Monday, November 23, 2015

Going By TfLs Record On Security, How Safe Do You Feel, Driving YourTaxi Round The Capital?

In 2012 Taxi Leaks exposed a story of a Mr M Hakizimana, 41, alleged by the UK Border Agency's War Crimes Unit, to have helped Hutu soldiers kill civilian members of the Tutsi ethnic group during a million person genocide in 1994.

Home office were aware of this man for a number of years and his past would have been flagged up on any CRB check. 
Yet under Sir Peter Hendy's and LTPH's Director John Mason's watch, this man was judged a fit and proper person to hold a Private Hire Licence.

A national newspaper, reported he was working for a private hire operator in East London. 
As far as we know he is still wanted for war crimesaliban Fighter Judged Fit To Be Minicab Driver By 
Also in 2012, a Taliban fighter in Dhani-Ghorri in northern Afghanistan, renounced for their improvised explosive devices (car Bombs), told the Guardian newspaper he lived most of the time in east London, but came back to Afghanistan for three months every year for combat.
"I work as a minicab driver," said the man, who has the rank of a mid-level Taliban commander. "I make good money there (in the UK), you know.

These are just two of the worse cases, we believe there are many more.

Statement From Helen Chapman :

But, how do you carry out an enhanced DBS check on someone who has only been in the country for a matter of months? The simple answer can't.

We are informed that applicants who have lived in another country for longer than 12 months in the last 3 years have to provide a letter of good conduct from that country. 
It's also been alleged that these letters can be purchased by anyone in police stations in India for as little as $300

Freedom Of Information :
 Our researcher recently carried out a freedom of information request on the number of applicants, needing this type of letter, who have applied for a PH drivers licence in a six mouth period.
These are the details:
In the six months April to September 2015, there were 564 applicants who were licensed after providing such a letter.

Every day, every night, thousands of PHVs are left unabated outside mainline termini, government buildings, concert halls, hotels and restaurants. 

Unbelievably laxed security at St Pancras where minicabs are allowed to park, double park, for hours at a time.

With the countries security level currently on SEVERE, do you believe TfL are doing enough to safeguard the citizens of our capital from terrorist attack ? 

                   BECOMES A REALITY



Anonymous said...

In today's Mail on line...

Sharia taxi driver told me I was disgustingly dressed': BBC star Frances Barber tells how she was accosted by Uber driver after the showbusiness awards ceremony...

She took an Uber and got insulted. Its just a matter of time.
Tick tock, tick tock !

Anonymous said...

Mail online needs to get it right....he's not a taxi driver...he's a strange man with a car.

Anonymous said...

Frances Barber took the insult as a religiously motivated one, which it obviously was. Discrimination based on colour, religion, sexual orientation, whether vebal or physical carries a sentence of five years in jail.

This Uber individual is a 1st degree bigot, and quite possibly a religious extremist !

How many more have TFL licensed on the strength of an "OK Johnny" letter of good conduct, bought for £20 at an Embassy or consulate - as laid out in the TFL staff manual.

It was a similar £20 bung that got the ginger beer can bomb onto the Russian airliner that killed 224 people.

TFL must take action on this issue before something terrible occors. If they don't, then David Cameron's counter terrorism plans are falling on deaf ears. The Prime Minister should now be confronted about the potential terrorist threat TFL are creating !

Anonymous said...

It's a reality already. Two controlled explosions in a week. The threat is very real.
TFL MUST now be pro active in deterring the terrorist threat that they have created - that means a criteria that is adequate to protect the public from risk.

All licenses issued bypassing the CRB check should be revoked IMMEDIATELY!

A minimum standard of seven year residency in the UK + CRB to qualify for licence. This time period is the standard for ex offenders to be licenced - so it should be the same for foreign nationals !

Anonymous said...

It's TFL now and when it happens it will still be TFL...


Brian said...

The uber driver was enhancing our cultural diversity.
This is a good thing.
His faith based belief system means his devoutly held contempt for us and our way of life is okay.