Friday, November 06, 2015

New Fixed Rate Taxi Fares In Paris, In Bid To Be Competitive.

NEW maximum taxi fees for Paris taxis have been unveiled in a bid to help keep official taxis competitive with mini cabs. 
The fees range from a maximum €30 for a journey from Paris south of the Seine to Orly airport, to €55 from southern Paris to Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle. 

The other fixed maximums are €50 for northern Paris to Charles-de-Gaulle and €35 from northern Paris to Orly. 

These fees are on top of a “reservation fee” of no more than €7 for a reservation in advance, or €4 for an immediate trip. 

The fees do not represent a large saving compared to current ones, apart from when there are heavy jams when a trip to Charles-de-Gaulle sometimes reaches around €60-80. 

What is more at present taxi metres often start out with €15 already on the clock for the ‘reservation’ fee. 

The new fees will be rolled out from March 2016, with some limited trials expected before then. 

Minicabs already offer fixed-price airport trips, so the new measure was brought in by the government to help taxis compete. 


Anonymous said...

A dreadful mistake ! Professionalism, quality and competence will always outlive unprofessional, fake, incompetent poor imitation !
When Harrods and Fortnum & Mason try to compete with Lidl and Aldi, I might change my mind!
Don't go there folks ! If we try competing with rubbish whilst complying to professional standards, it will only wind up one way ! I am absolutely emphatically convinced that this would be a mistake if attempted in London.

Anonymous said...

Here we go, it's a race to the bottom, same thing will happen wherever Uber operates.

Anonymous said...

Every profession and industry has to be competitive in this day and age-and the cab trade is no exception.

For starters - do away with the rediculous fares the faces st The Port charge for going outside our licensed area even by a few miles eg Slough

Anonymous said...

We are already competitive ! Four years of expert topographical knowledge, £45,000 purpose built, wheelchair accessible vehicles, drivers fitness criteria tested by General Practitioners, Hospital Specialists and medical reports. Drivers criminal and financial standing via a thorough DBS/CRB investigation and report.
Authentic Insurance certificates placed in the vehicle for random and regular inspection. Two vehicle safety tests each year to ensure passenger safety and compliance. Ongoing and regular inspections of driver's health, criminal, driving and financial status, before gaining further licensing. A Government tested, sealed and calibrated travel meter, for accurate and consistent payment charges. I could go on !

To compete with the above is COMPETITION ! Not scrapping all of that criteria and doing it as cheap as possible, in any vehicle, with any driver, with no knowledge or no background checks ! ! Anyone can do that ! That's not competition, that's taking the piss !