Monday, November 30, 2015


It's no good just moaning that your representative org isn't doing anything, or they at not listening to your worries. It's no good just talking to other cabbies in shelters or on ranks. 

You have the opportunity of shaping the policy that's made on your behalf by turning up at branch meeting. 


LTDA member said...

Just had a very reliable tipoff that the LTDA are filling the meeting today to the brim with REP'S
Rank and file members must be represented in large numbers
Don't get brushed aside, members must make there presence felt.
As the post says

Anonymous said...

The LTDA Joe average doesn't read blogs like this one - you are reaching out to the most uninformed in the trade.

Try putting an ad on the back page of The Sun, this is where the average LTDA members day starts. FFS.

Wally Gherkin said...

That on its own shows you what you probably already know ... there looking to gang up on their OWN members and close down debate.


Anonymous said...

trade orgs all waist of money waist of time. Rmt useless ucg lost there militant teeth and siding with old bill. Only mm making a real difference

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to say that the spelling and grammar (in the comments section) leaves a lot to be desired:-)!

Anonymous said...
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Anonemouse said...

Mr 12.44, nufing rong wiv our speling on here.
we aint siting no xamz: itss all bout the what the peeps is saying.

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Jim Thomas

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin recently wanted to increase the Russian presidential term. Even the Duma, the Russian parliament considered his request but only increased the term to 6 years maximum, after studying, amongst others, Thatcher and Churchill who both went off the boil after a while.

They decided , like many properly constituted organisations, that after a certain period of time individuals go off the boil, it all becomes routine so people need need to move on.

Many Union, Charity and Nation State constitutions limit terms of office for key people for this well established reason.

So we perhaps need to look at fundamental structures and separate issues from the personalties perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Meet the gang cos the boys are here
The boys to entertain you
With music and laughter to help you on your way
To raising the rafters with a hey hey hey
With songs and sketches and jokes old and new
With us about, you won't feel blue
So meet the gang cos the boys are here.The boys to entertain you

Anonymous said...

I was at meeting and it wasn't filled up with reps just members and bob oddy & steve McNamara so someone needs a better reliable source.