Thursday, November 26, 2015

First Major Credit Card Equipment Supplier To Make A Statement On TfL's Announcement Re CC Mandate.

VeriFone's press release. 


“Verifone welcomes proposals by TfL to mandate card and contactless payments in Taxis from October next year”.

“As the leading supplier of credit card payment machines to taxi drivers in London we are ready to help with the installation of payment terminals into all cabs and will of course provide support and training to drivers using the service for the first time”. 

“In the weeks ahead we will make our expertise and understanding available to TfL and other industry bodies as the process of defining exactly how these requirements are to be introduced is put in place”.

Jon Wheeler

Head of Global Taxi Business – UK


Brian said...

Well, that's a relief, Verifone are standing by to help us.
Thank you Verifone, and a very merry early christmas to you.

Acnedriver. said...

I would not use Verifone on Principal...leeches like them are behind this decision. Use anybody BUT them.


Anonymous said...

The Mafia in the USA ran cab stands and taxed drivers, the IRA did the same in Ireland. Now we are to have the banksters hand rifling our livelyhood for 5%.

Isn't it odd that every time TFL stick the knife in the back of the cab trade the LCDC always seem to have their hand on the handle.
Did the LCDC trade off mandatory credit cards for temporary licences with Boris Johnson ?
It wouldn't be the first time, nor the last Boris has caught the worlds worst negotiator with his trousers down !

Now you know why Boris flatly refused to have minuted meetings-and the offer by Caroline Pidgeon to sit in at meetings. He only wants to deal with the stooges on a one to one basis.

I was asked recently if I had seen The Badge ?

I replied NO, but my backside has!

Anonymous said...

i already had a card payment system bought and paid for and I hope that somewhere along the line someone sees sense and lets cabbies choose what they want to use and keeps the greedy hands of TFL off our freedom of choice, being told we have to take cad payments is enough.
this shouldn't now be a case of profiteering

Charlie Potatoes said...

See compulsory printer decision for reference.

Verifone WILL be card supplier 'APPROVED' you see

and if they have to drop their 'CONVENIENCE' Charge down to say 3% We WILL make up that short fall for them in a monthly contract of say 20/25 a month

As a footnote I take cards I have for 17 years AND IM STILL NOT BUSY !!!! THINK ON

Anonymous said...

At a very conservative estimate (10 jobs a day) the trade as a whole carries out 90,000,000 jobs per year
If only 10% are Card transactions that 9,000,000 a year!
Surely TfL or even our wonderful trade orgs could come up with one system that suits all at a reasonable cost.

Let the banks fight it out for our business if they want it