Sunday, November 15, 2015

'Reports of the demise of the London Taxi trade have been greatly exaggerated' I'm Spartacus.

"Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated"

So said the famous author Mark Twain when his obituary appeared in a newspaper, so it is with us, despite a well expensed and of course non UK tax paying PR campaign placing stories in the press and laughable surveys about how great they are.

We actually find out there's some "rotten in the state of Denmark" ( or is it the Holland or the Cayman Islands as no one is quite sure?) as the sweated labour (aka the drivers) kick up a fuss about the terms and conditions of their shackles, it sure seems likely that something is disrupting the disrupters!

             Uber drivers protesting at Aldgate on Friday 

So has our battle been won?

Not yet boys and girls, not anywhere near.

There's  a lot of effort needed to ensure the regulators and the legal framework acts as it should and put clear distinctions between us plying for hire and they who must be pre booked.

The other PH outfits are screaming blue murder but they need to reflect on their previous lobbying for the introduction of a 'light touch' licensing regime that's come back to bite them, we as a trade should reflect on how some of our trade organisations also allowed it to come to pass.

Still all that's a history and we need to look forward, campaign for legal certainty, provision of ranks & CCTV outside every 'honey pot' etc. etc.

Lastly a message to the interlopers:

We have been the world champion cab trade for over 350 years undefeated, if you want to knock us out, your going to need more than shocking drivers, political lobbying, shafting with surge pricing, non existent customer service or any clue of the geography of this big old town before you can even come close with a punch.

As another Travis said 
"you looking at me?" 

Travis, you bet we are!

I'm Spartacus


Marc Turner said...

Well written,and couldn't agree more. More people are coming back to us, after having tried the inferior brand. As long as we provide a second to none service, we'll survive and prosper.

Andy said...

Marc, we will survive alright, just not sure we will prosper, what with crossrail, the all night tube, ect...

Anonymous said...

is that a photograph of Syrian refugees?

Alan Wicker

Anonymous said...

While I enjoyed reading your post I can not help but think the battle we are fighting is a losing one ,yes we need all the things you said in place and not later now but we also need our fairs lowered ,now I know your gonna say we've got heavy costs to bear and we have but don't you think lower fairs say £30 job for £23 that coupled with our gold standard knowledge of London will bring people back in there droves. At the end of the month there will be another 1000 minicabs out there,this weekend was gridlocked for most of time especially the west end it was a nightmare and it was most definitely down to all the minicabs out there,we should still be demoing creating lots of noise this is our jobs were fighting for, even if tfl or the gov introduce new laws there still gonna be the best part of 100,000 minicabs our there so I'm struggling to see how we can survive. Be very lucky people.

Anonymous said...

Driving around at night and evening in a Black cab has become embarising , , we are on our knees now and January will be the End of this trade ,

spencer kurash said...

All three of the annoymous comments are a tad embarrassing. No wonder they chose not to reveal their identities

Anonymous said...

The three comments might be tad embarrassing but not far from the truth .

Anonymous said...

What is your view then spencer,why do you think our comments are embarrassing its is the truth we won't last till march nobodies getting in our cabs we can be looking for a job for upto 1 1/2 hours, I'd like to read your point of view .

Anonymous said...

The taxi trade is finished. The main reasons are the knowledge of london is no longer fit for purpose. It takes about five years to pass it - this is so unecessary. Examiners just hold people in the system to justify their own jobs. The knowledge creates bitter, angry and resentful cab drivers because the rewards for the little green tin are just not worth it. Try sitting on a rank for an hour and get a £2.40 fare. The cabs are too expensive, even to rent. It is now too hard to make a living. The job is very unhealthy, you are constantly worried about money and it's no longer viable. Give it a years or so and things will will start to bite.