Friday, November 13, 2015

Letter To Taxi Leaks, In Regards To The Mayfair Mob's Hit On Forge.

Last night on the Forge was a really outstanding performance by the Mayfair Mob. The turnout at Finsbury Square was 25/30 which boded well.  Spirits were high. 

Then many more cabs appeared when we arrived. There were moments when the marshals could barely load the punters in fast enough. It was a triumph for all those concerned. 

 I was sorry to have to leave early quite frankly.  

I just wanted to pass on my honest opinion in more words than Twitter will permit and reiterate my admiration for the way this group of drivers has taken control of its own destiny in such a determined and effective manner, causing no grief to anyone other than the scabs. 


Frances Wyhowska.

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Gare du Nord said...

Really liked the manner they taken control over. The taxi drivers gathered unitedly to take control in regards to the mayfair mob's. Good photos taken. Nice post.