Thursday, October 08, 2015

Westminster Councillors Write To Boris To Insist He Downgrades Black Cab Regulations And Leaves Uber Alone.

A Group of Westminster Council's Tory councillors have written to Boris urging him to “please think again” about Transport for London’s proposed crack down on Uber:

"we are worried by Transport for London’s proposed regulations on Uber. Red tape will hit Londoners who want to get a taxi without paying the higher prices that black cab regulation generates… We are sympathetic to black cab drivers who feel TFL’s existing regulations are onerous. The answer is to cut black cab red tape and leave Uber alone."

THE PROPOSED REGULATIONS ARE AIMED AT THE PH TRADE AS A WHOLE, but it's only Uber who are against the new regulations. 
Shows where these Tory boys are coming from! 

The letter to Mayor Boris Johnson, was signed by the seven councillors below. Six of them have Twitter addresses so you can contact them and let them know what you think of their letter, which was published on Guido Faulkes blog Order Order". 

A) Paul Church

(@CityWestminster) Councillor For The West End (Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair & Soho)

B) Thomas Crockett

(@Cllr_Maida_Vale) Councillor for Maida Vale, City of Westminster.

C) Peter Cuthbertson 

(@pmcuthbertson) Westminster Councillor Account Director, PB Political Consulting; Director, Centre for Crime Prevention.

D) Tony Devenish

Westminster Councillor Knightsbridge and Belgravia senior planning chairman.

E) JP Floru

(@jpfloru) Author, Libertarian Conservative, Westminster Councillor, Senior Research Fellow Adam Smith Institute. 

F) Richard Holloway, 

(@rrwholloway) Conservative Cllr for Bayswater Ward & Dep Cabinet Member for Sports.

G) Gotz Mohindra

(@GotzMohindra) Conservative Party's London Region Deputy Chairman, Regent's Park member of @CityWestminster & Deputy Chairman of Westminster Faith Exchange.

These seven Tory Boy Councillors think London's Gold Standard, Iconic Taxi Trade should be reduced to licensing drivers with dubious pasts, drive vehicles not suitable for disabled passengers, have no expensive hire and reward insurgence, do away with the Knowledge of London and pay themselves through foreign banks, so they don't have to pay taxi and can claim benefits. 



Anonymous said...

We should remind them they work for the people of Westminster not u##r with a poster campaign or let anyone you have in your cab,that live in these areas what these people want and give the councillors name and numbers

MichaelB said...

Nice to see that more members of this trade are realising what the Tories really want would be nice if we all came together and put up a united fight.

Anonymous said...

Men Are Coming To Kill Us. Wait Till Their Brigadier Zac Gets Us In His Cross Hairs ! Then We've Had It ! Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.............

Anonymous said...

Is it what the people want or is it what there cheep skate. Friends want just shows how theses small minded people think

rawjaw said...

Could someone enlighten me on the difference between pr/lobbying and bribery

Gerald said...

MichaelB 7:48
Hollow words from the chairman of a union who refused to support rank and file drivers taking direct action!
Anyway, as long as it's our way is it Mike?
Still, not too late, three more direct action events to take place.
All you have to do to out up a unite fight is support other drivers.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that as well Gerald
They must be haemorrhaging members now after their disastrous decision not to support any direct action.
But it is on the agenda of their next branch meeting, the day after the next demo.
Seems they've taken over from The Last To Do Anything.
Perhaps they might text vote all their members over the weekend.
Won't be expensive, with the members they have left should take long either.

Dizzy said...

I knew a long time ago that the UTG is run by a bunch of shysters that will do anything to protect their kingdoms. We will never get any support from them because they don't want what we want.

The LTDA did fuck all for years but take members money. For over 2 years of UCN, the Comic didn't even mention the word 'Tout'. I know I monitored it. We were being ravaged by scabs outside every venue every night and it took them over 2 years to even acknowledge that.

Way to go fellas!

They were only weeks away from having their own competition in UCN called... 'Spot the word TOUT in Taxi'. Shame... that would've been hilarious!

And the rest of you are nothing more than their bitches now.

That's right isn't it Micky?

That statement of Non- Support for the UCG was put out with the LCDC's name on it despite Grant being urged not to sign it by some of his committee, yet McNamara didn't give a shit about that, he went and issued it anyway whether Grant agreed or not.

That right Micky?

LCDC is now an irrelevant organisation. All operations directed from HQ at Woodfield Rd now?

LCDC members should just cut out the middle man now and give your money straight to Oddy because he calls the shots and the LTDA's orange bag of tut is far superior to the LCDC's bag.

As for the RMT...that's a sad one really. They had it in the palm of their hand and they fucked it up. Bob Crow at Heathrow should've swept up, but instead they just let it all fade away. That was the first inkling I got that the RMT was a waste of time.

Now all they're doing is wasting all their time, money and effort to get back to where we are now... Another law that nobody enforces and nobody has any bloody intention of enforcing.

Way to go fellas!

And as for Unite... If you look the word up in their dictionary it says... Lucrative Marshalling Job!

Say no more!

Well there is one more thing we could say... Goodbye to your job under the watch of the UTG

Disrupt The Corruptors said...

So Boris Johnson rolls out half a dozen Mockney flunkies, big deal. Tory Westminster councilors make a very weak argument in their support for Uber - At best they are demonstrating how corrupt Tory politics still are in the cesspit called Westminster Council.

Does anyone remember Shirley Porter ex leader of Westminster Council and the homes for votes scandal.

"In May 1996, after much complicated legal investigation work, the District Auditor finally concluded that the 'Building Stable Communities' policy had been illegal, finding Council leader Dame Shirley Porter guilty of "wilful misconduct" and "disgraceful and improper gerrymandering", He ordered Porter, her deputy David Weeks, one other councillor and three council officials "jointly and severally" liable for repaying £36.1m, lost in the attempts to fix the election." Wiki.

So you see, nothing much has changed at Westminster Council and its councillors still have predilection for illegal activities 20 years later.

It should also be noted that Westminster Council consistently lied that there was NO covert agenda or collusion with other agencies regarding their parking attendants turning a blind eye illegally parked vehicles forming PH ranks. In actual fact they were partners with TfL in the covert STaN agenda designed by Steve Burton of TfL, which was subsequently uncovered and exposed in 2010.

Johnson is playing devils advocate in the background trying to divert attention away from the question WHY he decided to introduce a Taxi Age Limit when he already knew that diesel engines in NEWER vehicles cause more pollution than the ones in the older taxis he was scrapping. This I believe was the reason he shut down the live on air meeting at City Hall with the help of another Tory flunky Tony Arbour. The corrupt Taxi Age Limit and the way it was introduced is a can of worms Johnson is desperate to stop being opened!

MichaelB said...

No point in sitting together in a room discussing an issue agreeing a strategy and then groups going off an doing there own thing
The anti RMT agenda is stronger than the will to work together as ever opinions are formed using rumour and half truths and Twitter the same old thing that has led us to the place we find ourselves today disagreement. The only way forward is together the RMT were never against action but it has to be fully co ordinated and a clear message and clear demands have to be part of the deal industrial action strike or demonstration needs the support of all because once you start down that road you need to be able to up the anti when required or you end up with nothing and get forced into a position that we have today where you have to back down.

The RMT have always seen that the way forward to sort out this mess is changes to legislation to ensure the trade is protected but so many issues are raised constantly making our plight a complete blur. We have stayed true to our beliefs on Plying for hire does anybody think that we plucked that one out of a hat or that we did not use all our resources as a trade union before embarking on this path.
The only way for this trade is forward and together but we are led by no body and make our own discisions And make no apology for that.
Get round the table let's have our disagreements but more importantly let's leave the room with a strong strategy that all can support truly united in the protection of our trade and stand together until that day nothing will change.

Dizzy said...

Stop backing Oddy up or we'll die!

MichaelB said...

It's this obsession with oddy that will kill us put it to bed and move on for the sake of all of us come together in true unity as I have said
Come to the table find some common ground one go forward together.
An open goal was missed in 1998 nothing has been learned from that true unity is difficult to achieve but can be done given the will of all

Sean Day said...

The mere fact that the driver has the appropriate level of insurance, that his vehicle is roadworthy, a very minimal time period to preplan a route (an aid to efficient driving) are considered to be 'regulations' are laughable in themselves. I am certain, if this hadn't come to light, the general public expectation would be that these requirements were already set in place. Additionally, why these minimalist regulations can't be shouldered by the $51 billion investment package- as opposed it being financially detrimental to the travelling public- is beyond me! Wait! I'm being rational aren't I? This is such a disingenuous position adopted by the Tory set that if it didn't pose such a risk to public safety, it wouldn't be worth paying attention to. Evidently, safety doesn't even register on Westminster's Richter Scale, if it did they would have banned rickshaws years ago