Friday, November 20, 2015

Result Of AskPOB's Consultation On The New Tavistock Place Traffic System.

AskPOB has conducted a thorough and conclusive consultation around the recent experimental traffic changes on Tavistock Place and the surrounding areas.

1,254 licensed London taxi drivers took part in the consultation to provide Camden Council clear guidance on trade opinion.

You can download the report by using the following link:  >Click Here <

Example of results:


Ray said...

How can I put a link of my Taxi Website in your blog
I'll look forward to your reply

Editorial said...

Send DM with link to your website to @Taxi_Leaks on Twitter

Or send email to

And we will consider your request.

Jm Thomas

Anonymous said...

isn't the company referred to in the COMMENT at 11:40am., whose website refers to & uses the word TAXI, incessantly, in total breach of their PCO mini-cab licence?

Alan Wicker