Thursday, November 05, 2015

Kingston: Cone Men Were Trying To ‘Save Black Cabs From Uber'

A traffic-cone wearing partygoer among the group that became an unlikely viral internet sensation this week, has said he has “no idea” how they will top the Halloween prank next year.

The now infamous seven Kingston cone men blocked taxis and buses in Clarence Street after a night out in Pryzm nightclub on Saturday, October 31.

Kingston police were called out to the highly-visible Dean Robinson, 21, from Feltham, Dominic Horne, 22, Ashley Henderson, 23, Tom Lyall, 23, David Nichols, 23, Scott Freeborn, 21, and Kaue Passos, 23, all from Hampton blocking cars in their £30 outfits at 4.30am on Sunday morning.

The prank later turned into a makeshift anti-Uber protest as the group let black cabs through their blockade and obstructed the private car drivers during their Halloween stunt.

Mr Robinson said: "It was just a bit of a laugh really. We were blocking the Uber drivers.

"Everyone was chanting and taking photos.  We were shouting ‘save the black cabs’.

"Every year you just put a bit of fake blood on and this year we thought we would just do something different.

"It took some convincing getting the other lads on board. The outfits were £30 a cone so quite expensive.

"All the attention has been unexpected. I have no idea how we are going to top it next year."

Kingston police tweeted its "unusual" early morning call-out to "males dressed as traffic cones blocking the road like traffic cones".

It has been retweeted almost a thousand times so far.

The spectacle was taken in good spirits by drivers who bore the brunt and police officers who posed for photos with the cones and did not make any arrests.

Mr Robinson said: "The drivers were laughing.

"I think everyone just found it funny really. It was a massive surprise when we saw that it was all over the internet. None of the photos or videos were ours. It was just everyone that had seen us that night."

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Mayfair Mobster said...

Love to see DeathWish, Benidorm and co wearing these
Would strike fear into all the scabs that need starving lol