Thursday, October 01, 2015

No Representation without Taxation

Now the PH proposals are out for consultation (don't forget to take part), it seems a well known PH company that states it does not accept pre booking but curiously remains licensed is running an online petition that effectively asks: 'do you like our unregulated sweatshop so you get a cheap ride?' 

Of course excluding from this 'people's poll', wheelchair users, those needing the hearing loop, swivel seat or hi vis seating & grab handles that every real taxi that plies for hire in this great metropolis has.

More importantly and that's why I paraphrase the clarion call of the American Revolution, how can a company that pays its pittance of tax in the Netherlands be able to consult at all here, surely only U.K based companies should be eligible to do so ?

Remember it ain't about technology at all, it's about taxation!

Double Dutch? 
Double Standards?

I'm Spartacus.

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Anonymous said...

The TFL freight train is thundering down the line and that little white light is getting bigger and bigger. I'm afraid certain trade leaders with eyesight as bad as Mr Magoo are standing on the track debating what the white light actually is... Meanwhile mummy's little helper has grabbed her handbag and is clobbering anyone who chirps out of tune about the vaseline being applied on behalf of TFL:

Conservative controlled Bath council has approved Uber for an operating licence. How many more will follow suit ?

The media produce spin articles that give both sides of the story, but do not contain the truth. The 1998 PH Act London isn't mentioned - nor is the corrupt way TFL/TPH as the regulator is corruptly interpreting the legislation instead of enforcing it!

Uber was licensed through the back door of TPH, senior TFL directors and management have lied through their back teeth to protect Uber that is non compliant with legislation.

Uber has been allowed to grow and accumulate a database of 1 million users who are now being lobbied to sign a petition to any changes to existing legislation that they already do not comply with.

I would say the PR machine at Uber has been pulling as many strings as it possibly can in the media over the last couple of weeks - TFL in the run up to the long awaited decision in the High Courts next week release news that they intend to seek changes in current legislation. These are all contingency plans to weaken the case of the London Taxi Trade. In my opinion this is no more than subliminal sub judicy!