Thursday, October 29, 2015

Urgent Statement From The UCG, Re Renewal Delay And Possible Class Action For Compensation

It is obvious from the constant phone calls emails texts and tweets we are receiving now on a daily basis at the United Cabbies Group that the debacle of the CRB / DBS checks continues, Existing Cab Drivers worried sick that their licence has or is about to run out, and Knowledge Boys who are being delayed from getting their badges. 

In July 2015 we contacted Liberty asking them if they could help us in any way with the problems being created by the Metropolitan Police who would seem to be the main protagonist in the broken CRB / DBS system. After many emails and phone calls at the end of August 2015 to our great delight we were told by Liberty that they felt Drivers Human Rights were being violated and subject to enough evidence being found they had been allocated a budget to issue legal proceedings against the Met Police.

We were asked by Liberty not to tweet or put this out on any website or Trade Magazine as they felt that it would warn the Met what was about to take place and there was also a possibility that an awful lot of misinformation could be forwarded by people trying to get this shut down, We then put Liberty in touch with all of the other Trade Orgs and apart from Unite who did not want to get involved ALL agreed to email their members.

At the beginning of this Month an email was forwarded by Liberty to ALL Trade Orgs which the UCG emailed to all its Members, about a week later Liberty informed us that the response to their email had been very tepid, and felt that maybe we had exaggerated the scale of the problem. As a result we made enquiries and confirmed via several UCG Members who are also Members of the other Orgs that whilst we could confirm RMT Members had received Liberty’s email LCDC and LTDA Members had not. We were then informed that the LCDC and the LTDA were stating they had never received the original Liberty email, as a result the email was sent to both Orgs again.

In case there have been further mishaps in the distribution of Liberty’s email we would ask any Driver or Knowledge boy immaterial whether in an Org or not that wishes to provide in strictest confidence information relating to delays by CRB / DBS to contact the UCG direct via email to or direct message to @UnitedCabbies on twitter or call 020 7100 5206 and we will forward the Liberty email to you no strings.

If Liberty gets the information they need to go ahead and they get a ruling against the Met this will leave a possible opportunity for compensation claims in the future 

We will have one shot at this People please do not waste it !! 

Steve Mepham 



Veritas said...

Don't get too excited, look at the Credit Card consultation!

There are at most 500 drivers who are real activists in trade politics and taking forward issues, even the best supported demonstrations attract less than10% of the drivers.

TfL know this, The Mayor knows this, our enemies know this so unless we all get round the table and agree a strategy, we are doomed!

Hard truth.

Anonymous said...

Enter stage left waving a piece of paper like Nevile Chamberlain - it's Boris's favorite chimp dragging his knucles up to the plate for another banana and photo exclusive.

Anonymous said...

With all the suffering and hardship suffered by drivers, all of a sudden Johnson steps in and says temporary licenses should be issued, WHY ? And WHY has he chosen the TFL 'Dough Boy' to be his messenger ? Don't forget who did all the legwork on this issue. When Helen Chapman enforces her law, like she has done in the past; let's see if TFL's favourite flunky steps up to the plate ?