Monday, November 30, 2015

The Shape Of Things To Come? Plus Uber Drivers New Delivery Service.

A young mother has accused an Uber driver of calling her a “black c***” and launching a brutal assault after a row over making multiple drop-offs.

Paramedic Taleka White, 27, says she was dragged out of a minicab and punched twice in the face after her driver flew into a rage in Addiscombe, south London, in the early hours of Sunday.

She says her face smashed into the ground after she was sent flying by the second blow.

The man allegedly called her a “stupid black c***” and a “black b***” during the ordeal at about 3.30am on Sunday morning.

The mother, who has a four-year-old son, is unsure why he became so aggressive, but says he grew angry after some confusion over the destinations.

The women had taken a lift using the minicab app after a night out in Croydon town centre on Saturday and agreed to make separate drops, in the same fashion the proposed UberPool will operate.

She said the driver was polite at first but became rude during the journey when her friend told him he had missed the turning to her house.

He then started to insult Ms White after she continued the journey alone.

Ms White said: “He started to abuse me, saying ‘you stupid black c***, your friend gave me the wrong directions’.

“I sat in the back of the car crying, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do.”

Although frightened, she continued the journey to her mother’s home in Addiscombe – where the driver allegedly became violent.

“He pulled up outside my mum’s and as I was gathering my stuff, he got out and opened the door and dragged me out,” she said.

“As he did this I started wailing and he punched me in my face. 

“I put my hands up and was screaming to get my mum’s attention and he punched me again.

“I went flying down the road and landed on my face. He ran into his car and drove off.”

Ms White was left terrified and injured, with a lump on her head, bruising and a bloodied wrist and knuckles.

She visited A&E on Sunday and needs to return to have an X-ray on her hand.

She called on Uber – which she says has not even refunded the journey – to ban the driver.

“He should not be allowed to work for a cab firm ever again,” she said.

“It’s disgusting – Uber should not be employing someone like that. I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

The matter has been reported to police but Scotland Yard was not yet able comment.

Should be interesting when Uber start their UberPool service when their drivers will be expected to pick up, upto 4 separate, unrelated passenger. 

Not only could you be getting into a car driven by a stranger....would could be sitting next to 3 other strangers on rout.

Meanwhile News Of Uber Driver's New Deliver Service:

Mini-Cab driver Waseem Anwar Choudry, 31, of Chichester Court, Slough gave his wife eight dresses to bring back from Pakistan, which unbeknown to her had 3.5 kilogs of the class A drug – worth almost half a million pounds – sewn inside.

Border Force officers found the drugs in Nazreen Anwar’s bag after she stepped off a flight from Islamabad on June 28, and she was arrested.

In interviews with National Crime Agency investigators the 28-year-old said she had been in Pakistan for a two week holiday, and claimed her husband had given her the dresses to bring back, saying she did not know the drugs were inside.

Choudry had been due to fly back a few days after his wife but did not board the plane, and he was arrested by the National Crime Agency six weeks later attempting to re-enter the country at St Pancras International rail terminal, having travelled from Pakistan via Paris.

A must watch video on Uber's new service



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this type of assault always happens to the wrong person; I can't wait for the day it happens to the right person, its just a matter of time !

Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

The knowledge is in place not just to serve as a tool to navigate around London, but it is an endurance test, a way of checking driver's attitude; many think examiners are there to be assholes but the message is clear they are testing the knowledge boy's and girl's integrity, the ability to handle situations, to look at one's behaviour over a course of time. This is why notes are made, different examiners are seen; its there way of assessing your character. Someone with a clean wrap sheet does not mean that they are of suitable character, it will not say prone to violence without convictions! Airline pilots are also tested in similar ways. The bottomline is the knowledge is not just a tool for navigation but also a means of ensuring greater public safety!
TFL need to understand this and the public need to be aware of this also!

Richard Busby said...

when uber pool starts l hope maxi sue the arse off tfl.
If or more to the point when a young girl gets uber pool and then it stops down the road for some young fellas and the start abusing her who is gonna help her. Does the driver join in. If she demands to get out in the middle of nowhere because it's safer than being in the she gonna be charged. What happens when a gay guy gets in with two Muslims are they gonna start profiling .


Anonymous said...

The knowledge examiners have been out of control for at least 5 years, they got away with murder, they never wanted to work for TFL . Bring back the met . I do mean murder, back handers , racist rants, totally ileagle behaviour, it would never have happened under the met, no one ever charged with a crime, TFL just asked them to leave, no bad press, no court case,

Anonymous said...

All in one week:

An Über driver sent down to rape.

Another tells an actress with 90% of her body covered in beautiful evening dress she is disgustingly dressed.

A third Über partner calls a customer a f#*king black c*#*t and punches her repeatedly to the ground.

Numerous Über drivers are recorded driving down one way streets.

Numerous photographs are being circulated on twitter of wrecked Prius's. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are among the victims of the inadequate standard of driving.

A whole plethora of complaints about hacked credit card details and charges for bogus journeys around the world.

And what is the government, Boris Johnson and TFL's response ?
To let Über to Cary on unabated and expand their services with new business models in London that will no doubt end with more incedents and ultimately somebody losing their life.

Anonymous said...

Tfl is corrupted ,

Anonymous said...

I would never use uber after 12:00am, I always wish bc were a little cheaper though,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Editorial said...

Anon 6:45
I always wish BC were cheaper to buy.
Unfortunately they've recently gone up by £4,000 making them £43,000 making them one of the most expensive everyday vehicle on the road.

We would all like cheap stuff but you know what they say, no such thing as a free lunch.

If the public keep using uber, we will soon be gone
When we're gone, see Uber's fares go through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Its gone beyond negligence in public office - never mind about a public enquiry, there needs to be a criminal enquiry, but then we have the problem that The Met are as corrupt as the politicians, and we have seen how bent the judiciary are. We will have to wait for the inevitable atrocity to happen - this will force Cameron take his dick out the dead pigs🐷 mouth.
What an utter disgrace this government are !

Anonymous said...

Ubend users do not give a monkey's. They want CHEAP and are willing to take this chance.
There are a few educated people out there that know this outfit is THIRD RATE and would not touch them with a barge pole, but elsewhere nobody could care less if we disappear off the streets of London forever.
TFL are busy sorting out the next stitch up (it's what the public want!) and the future is bleak.
TFL have completely ruined London, as there is worse traffic now than ever before with even more brain dead plans being implemented + 00000's more Ubend slaves parking up everywhere as they are finding it hard to drive 16 hours+ .
(TFL will probably be looking into ranks for them).