Friday, October 09, 2015

Stop The Roundabout ! Semtex.

I note that after the overwhelming success of the UCG's Demonstrations, TFL Senior Compliance Officers and The Police Service have "promised tougher and more effective enforcement measures".

I am not a UCG member, although I am one of their biggest fans. Neither was I present at the meeting held at Scotland Yard either, so have no knowledge of what was said. However, I am positive that the UCG officers in attendance heard enough to satisfy them that postponing the next demo would be appropriate. 
Whatsmore, the UCG take a membership democratic vote on such issues, and I applaud and agree with their strategy.

Had I still been a member though, I would have voted against postponing the demos, and I will tell you why.

TFL and the Police tell lies ! They are not to be trusted in any way whatsoever ! Do you honestly think Senior Compliance Officers at TFL and Met Police Officers will actually initiate any realistic and robust enforcement measures ? Course they bloody wont !
They just don't want us demonstrating, that's all, and will say whatever, to keep us quiet !

Maybe it would have been a better plan to say that we would call the demos off, when you show us at least 12 arrests and convictions this Friday night for illegal touting FIRST ? That's not an unreasonable target is it, for an inflated Enforcement Team ?  I would get that many on my own!
This roundabout structure that we have worries me. We seem to make progress, rally the troops, get dug in and gain the upper hand...............and then stop to listen to the fraudulent deal bargains ! We lose momentum, gain nothing and have to start motivating ourselves all over again ! Round and round and round !

I'm still patiently waiting for Tom Watson to come back from the "Summer Rising" ! He promised to fart wonders and shit miracles! What he promised us in return to stop the demos was mind boggling ! Is he still alive ?  We haven't heard from him since ! 
Course we haven't ! Just another tranquiliser dart fired into our hides as we pick up a cohesive and worrying momentum for TFL.

I'm not against having a deal, don't get me wrong. But have a deal AFTER WE HAVE SEEN EVIDENCE OF INTENT ! NOT BEFORE ITS GIVEN !

I am only assuming here, but I would guess that Len Martin and his team would have assured immediate and heavier demo retaliation if TFL's and The Police promises failed to emerge. But the Met and TFL know that rallying our trade and re-deploying logistics are far more difficult to start from scratch, than when we are on a roll. Attitudes, support, confidence, camaraderie , logistics, etc are all much more potent when launched from an optimistic and rolling tactical position.

Negotiators and Operational Commanders at the Yard will know this only too well.
They attend courses on it !

The UCG bent over backwards to appease the Bronze Control Police Commanders on last week's demo. And look how they repaid us! We gave 100% gentlemanly compliance, acted to every word of the letter and they still reneged on their deal, ruined the demo and shafted us good and proper ! We didn't put a foot out of place and was totally compliant.......and they rumped us !

Its a pity they couldn't have taken a leaf out of the book of The City Of London Police, who treated us professionally, courteously and with respect. In return, their compliments were reciprocated by our trade. This politeness and respect works both ways and when it is practised in good faith, is very effective. I raise my hat to the Bronze Control City of London Chief Inspector, he was a thorough gentleman.

As I said at the beginning, if I had still been a UCG member I would have gone against the vote to stop the demos. I don't trust TFL or The Met one little bit. Why should I ?
That said, I would have respected the membership vote and supported and backed up the UCG to the hilt.
Even though I am not a member, I still do and will continue to support the UCG. 

I am totally confident in Len Martin's leadership and support him vigorously. Obviously, I will go with the flow on this, but believe in my heart that this will prove just another stalling tactic by the shysters out to kill us.
I know I'm a bit of a dinosaur on occasion, but I just don't trust them to do what they have promised, that's all. I may be totally wrong and unfair not to trust them. They may be sitting in an office at the Yard, enthusiastically planning tonight's onslaught of thousands of illegal mini cabs. Westminster Magistrates will be packed out on Monday morning ! 
On the other hand, it may be what it usually is......all Bollox !

We will just have to see, it shouldn't take long to find out.

And as the cat said when it shit behind the door......That remains to be seen !

Be lucky all.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, 

8829 Semtex.


Anonymous said...

Well said Semtex!

Anonymous said...

Well said sir , couldn't agree more !

Anonymous said...

As a current member of the UCG, I personally, at this time, haven't heard that the demo's are off, I advocate demo demo demo and more flash demo's until we see results first hand.

Parliament Square at question time every Wednesday, should be the FLASH DEMO'S priority venue.

Anonymous said...

Agree with much of what you say, but, if they renege this time, it'll one time to many. think trade has had enough of their BS over the years. If they don't start doing as promised and we start seeing results, it'll make drivers angrier than ever, with visible results.

They may believe all their training, but, as shown, can gather at less notice than say a major union, etc.

Don't forget, we are licensed to ply for hire, anywhere in London, which we can all do when we believe it's going to be busy in that area.

Anonymous said...

I think the UCG Committee have judged
It just right on this occasion
The Met Police could not be accountable to anyone other that The Mayor and previously the Home Secretary and Semtex does not need me to point that out to Semtex.
For the first time ever, compliance teams (civilians) assisted by police officers attached to Safer Trandport command ( or whatever they call them these days ) is now under the direct command of a recently retired senior police officer and I am 100% confident that big changes will
be seen on the streets and arrests and charges will
be brought to court no matter that some magistrates take the view that such cases are low priority and clogg up the courts - oooops I should not have said that - never mind it is true

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39 I take your point and respect your opinions, of course.
However, the City of London Police are also accountable to the Mayor, but the Bronze Control Commander, a black fellow who I spoke to, had an entirely different way of policing our demo, than the Chief Inspector from the Met.
I have served with the Met myself, and if you are who I think you are, then I know you have too ! As you indeed know, a Police squad or unit tend to police situations in the manner or style that their Commander or Skipper, prefers to police.

Naturally, if you have an over zealous high ranking copper holding the reins, then in all probability, the officers serving under him or her, tend to trend towards over zealousness themselves !
When I commanded in the army, my unit were known for being pretty well pro-active and full on. I wouldn't have men in the platoon who were constantly sick, depressive, disinterested or lack lustre. As a result, the men under my command were more or less a mirror of myself.

I am amazed that Compliance have even bothered recruiting manpower with no powers of arrest. Even if they are led by a full on, competent ex-copper, unless the officers have powers of arrest, they are useless. Obviously, the plan is that they are accompanied by serving police officers who do have the powers. But you and I know only too well, that if something kicks off in London that requires an immediate officer response, then once again our touts are regarded as not that important. You then have a team of compliance officers who are utterly useless, due to having no powers or arrest, and their police officer skipper, out of bounds on another more important shout.
Its the same as Community Support Officers. Their salary isn't too far off a fully trained and properly fledged police officer. Why not get the real deal in the first place ? It doesn't add up or make sense to me at all !
Instead of recruiting civilians for Tout Compliance work, why not employ a dedicated team of 100 specialist police officers, all with powers of arrest and all with sole responsibility of the brief in hand ?

As you know, when screams go up for corruption, racism, incompetence etc, you normally see that a whole unit or section get slated. That's because their leader is either corrupt, racist or incompetent and the officers under the command of that person generally reflect the flaws, ideas or qualities of their skipper.

I do hope you are right that we will be seeing big changes soon. We shall have to wait and see.
If you are who I think you are, give me a ring, it would be good to talk to you.

Meanwhile, be lucky and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Well I can honestly say that it's very difficult to follow Semtex but any way here goes;

If by next Sunday evening the 18th October, we see on the local news that 200 Licensed PH drivers have been nicked for touting (CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1994 SECTION 167) then the demo's are back on !!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 11,38
Have you left a word out??? Lol

Damian said...

We got some promises of compliance and officers, great. But what about the rest of it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, ANON 10:02am it should have " if we do not see on the local news"

Thank you.