. Residents are to be issued with a key fob to get in and out of the gates, which will be closed to all other traffic. More news about this as and when we get it.


Anonymous said...

By the time TFL ("Every Journey Matters")are finished you will be lucky to go 5 MPH! London has been ruined,But let's have another 50,000 Ubend's on the roads ( and pavements ) and every thing we'll be alright.

Anonymous said...

Tony Casey said...

a 20 mph speed limit around schools is a good idea during the morning and afternoon.
the main route roads should remain at 30 mph .otherwise who would ever consider coming to London on business if they cannot get around.The Loony left seem to be spreading their schemes to the whole of London,look at the Loughborough Junction fiasco ,which has now been reversed.NO ONE would ever get into a cab if the cab can
only travel at a snails pace.If Camden ,Tower Hamlets and Islington started enforcing the 20 mph zones every motorist in London would be banned from driving within 3 months having received in excess of 12 points.