Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Battle For Bank Junction : CoL About To start A 12 Month Trial Of Bus And Bikes Only.

In his speech given at the 'Annual Dinner of the City’s Planning and Transportation', Michael Welbank, Chairman of the P&TC, launched 'The Battle for Bank’ 

This is a plan to remove all vehicles except buses from Bank Junction and restore it to its traditional role as a major public space in the Square Mile.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier.

After witnessing daily/nightly gridlock, caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of private hire licenses (currently expanding London's minicab fleet by 650 extra vehicles every week), resulting in London being labelled as one of the worst polluted city in Europe, the city planners have dreamt up a scheme to reduce through traffic in the square mile -or the 1.12 sq mile to be precise- regardless of the impact it will have on other parts of the capital.

But will it be fair to all, or will the wealthy and well connected be afforded special privileges plus a get out of jail free card?

Can you really see the noble city fathers arriving at the Mansion house/Guildhall, on a bus! or, God forbid, on a bicycle. 

Perhaps their ostentatious fleet of Rollers and Bentleys (the ones that normally wait outside events on double red lines, loading bays and zig-zags) could be replaced by rickshaw bikes, afforded the privilege of pedicab ranks!

Boris is likely to be OK with all this, seen above giving his wife a quick backsie.

The trial seems to be supported by the usual suspects.

Even in the face of strong opposition. 

So there's a surprise, TfL have OKed it. 
In the wake of the last disastrous trial at the rotunda on London Wall, which saw permanent gridlock, have the CoL and TfL learned nothing?


Anonymous said...

I think it's time to remind these people they are public roads paid for by public money

Anonymous said...

Sian Berry, eh? Another young Oxford academic who tried and failed to make it in the real world, so campaigns to convince the rest of us that she can and will save it instead !
A typical unrealistic, young, life inexperienced tree hugging nut case, who has campaigned against anything and everything.
For a young girl who was raised in the farming community of Cheltenham, they wont thank her in that neck of the woods for her relentless campaign against the four wheel drive vehicles that are imperative to country survival. It was the likes of her that has just orchestrated the demise of the faithful and world famous Land Rover Defender, that has served every corner of the globe with loyal distinction.
Her divine intervention against our defence to ultimate threat, was also her baby, when she led a campaign against our Trident Submarines in Scotland.
In my experience of these head in the clouds merchants, when the shit really does hit the fan for real, you will find that its the likes of her who are first in the queue for encouraging our special forces to go in quickly and hard. Its funny that their Oxford University, herbal induced world of candy floss, cider and bubbles, soon evaporates when they see what the imminent and dangerous alternatives are !
Sian is the product of what too much academic study does, when you don't know what to do with it. A very dangerous young woman, who through her persuasive following has the potential to gridlock London with her nonsensical MO.

Anonymous said...



Aqua said...

Semtex bang on the money again

Anonymous said...

i think enough is enough we pay our taxis time for trouble.

Anonymous said...

When people succumb to ideology they stop thinking rationally. Green ideology dictates we should cycle or use public transport.

Common sense tells us cycles and buses should be kept apart.

As Orwell observed, when people start regurgitating ideology they have stopped thinking altogether

Anonymous said...

TFL & BORIS Bringing London to a Standstill its about time this was put out to the media.

Tizzard Property said...

It's outrageous what they are planning for Bank junction. TFL have a lot to answer for. It used to be great driving around London at night now you cannot move even at 01:30 in the morning!

Ludgate Hill, Tower Hill - one used to be able to scoot through these parts with ease. And all for what? 4 cyclists that actually use the cycle lanes. TFL have turned London into one of the worst polluted cities in Europe. I've been to Mexico City and seen the pollution there, believe me, London won't be far behind if it keeps up the nonsense of licensing 600 minicabs and Ubers per week!

London has been gridlocked by these clowns and I'll be joining in the demo on Thursday. Be lucky London!