Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter To Editor: Regarding, TfL CO and CoL Police Incident At Shine Charity Event.

My Name is Tony Casey

I went to the chaos as Shine last night, to investigate on behalf of the LCDC. A compliance officer phoned the city of London police, alleging a Taxi driver was aggressive and drunk.

I have been a Taxi trade negotiator for over 25 years, never aggressive but sometimes firm when speaking on behalf of the Taxi Trade.

I am not frightened by authority, as they are civil servants and here to SERVE US.

Remember they WORK FOR US, WE PAY THEIR WAGES, they do not pay ours.

An official complaint is being prepaired and we are asking for a member of the TFL compliance team to be suspended pending the outcome of a false statement made to the City Police.

I can confirm that I do not drink and have not done so for 37 years. 


T.Beaven said...

well done Casey

Sean Day said...

I'll back you up Casey, this is hassasment with intent. Something bizarre is happening at Transport for London. Not only do they not recognise Acts of Parliament, or apply the regulations subjectively, but are basically acting with iniquity. Someone needs to remind them that they are not above the law!

Anonymous said...

Simply do not comply with them, ignore them , they have no power.
That will piss off the little hitlers more than anything...

Alan said...

I never used to believe that any member of the compliance team would lie to deliberately get a licensed taxi driver into trouble... Sadly I have now changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

as I text you privately Tony: More power to your elbow

re ANON's post at 8:29 AM

can we have the definitive detail in writing of, the REMIT & EXACTLY what, the powers of tfl's compliance officers are?

rgds, Alan Wicker