Monday, November 23, 2015

Boris's Cycling Chief Wrongly Calls LBC Reporter 'Liar'

This is the remarkable moment that Boris Johnson's cycling chief snapped and called LBC's reporter a liar in a row over the cycle superhighway.

Reporter Theo Usherwood was at the new cycle superhighway in Vauxhall and noted that 40% of cyclists weren't using it, riding on the road instead.

But when Nick Ferrari put that to London's cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan, he fumed: "That report I've just heard is a complete lie. I think he is quite clearly lying."  

Theo hit back, insisting that his numbers were actually a conservative estimate. 


Source: LBC.


Anonymous said...

More lies from TFL. How do they get away with it

Anonymous said...

They forgot a series of things when they created this white elephant of a scheme.

Cyclists generally do what they want. Always have done and always will, until suitable cycling laws and registration are introduced.

Boris Johnson is a prime example of the average cyclist, he gave his wife a lift on the seat of his bike. I bet that doesn't sound so silly now. He leads by example !

You can s PPP end £10 million on a CSH, but you can't force cyclists to use it...

It's a bit like leading a horse to water... As for telling lies, its a prerequisite when applying for a job with TFL.


Damian said...

How does he have the barefaced cheek to suggest that the reporter is lying and then go on to lie himself by stating that the there has been no affect on the traffic. Cloud cuckoo land!

Anonymous said...

But they've done a consultation and it shows the traffic is now moving more freely.
Done by the same people who said we need to rent a credit card machine fitted in the back and for the driver to pay the surcharge but then the driver doesn't have to use it as long as he pays the third party rent.
Gilligan was a reporter who gave Boris plenty of stick, he was bought off with this job.

Anonymous said...

The Vauxhall giratory went into meltdown today and ALL roads were affected. Absolute carnage!

Anonymous said...

what do you expect he has been bought by boris because he see what he done to ken livingston.